LaYOutZ CTF Package

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24 Sep 2006 at 18:00

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All of you who review it. ;D

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xlma51.j2l §2UndergroundSpacebase - Area51 8.56 kB 24 Sep 2006
xlmlime.j2l Limenade 7.44 kB 24 Sep 2006
xlmse.j2l Something else 7.94 kB 24 Sep 2006
Sirius1.j2t Dimensions1 74.01 kB 06 Jun 2001
Spacey.j2t Spacey Universe 143.81 kB 27 May 2001
Townhouse 2 Night.j2t Townhouse 2 Night 164.28 kB 16 Jun 2004
Crater.j2b Hub 7 587.36 kB 24 Sep 2006
Solo-moa.j2b Midnight on Arakis 181.16 kB 23 Sep 2006
Wheels.j2b Three Wheels Turning 744.60 kB 23 Sep 2006


As some of you may know, I started making abunch of levels with some pretty weird layouts, here is a pack of 3. I would like to thank anyone who may or may not have been involved in creating these levels, and anyone who downloads this.
An rar version can be found here


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RecommendedReview by snzspeed

5 Dec 2006, 23:33
Carrot Juice Addict (327 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings269 Featured reviews7 Average helpfulness66%

i’ve wanted to review this for a quite long time now, so i guess i’ll finally do that now.

Something else is probably my favorite level in this pack. to be honest, some things here inspired me while creating NA ;P i personally like the tileset use alot, especially those waterfall things. eyecandy is good here, there’s no tilebugs, and everything feels nice to look at.

gameplay is also good here, you can get easily around with springs and you won’t crash into things too much. this level isn’t cramped either, and it isnt too open either, except maybe from the middle, but that isn’t really a bad thing.

placement is also nice, there’s enough ammo, and i like the pu/car placement alot. its something different than you usually see.

overall, something else is probably the best level in this pack, and its also my favorite. =D

well yeah, next one is “Area 51” which uses spacey universe tileset. tileset use was quite nice, but the combination of blue soil/white blocks might get boring sometimes. oh well

eyecandy is nice, the background is quite original. but as i said, it could get boring or something. there’s no tilebugs though, and this level has nice atmosphere so im not really going to complain though.

gameplay is nice, you can use springs to get easily around here. layout is quite weird but i guess you can learn it after sometime.

placement is nice, its not repetive and there’s enough ammo. if i remember, there’s 2 carrots in this level, and 3 pu’s, which are enough for the size. overall, i think placement is really nicely done.

Limenade is less confusing then area 51, and it uses some palette edit of townhouse. tileset use is nice, there’s no tilebugs and level has weird, but nice silent atmosphere. there could be bit more ec though, since some parts look quite boring. altough ec here is still good.

gameplay is good again, and you don’t usually crash into walls or something. layout here kinda confused me though, but after a while i learned it, so yeah, its not too confusing.

placement is .. nice. its not repetive, atleast not in my opinion. i also like the pu placement.

overall, this is good pack with levels using original, unusual layouts. they might be confusing at first though. my final rating is 8.5.

and heh, sorry for my bad review, its 1:28 am right now ;<

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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

24 Sep 2006, 18:42 (edited 30 Dec 10, 23:13)
Jazz Jackrabbit (261 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings131 Featured reviews15 Average helpfulness89%

Very decent work from our now more experienced group-member. Just hoping Chippie is updating the memberlists as soon as possible so Birdie can become a Distinguished member even officially at the least. I am suggesting people to really download this for a look and review it as well.

I was awakened right the moment Birdie reported to be uploading a pack within an hour in a public game-server. I had high expectations while remembering his previous achievements. And I wasn’t disappointed. A few more levels could have been definitely appreciated with all this quality though. Here are some of my first thoughts on the levels.

Area 51 was already seen earlier in public betatest and the layout was really something that I would have expected somebody else to use multiple times till today already. But it isn’t so apparently, so this is welcomed indeed. The eyecandy is Birdie’s neatest. And with the newest fixes to the layout the entire level does really make sense.

