The Ice Episode

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13 Aug 2005 at 10:53

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The Levels.txt 0.23 kB 13 Aug 2005
2 pre.j2l Seconnd present 1.87 kB 13 Aug 2005
Chirstmast.j2l Way to home 1.70 kB 12 Aug 2005
Cold water.j2l Cool swim 1.51 kB 12 Aug 2005
Cold.j2l Icy land 2.48 kB 12 Aug 2005
Fly night.j2l Air boarding 4.80 kB 12 Aug 2005
Ice episode.j2l Cold night 1.95 kB 12 Aug 2005
Ice.j2l The End 1.89 kB 13 Aug 2005
On the house.j2l Merry Christmast 1.12 kB 12 Aug 2005
Present.j2l In the first present 1.14 kB 13 Aug 2005
Secc.j2l The frog hunt 2.42 kB 13 Aug 2005
survivor.j2l Survive 1.84 kB 13 Aug 2005
Xmas house.j2l Home, sweet home 2.56 kB 12 Aug 2005
xx.j2l The last present 1.25 kB 12 Aug 2005


This is not just one level(Its 12 level).
This was my first levels what I create.
Some levels are real chalenge!


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Review by CrushWurst

13 Aug 2005, 13:11
CTF Bug (5 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings5 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness40%

Yup, that was a real challenge for me (FOR MY EYES)
These lvls are… not bad (ugh)
But that was your first lvls… So GJ ;-)
Im happy because new players makes a map :)

Cold Water
Interesting map…
The best thing was…
Eyecandy It’s bad… but that’s your first lvls :)
Music I like the music :O

Icy Land
Uhm… don’t you think this is stupid?
Lot’s of monsters and only one (boooring) way to boss
Eyecandy Still bad… ;(
Music Next good music in the lvl =)

Fly Night Airboard… hmm… good idea… but, it’s hard and SO MUCH MONSTERS MAN!
Eyecandy …bad…
Music moody music :)))

Cold Night One question, YELLOW SNOW?!?!?:P
Eyecandy I see dark, it’s do dark! WHOAH! MOMMY!;(
Music Again the moody music ;)

On the house Don’t you think it’s so booring? Long way to destroy queen?:(
Music M00DY

Present So short and very amazing lvl, huh?
Eyecandy N/C
Music Same :P

The frog hunt I think the best (and the most fun) your lvl, The frog was a good idea, but, IT’S SOOO HARD :)
Eyecandy …N/c ;(…
Music Good.

Survivor Monkey, Monkey, Do you like banana?
Eyecandy YOUR THE BEST EYECANDY, But so much eyes man ;P
Music Jungle Music, very moody :P

Xmas House Why Xmas? It’s tremendous
Eyecandy Still DAAAAAARK!!
Music So amazing for this lvl o_o

The Last Lvl A tractable lvl :P
Eyecandy Still bad
Music Good for bail out :P

Rating : 2
Why? Because this lvl was created so fast, eyecandy was bad (DAAARK OMG NO!)
Only music was good, Mr. Wolf, you must do one’s best ;))

Download recommendation : N/A
(Because that was a first Mr. Wolf’s lvls ;))

I write it so fast too (ENGLISHOMG) But it was like Mr. Wolf :O

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Not recommendedReview by PHT

14 Aug 2005, 16:20
Spaz Slackrabbit (114 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings97 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness85%


Good for a first try, but too less to be enjoyable. Most of the time you simply have to follow a straight line and kill enemies, hunt down a boss at the end and get to the next level. Sometimes there were things like airboards or water, which provided a little change of pace, but even then you just had to kill enemies + endboss. The flying level was an endless row of a tree with a gem crate on it and enemies around, which got so boring that I typed jjnxt. The pickup placement was poor, food was mostly placed in a single row and I just had to use my copter ears to pick it all up and get a sugar rush. The levels were quiet short also. At one point in the second level I fell down and found myself in a pit full of dragons. After I killed them all, I found arrows pointing up the wall but no way to get up, so I had to cheat to get up again. Overall poor gameplay, needs work.


Very easy except for the fly level, which was impossible to beat. Enemies were not placed strategically at all, instead the author massed enemies to make it difficult, which failed. Bosses alone are very easy to beat also.


Some good ideas, but poorly executed. An airboard level is not a bad idea, but copying a tree with crate and a few enemies 500 times is one. In one level you have to fight Bolly under water, but he doesn’t seem to move out of his small arena, so it was easy to kill him with TNT. All levels follow the same pattern, kill enemies and pick up food, then destroy a boss in a boring arena.


Bad eyecandy. Nothing more than neccessary was done, which looks very dull. Some nasty tilebugs aswell.

Fun Factor:

There wasn’t really anything like a story, so I have to rate fun facor, which unfortunately, turns out not so well for the above stated reasons. A few puzzles, better eyecandy and event placement would have made this better.


A good first attempt at making a level (I’ve seen worse), but not really good. Try to make your levels more balanced and to give them some sense: killing a hundred turtles for no reason is not the most thrilling experience.

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