The Monkey Base


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Psycho_Man (More uploads by Psycho_Man)
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13 Apr 2003 at 05:00
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Monkey (2.52 kB)

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1monkey.j2l Monkey Madness 2.48 kB 13 Apr 2003


After escaping from the Alien base in the final level of Kill ‘em all, you crashed into the monkey base. Some guards threw you into prison. Try to escape the mighty monkey base! Muwahaha!!!


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 4.3

Review by Waz

Posted more than 13 years ago
Turtle Goon (68 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings68 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness75%

A below-average level.

Tileset use: The tileset use was perfect, but what could we expect with mez01…

Events: basicly monkeys, xmas lizards and bees(or something likely). Some food, actually not too good event placement and choice.

Story: You are Psycho Man, and you must escape from the monkey base. You’ve been thrown into prison with Eva apearantly. Don’t ask me what she’s doing there…

Layout: rather bad layout. Level was too short.

Eyecandy: eyecandy? nope, not really…

Overall: below average. 4.2.
Good luck for your next stuff.

No download reccomandation.

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Not recommendedReview by PHT

10 Feb 2005, 16:57
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness85%

I’ve seeked through the review ideas section and found this two years old upload with only two reviews. I have too much spare time, so I downloaded and wrote a review for it.

Played with: Jazz
On difficulty: Medium
Playing time: 5 minutes


Your objective in this level is to escape from the Monkey base. To do so, you’ll have to kill some monkey guards, solve a few puzzles, steal the monkey’s bananas (hehe), and find the escape pod, which brings you home. The level was pretty easy and very short, but not all that bad. I liked some aspects of it, like the monkey cafe (or something similiar, I forgot the name). The weapon placement was bad, at one point there was a blaster powerup which makes your gun too powerful, at another there was some useless toaster and TNT ammo, which I did not really use. The ammo should be placed on more strategic locations I think.

Score: 4.5


The level was very easy, the monkeys were no problem at all and the puzzles were rather easy too. Needs to be improved drastically.

Score: 3.0


The level was not a masterpiece at all, but some creativity was shown, like there is an actual plot (escape from the monkey base). Like I said before I liked the monkey bar. There are some little puzzles too, which helps to keep the players interest.

Score: 6.0


Eyecandy is were the level really fails. OK, you can’t really make great eyecandy with Mez01, but some little more than this could easily be done to improve this level. It doesn’t really look like a base, and there are only two layers used, 4 and 8 which is too less. There are no tilebugs though.

Score: 3.8


There was a little plot, Psycho_Man (the player) is held captive inside the monkey base, and must find a way to escape. It wasn’t all that much, but at least there is something. There are some things I don’t understand though, like what Eva does in the monkey base, or why the monkeys captured you at all.

Score: 4.0


Overall this level is not bad, but also not good. It lacks eyecandy, the item placement is messed up, the level is too easy and it’s too short, not to forget the story holes.

No download reccomendation for now, but we’ll see. Maybe next time.

Overall Score: 4.2

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Review by spazz

Posted more than 13 years ago
Spaz Slackrabbit (166 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings166 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness25%

Right… another Psycho Man adventure…


Okay, not strait paths…
Nice story, monkeys… a nice idea. Some Trigger Scenery are used very well. Some small puzzles( example: In the beginning you have to shoot the wall on the left from you to escape!) But there are also min points: You can’t spring freely, and as Waz said before, the level is too small. Good of you to put V-poles in a part. I thought that when you swing that V-poles, you can get that Fast Fires. Wrong! You will be warped to another part!

PROS: Good use of Triggers and puzzles.
CONS: You can’t jump freely, there is no real action in it.


Basic for a Mez tileset. You can’t make good eyecandy with it. Good idea, in the restaurant you can eat turtle*censored*!
Nice chairs also. But it can need some more eyecandy, because I can still see many layer 8. And it isn’t looking realy like a space base.

PROS: Basic for the tileset.
CONS: Needs just a bit extra.


Not to much, not to many. You can find Lizards and Monkeys afcourse. And you can’t shoot some Monkeys because there behind a tile. That for eyecandy, though. That Bee Boys that coming out of that thing is just because it’s there dirty. :)

PROS: Some.
CONS: No, not realy.


At some points not enough ammo. I fighted to much enemies and I only can used my Blaster. But there is for the Blaster a Power-up in the levelm though. I want to say one more thing: That 1up crates, that are far to many. There are 5 1up crate each contains 1up(duh) and 15 bananas! To many if you ask me. And that bananas at the big room, that is also to much, but nice text file!( It’s a joke. :) )

PROS: That 1up crate realy helped me out. :) There or enough carrots…
CONS: Too less ammo. And that golden coin doesn’t make real sens as there isn’t a bonus warp in the level.


Easy to medium. I can complete the level without using cheats. But I only have at the end of the level 1 or 2 healt over.



This is not a realy good level. It realy needs some inprovements. Make thikker wals, pracitse more on ammo and stuff. I liked that chair part, though…

Download not recommend.

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