The Mine Battle

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5 Nov 2006 at 17:52

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ZAPPER (More uploads by ZAPPER)
ZAPPER, eagle, and Cyn (

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Mine.txt 0.98 kB 05 Nov 2006
mine_battle.j2l Mine Battle 3.66 kB 05 Nov 2006
lametile.j2t Lame Tileset 6.29 kB 22 May 2005
rpg_bat3.xm RPG-Battle 3 749.38 kB 09 Mar 2002


This is my first uploaded battle level. I used the tileset Lame Tileset because of it’s simplicity. History of level in readme. Please read mine.txt, it is the readme. Tell me if you like it!


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Not recommendedReview by Violet CLM

9 Nov 2006, 02:05
I might as well work here (539 Points)
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“The Mine Battle” makes some attempt to portray a mine, but it is hampered by a few factors, primarily the tileset, which does a much better job of being described by its name. “Lame Tileset” is a very simple set consisting of a few blocks and not all that much else. The colors are somewhat nice, and I am amused by the recolored Hocus rips, but it doesn’t lend itself to very nice-looking levels, as this upload illustrates. The eyecandy is very dull, and the radiation towers, rather than being imposing instruments of genetic mutation, merely come off as green squares with tiles poorly strewen around them. The inside of the mine is worse, making no attempt to have any sort of graphical quality beyond endless blocks and a simple background, with no variety at all.
That could perhaps be saved by an intriuging level design, but while Mine Battle manages to be unconventional, it does not manage to be appealing. Aside from the radiation towers, you mostly just run around in big boring tubes, with occasional tiny one tile platforms, trying to kill your opponents with (of all things) TNT, Electro Blaster, and thankfully Toaster. The Electro Blaster is supposed to be some sort of secret, hidden by the gray destruct scenery blocks which are all over the mine, but really add nothing to the gameplay except some initial tediousness.
I see no spark of divine inspiration in this level. I see nothing that causes me to believe that it is good. I see only a bunch of passages with a few events and blocks placed randomly in hopes that the combination of the story, the radiation towers, and the strange level design would somehow result in something good. They did not.
Furthermore, this level uses the hurt event, which is typically considered unwise in a multiplayer setting. The “radiation” causes you pain, which is kind of sad, because there’s no reason to approach it at all. No goodies or anything. Everything is in the mine, so why bother climbing up all the ropes of the towers?

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Review by Jazz-Les

5 Nov 2006, 19:27 (edited 3 Dec 06, 18:16)
CTF Bug (3 Points)
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well, its too empty.
and it doesnt look like a mine.
its a good idea of those radiating poles things, but they doesnt look like radiating poles things.

overall a ~ not ~ fine level you would use in some occasions.
The ideas where good, but not worked out well…

The story is ok.

and you used the wrong tileset,(in my opinion) because it doesnt look like a mine…
you used it because its very easy to use, but i think not that you have chosen it because it looks like a real mine, am i right???

I give it a 4.9

~~ Jazz-Les ~~

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