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28 Feb 2006 at 22:41 (Minor update on 3 Mar 2006)

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cooba (More uploads by cooba)
As usual, many people. And special thanks to Rag =D

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icboomerang.j2l Boomerang 16.02 kB 03 Mar 2006
icvelocity.j2l Citadel of Velocity 13.10 kB 15 Feb 2006
ExoticusV.j2t JJ1 Exoticus 135.79 kB 29 Mar 2004
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 08 Aug 2004
song_revenge_of_cats.it Revenge of the Cats 623.08 kB 08 Apr 2001
warmachine.xm War Machine 891.33 kB 11 Aug 1999


Huh. These levels were supposed to be put in a race pack, which I wasn’t even intended to be a part of in the beginning. I was added later on, but since then… the progress seems to have halted. And so, here are the two levels uploaded separately as Ragnarok didn’t make it with his levels in time. Sorry Rag ;D

Edit: Fixed a couple of bugs in Boomerang. Nothing too major, but feel free to redownload.


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RecommendedBluespaz7 rated 8.7

Nice levels! Very original.

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RecommendedReview by CrimiClown

27 Mar 2006, 21:36 (edited 27 Mar 06, 21:36)
Spaz Slackrabbit (125 Points)
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Starting Comments
Cooba made me do it… And I’m glad he did, too.

The flow of the two levels is just amazing. You just soar through awesome levels. Especially Velocity is a fast level, like a race is supposed to be. Shooting from building to building, dodging trap holes and deep pits. It’s like a race I’ve never raced before. Absolutely brilliant.
Gameplay = Very good

The placements of ammo and even enemies is quite decent. The ammo is nice (for example the Gun9 in the zig-zag tunnels is handy) and the TNT blows up parts of the tunnel, hindering other players. Very nice. Also, the ravens add an extra touch. If you hit one of the springs in Boomerang, you will be kicked back to the ground, into a pit, with the ravens following you. Even though you just KNOW you’re gonna lose, at least it looked pretty neat!
Placement = Good

The eyecandy looks like a whole new generation of JCS’ing. The walls and ceilings look like they should, but had an extra sprinkle of beauty-powder. The layers were well used, the background looked nice. There was nothing to complain about, actually.
Eyecandy = Like, dude, yeah!

The music is exellently chosen. Both tracks give you that extra boost you need.
Music =

Boomerang is an awesome level. After you think you’ve reached the finish, you get stopped by a “?” sign. After you fall in a pit, you’re told you need to go back. When you do so, the track seems slightly slower (Because you have to climb some distance) but still fast paced. Also the seeker ammo shows you where to go in order not to get trapped.
Originality =

I had fun playing these levels and I hope I always will. These levels are a great addition to your host. No doubt you will agree with this 8,5!
Score = 8,5

Added Score = 0,0

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IC ftw y’all!

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