Lava Processing Facility


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Bjossi (More uploads by Bjossi)
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21 Mar 2005 at 13:04
Single player
LittleFreak and Cooba for testing
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LFacility - ReadMe.txt 0.91 kB 21 Mar 2005
LFacility.j2l Lava Process Facility 13.37 kB 21 Mar 2005
7th Lava Fall.j2t 7th Lava Fall 345.14 kB 06 Sep 2000 Twins Chris & Liz 390.19 kB 01 Mar 2005


This is my latest level for Jazz Jackrabbit 2.
Your mission is to eliminate all animals after a huge science ship crashed into the facility and let many lab animals free.

But it ainīt gonna be easy…

Contact info is in the readme.


Minor update on 21 Mar 2005 at 22:00


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RecommendedReview by PHT

21 Mar 2005, 13:52
Spaz Slackrabbit (109 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness85%

Starting Comments:

I was betatesting this level, but I guess I manage to make the review unbiased.

Played with: Lori
On difficulty: Medium
Playing time: N/A*

*As I betatested it, I already knew were most of the stuff was, thus playing time was shorter than usual.


Very hard level, which is a good thing. I like hard levels. This one has very good enemy placement, nice puzzles and good item placement. The enemies are hard to avoid, but never unfair. There are also a few puzzles, which gives a nice change of pace and makes it more enjoyable.

Score: 8.0


Hard as heck, great! I love the way the enemies are placed. A great improvement compared to the author’s last pack, which was fairly easy.

Score: 8.0


Not the most creative level I’ve ever seen, but the author did a nice job. The puzzles were quiet good, and some other stuff was done very well too. I like the way the level is in Nick Stadler style while still being different.

Score: 7.7


The eyecandy was OK. The sprite layer eyecandy was quite nice, the background could’ve had some more stuff. There are no tilebugs though, which is good. Overall the eyecandy is good enough for me.

Score: 7.0


This time the author even included a little story. It isn’t all around great, but it helps to make the level have a bit sense.

Score: 7.0


Very good level with great enemy placement and good puzzles. It’s not perfect, but surely worth a download.

Overall Score: 8.0

Download Reccommendation: Yes

3 of 3 users found this a good review.

RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

23 Mar 2005, 17:17
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings48 Featured reviews12 Average helpfulness83%

Ok, here’s the deal. Some lab animals have broken out, it is your job to eleminate them, or anihalate, whatever you like. You must solve some puzzles, which are hidden quite good. The boss gave it a nice touch, for a lava level. I enjoyed playing, and I hope others will too.

The eyecandy was really good. Almost every spot is covered with an iron block, or some background walls. It looked very nice, and there were no tilebugs either.

The story was quite creative, for as far as I could read. (Please make 3 @‘s before entering the actual text, or else it might be blocked by HP, score, boss HP, etc.) The puzzles weren’t that creative. You have to find a crate to lift a big box, that sorta stuff. Ever tried lever triggers? It is a bit hard, but there is a good article on J2O to learn it. (Took me about a week before it worked…)

I like the story, which is the most original from this whole level. For a single-single player level, it has quite original events, like when the teleporter broke, you must find a way around. It took me very long before I discovered that one… Pfew… Nope, it was quite original to me!

If you like puzzles and plain old shooting action, you’d better download and review this one.

Good Thing

Bad Thing


Download recommendation
Sure… I downloaded it too! :P

3 of 3 users found this a good review.

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