Shade Castle

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1 Nov 2006 at 07:12 (Minor update on 16 Nov 2006)

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Violet CLM (More uploads by Violet CLM)
Single player
Tileset by Disguise - Music by Capcom - Tested by Blackraptor
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FSPIID.j2l Shade Castle (fsp2) 20.91 kB 15 Nov 2006
EternalAgony.j2t Eternal Agony (Light) 127.73 kB 02 Apr 2003 Mega Man 7 - Shade Man (XG 466.98 kB 31 Oct 2006


A Halloween preview of FSP2, the eventual and ongoingly-constructed sequel to FSP: Rent Collection. I am aware that previews and the like are not technically allowed, but given that this is really just an independent level, which will not appear in the actual pack, hopefully it can slip through. It’s essentially an example of the kind of thinking involved in FSP2 without actually being FSP2.

If it does manage to slip through, I will say merely that besides being quite a rush job, Shade Castle does not attempt to have a conventional level design, and you may or may not find this to be a good thing. This level (and FSP2 in general) is designed in a rather experimental do-whatever-I-find-fun way. Hopefully you will enjoy it. Happy Halloween!
(the sad part is that FSP was about two years ago, and this is the first thing I’ve uploaded since that I actually made…)

Reupload November 15th: Minor bug fixes, most importantly a case of duplicate warp ID’s for a couple secret areas.


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Quick Reviews Average: 9.25

RecommendedEchoNox rated 10


RecommendedSlaz rated 8.5

An enjoyable non-linear level for the experienced player. Some creative enemy placement such as dragons in walls and lizards under vines. Sometimes it's a bit unclear what path a crate opens, and masking isn't always obvious. There's more ammo than you'll ever need, and the boss gave a decent challenge until you find out where to camp.

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.325

RecommendedReview by LittleFreak

29 Dec 2006, 18:57
Bee Boy Swarm (33 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings21 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness96%

It’s been quite a while. I enjoyed FSP, and while I wasn’t able to finish that (yet), I was even more encouraged to find all the coins in this level.

Shade Castle, by the name of it, doesn’t look like a castle a lot. If I had to describe it in two words, I’d probably pick “creepy Bizarroworld” or something like that. The concept is as usual, finding the coins to exit the level, but the whole level design is pretty inventive. The ten coins needed are hidden all over the level, but you get to choose which you want to collect first. This makes the playing experience very refreshing. Along the way are several challenges and traps, along with lizards, demons, hardly noticable spikes (argh) and some clever puzzles. The level itself is kind of small, but it’ll take a while till you figure out how to get that annoying little coin that’s hidden behind the trigger blocks. And where to find the appropriate crate to smash. And the meaning of Eva’s hint. That, and the many sharp objects and baddies contribute to a high difficulty level. To finish the level successfully, the player has to use his reflexes and think at the same time. There were enough carrots and ammunition to keep you alive throughout however. Maybe even too many RFs. Once the money is collected, you’re transported to the big boss. I expected an interesting boss fight, but the outcome is kind of weird. Instead of using the copters to avoid the spikes, I pretty much spent my time standing on the edge and killing that devil guy with bouncers and RF-ammo, dodging the occasional attack and winning pretty easily. Dissapointing.
The eyecandy is simply awesome. It just looks like from another dimension, all the tiles have been used in a very creative way. To add to that, I just love those scream-like guys standing all over the place. Love them.
There wasn’t any kind of story involved, but this is just a preview, so it doesn’t matter.
I’m also babbling far too much here.

Let’s just say that I give out an 8.5 rating, and a download recommendation here. Have fun!


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RecommendedReview by Janus aka Jahari

4 Nov 2006, 07:21 (edited 15 Nov 06, 17:32)
Bee Boy Swarm (31 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings19 Featured reviews3 Average helpfulness70%

Awsome. If every one of the levels in FSP2 is like this, I will give you a 10 without a doubt. I would recommend adding more carrots to hard mode, though. I never finished the level, but it was worth dying three times :3

Edit: The other serious flaw in the level is areas where v/h poles throw you into an enemy that you can’t avoid.

Actual rating prompted by Cooba >_> :

Eyecandy 3/3: Excellent. You threw all kinds of tiles into areas where there would otherwise be plain-colored walls. I can’t think of any complaints at the moment.

Gameplay 3.5/4: The gameplay was great, and challenging. The only trouble I had was getting thrown into enemies via a pole. That just frustrates the player. Also, I would have provided a save point for the boss or at least made it slightly easier. Copters tend to be frustrating on the player since you can’t change the direction you’re facing. The wide variety of events you used was amazing. You’ve inspired me to use a similiar method.

Item/enemy Placement 1.8/2: Wonderful. I just would have wished for a few more carrots. Some of the enemy locations were frustrating sometimes, but I enjoyed the challenge (examples: lizards 1 cell under vines, baddies that poles throw you into). Otherwise, it was very good.

Originality 1/1: Granted, the coin collection concept has been used many times before, but the level itself was quite original. The eyecandy was used in a very different way, and you used a tileset I had never seen before (until I searched the database for it =p).

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Review by Technopauluz

12 Dec 2006, 15:48 (edited 12 Dec 06, 15:52)
Frog (13 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness58%

My first review here…

I did play the game and it was pretty good but i didnt get all the coins maybe it was beqause i played Lori.

Visuality: It looks good nice layer work and tileset placement but sometimes i dindt see if it was ground or not and things are a little bit vage 7/10

Gameplay: I did play a few minutes on normal, but restart at hard, that was not easy at all so hard=hard=good!
I cant get ride of the last 2 coins i saw them but cant get them i run away the whole lvl but no succes at all.
And when i did shoot on te enemy’s i hit the spring crate and cant get above anymore. Killing some enemy’s is was sometimes very hard and u walk in some enemy’s to in some case.. 6/10

Fun Factor:
No waste of time, but not a level to play again & again. 6/10

The coin system is well known by me, but there were some nice actions thats you need for getting te coin. 7/10

Thats fitting the game, but isn’t very outbalanced. 6/10

A give u this points beqause i am a critical person. Succes!

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