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17 Nov 2006 at 17:57 (Minor update on 12 Jan 2021)

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snz (More uploads by snz)
Capture the flag
Thanks to Viv, DS, and Emp for giving tips and other helpful stuff

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ICteacupfix.zip (259.05 kB)

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ICteacup.j2l Teacup 14.71 kB 17 Nov 2006
SpaceWarbase.j2t Space Warbase 138.96 kB 30 May 2002
SONG11X.S3M eyond_music 137.27 kB 27 Nov 2001


a level i made in two days :>

if there’s bugs, report them here so i can fix them. thank you!

enjoy or something, music from Epic Pinball :D

i renamed the song file so it doesnt overwrite the other song11.s3m i believe you people have. ;P
oh and this level was made for dueling.. i don’t think 3vs3 works very well in here.


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RecommendedReview by Superjazz

19 Nov 2006, 15:27
Jazz Jackrabbit (261 Points)
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It’s good to see Snooze being active again with jcs like in the old days. This time the result is even better and he had some inspiration on this level too. Teacup in this case, I suppose.

The meteors were used in a different way here by placing them in flocks, and giving them an unordinary, but nice layer-direction. Either not many have used the textured-background tiles for sprite-eyecandy, any tileset. This does fit the level very well since it’s not overused. The minor lightning here is welcome also. What would I still wish, was a little more generic detail to the solid wall(top corners.)

Very important is that the author took the effort, and didn’t just flip up the other side of layout. By that the layout is nicely semi-symmethric and fairly easy to learn. Flow is well done and any annoying linearity has been avoided. With a few warps taking you to certain places, and the “abuse” of rf in the middle make the level quite tactical. The spring to the bases might be a little annoying to use at first, which is the only entrance to the bases in fact.

The level goes with the default Toaster-, and Bouncer-PU without a third “neutral” PU. However you possibly run out of those ammo pretty soon because the PU’s are to be shot with Electroblaster, and the placement of separate ammo here is so “room-biased.” More ammo could be placed into some kind of exciting shape at least. A full-carrot floats above the “teacup” in bottom-middle. Weird thing is how the another half-carrot at top is less campy than full.

This level was after all a quite nice comeback from the author. He wasn’t at first even expecting for this high quality but it just came in sudden. Even the music fits here that I would rather listen than the beta’s labrat.j2b. This is probably the best ctf-level Snooze has ever made and I guess it’s also the tileset Snooze has used the most. Floating Fortress and Station 87 are his previous pieces of Space Warbase I remember, but they do fall under this one’s quality. I thought for a rating of 8.2 but actually the placement-part kinda lacked of things after all, so it turned into 8. It’s very great level still and even an 8 is much for a single level. Download recommendation.


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