Limenade’s eyecandy is something quite close to Area 51’s quality, but the lay-out could have differed a little as now it does just look like recycled Area 51. The paths are annoyingly long and the gameplay is too much of two-way style.

Something else has a way different and simplified layout, which is still original at places. It’s too squared up however. The tileset would surely offer more detailed scenery. Something should be done for the bottom region especially. Since the tileset is underused, so is the eyecandy. As well it is outstanding.

Nevertheless a high-quality pack with only a few medium improvements asked. Good job Birdie!

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RecommendedReview by Hitch

29 Sep 2006, 01:24 (edited 24 Dec 06, 17:30)
Bee Boy Swarm (32 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings16 Featured reviews4 Average helpfulness61%

LaYOutZ CTF Package

Hm, pretty good package of ctf levels. There are 3 Ctf levels included in this pack which are: Something else, Limenade, and UndergroundSpacebase – Area51.

Something else

Gameplay: The gameplay is actully pretty good in this level. Springs well placed, and very easy to get around. Ctf placement is also very important and Birdie did as possible and as good as he could. The suck tubes when you dall to the bottom is interesting. If yo fall you lose time, makes enemy get an advantage for capturing the flag or scoring. =o.

*Eyecandy:** Hm… This level fits together real well. Every tile and such fits perfect. Backround layers look great. Looks like im inside a computer, =o. Springs placed well.

*Ammo/carrot placement:**

Ammo placement overall was pretty good. Seek powerup was placed evenly so no team has an advantage. Bouncy Powerups were also placed evenly on both sides. Carrot placement was good. 1 full NRG carrot. Placed evenly so both teams can get to it easily.

Bugs: NONE

Score: 9.5+9.0+10-0= 9.5


Gameplay: This level can get a bit confusing, capturing the flags and scoring. It took me almost 10 minutes to even capture the flag. I have no idea why it tok me so long, maybe becasue at the time I was looking for bugs, but still. Very confusing.

Eyecandy: Eyecandy, okay job. Every thing fits evenly except the v-poles. They look all crappy together. Get rid of that Birdie. Its crap. The springs and suck tubes fit evenly, and well balanced.

Ammo/carrot placement: Well, the ammo placemetn fits all together evenly. Carrot placement. There is 1 Full NRG carrot. The carrot in the middle fits evenly. All the fruits on the outside make it look all pretty.There are also 3 powerups. 2 seeks and 1 toaster power up. They aren’t as even as they could be. And 2 seek pu’s seems to be a bit much.

Bugs! Ahhhhhhhhhh! I found a bug. It;s not that big of a deal but on the left side and right side of that crapy v-pole there is no event. Opps.

*Score:*7/10+8/1 +7/10-1= 7

UndergroundSpacebase – Area51

Gameplay: This level is indeed very exciting. Its sometimes easy to get lost but you can usually get back on track. A bit confusing but not that much. Once you get used to it, the level turns out to be every exciting.

Eyecandy: This level has good eyecandy. Level fits evenly, tiles fit in place, springs and suck tubes work out well. Eyecandy in this level seemed to be the best. Backround layers

Ammo/carrot placement: Carrots. There are 2 carrots. One on each side. Well placed and balanced. Ammo placement well placed for both sides. No team has an advantage for the ammo. There are 2 powerups in this level if im not mistaken. Seek and toaster pu.

Bugs: NONE

Score: 9+10+9-0= 9.5


Birdie, great job on the packet. I give you Thumbs up

Overall score:

9.5+7+9.5= 8.67

Download recommendation:

Of course, why wouldnt you?


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Review by n00b

25 Sep 2006, 00:54
Spaz Slackrabbit (165 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings78 Featured reviews13 Average helpfulness83%

What kind of occasion is it to upload a level nearly in the same time with so similar genre than an another level? Accident or purposal? I think the last.

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