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9 Mar 2005 at 21:15 (Major update on 10 Mar 2005)

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Janus (More uploads by Janus)
Single player
Cmdr Dats, Agama, Danyjel, Disguise

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lightgazer_story.txt 0.79 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer1.j2l Path of the Eye 3.72 kB 03 Mar 2005
lightgazer2.j2l Pyramid of the Eye 4.11 kB 07 Mar 2005
lightgazer3.j2l Razormane's Area 5.18 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer4.j2l Worldspine 2.88 kB 03 Mar 2005
lightgazer5.j2l Terran Dome Entrance 5.78 kB 06 Mar 2005
lightgazer6.j2l Terran Dome 4.41 kB 06 Mar 2005
lightgazer7.j2l Teckna Centre Arrives 3.91 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer8.j2l Tecknicks 3.25 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer_boss.j2l Factory 1.16 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer_creditlevel.j2l Credit Level 2.00 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer_credits.j2l Credits 1.08 kB 09 Mar 2005
lightgazer_lastboss.j2l Ocean Palace Core 1.25 kB 09 Mar 2005
Dats01.j2t Plastic Dreams 64.69 kB 17 Jul 1999
Egypt_Cave.j2t Egypt_Cave 118.63 kB 04 Nov 2000
Egypt_Light.j2t Egypt_Light 181.15 kB 18 Nov 2000
MegaMegatropolis.j2t Mega Megatropolis 541.36 kB 30 May 2003
NaturesRuins.j2t Nature's Ruins 197.50 kB 17 Dec 2001
Reactor core.j2t Reactor core 93.08 kB 26 Jan 2004
FURY-FOREST.MOD Fury-Forest 47.04 kB 03 Apr 1996
FURY-MONTAGNE.MOD Fury-Montagne 45.77 kB 03 Apr 1996
FURY-PYRAMIDE.MOD Fury-Pyramids 47.41 kB 03 Apr 1996
FURY-TECKNO.MOD Fury-Teckno 48.79 kB 03 Apr 1996
FURY-VILLAGE.MOD Fury-Village 48.00 kB 03 Apr 1996
ctend.s3m To Far Away Times 120.36 kB 28 Dec 2001 Twins Chris & Liz 390.19 kB 01 Mar 2005 BK--Gobi's Valley 146.41 kB 27 Sep 2000


This is quite a campaign. I hope you, the player, like it, since I have been working on it quite some time(I think a week is long!).

For the story, read lightgazer_story.txt in the zip file.


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User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 6

RecommendedReview by PHT

10 Mar 2005, 15:11
Spaz Slackrabbit (114 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness85%

Starting Comments:

A single player pack? We’ll see what it has to offer. :)

Played with: Jazz
On difficulty: Medium
Playing time: 20 minutes


What we have here is a nice little single player pack with simple SP levels. Nothing more, but nothing less either. You do most of the standard stuff like shoot baddies, find coins, collect food and stuff. That sounds pretty dull, but I found playing pretty much enjoyable. There could’ve been a few more puzzle areas, but overall it’s ok. Pickup placement was nice. Sadly, after the sixth level JJ2 crashed because the author forgot to put in the tileset for level seven. :(

Score: 6.2


The pack was pretty easy. The enemies aren’t placed in strategical locations, and for many, this will be too easy. There are some maze-like elements, but still, the difficulty could be boosted.

Score: 5.5


It was not all that creative, but somehow I liked it. There were also a few puzzle-like areas which gave some changes and made it more enjoyable. The story was not all that good though, and the eyecandy could’ve been better aswell.

Score: 6.0


Eyecandy was bad. Most tiles did fit together, but it was way too less decorated and it all looked boring. Needs work.

Score: 5.0


There was a tiny little story, but it wasn’t that amazing. Devan finds out about a relic called “Lightgazer”, with which he can catch souls. Jazz needs to stop him. I wonder what Devan does want with those souls, but who cares. During the levels you sadly feel nothing from the story. At least there was some kind of plot.

Score: 4.5


A nice little level pack, nothing great, but enjoyable, at least for me. The eyecandy and story need work though, and it could’ve been more difficult aswell. Too bad, I had liked to play it to the end, but the tileset’s missing. :(

Overall Score: 6.5

Download Reccommendation: Yes


For a first work with JJ2 this is kinda good I must say.

Your problem about the jars floating around has something to do with layer properties (PM me if you want to have more information).

It’d be nice if you could include Plastic Dreams in the zip and re-upload it, so I can finish the pack.

Trying to find a good story is annoying I know, but like everything else in JCS, if you work hard enough you can actually come to great results.

Like I said, if you want help with layer properties you can contact me via private message or email me on

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Review by Janus

10 Mar 2005, 19:26
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Well, I must admit, it’s my very first campaign with JJ2.
For the eye candy: it took me countless minutes to even find out how the tiles works together(except for the missing tileset: Plastic Dreams), and the decoration in for example the egypt tileset of Agama was kind of weird. I wanted to place some jars somewhere, but the jars are not attached to the ground(floating). I’m surprised I did this in a week, even though I think I should’ve worked longer on it. I don’t know how all the other editors/designers are designing their levels, so it’s kind of… difficult to do eye candy(and I’m a no-qualified story teller/designer).

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by cooba

12 Mar 2005, 16:12
Carrot Juice Addict (317 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings112 Featured reviews31 Average helpfulness84%

Egypt you used is Kejero‘s.

0 of 0 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

RecommendedReview by fearofdark

17 Mar 2005, 22:20
Spaz Slackrabbit (185 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings159 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness64%

My first review for this year….


Not much eyecandy in many levels and could do with some improvment. This use is used only in layers 3 and 4. Overall, eyecandy is definatly not your strong point.

ITEMS 19/25

Pretty good but still has room for improvment. All types of item has been used in this level. Some empty areas that need filling in.


Again, improvment is still needed. You have used crates and warps. Bonus warped have also been used.


You’ve used a pretty good range of enemies. About 3 to 5 differant types have been used. Boss included.



FINAL COMMENT: A common score (I mostly get this type of score) but an improvable score (Especially on eyecandy). You have just about earnt a download reccomendation.

0 of 1 users found this a good review. Did you? Yes/No

Review by WvA

20 Mar 2005, 13:39
CTF Bug (2 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings2 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Well okey however i am also not an expert i will rate to.

When i entered the first level i get the feeling it was making to fast. The background is very ugly there, make it move or make another. Also sometimes a hill is just a brown block :S

The music was kinda boring but maybe thats just me.

In the level where you fight the robot:
sorry but have you even tested that? The background is so bad! It moves way to fast and it isn’t cool to look at it, i get dizzy and stuff. NOT COOL!

Also i think the levels are a bit boring. The enemy’s respawn to fast to.

This al may sound hard but i know you can make better :) becose there are also some thing i say wich are just cool if you could fix them up a little. It is sometimes also a little hard (i get game over :P!) so just do more your best next time and it will go fine i think :) Story offcourse is bad but i think ya know that? ;)

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