Royal Rainforest

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21 Jan 2007 at 20:45 (Minor update on 5 Aug 2009)

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PurpleJazz (More uploads by PurpleJazz)
Capture the flag
Olsen, Darksonic, St Louis, Birdie, Sacrush, Camou and Bluespaz7 for Beta Testing. Tileset by Zaps and Olsen.
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xlmroyal.j2l §1Royal Rainforest 16.92 kB 21 Jan 2007
CarrFixDiam.j2t Carrotus Fix Diamondus 233.41 kB 14 Jan 2007
MYSTIC.S3M "Mysticism" - Necros/PM 315.26 kB 22 May 1994


This was going to be part of a CTF pack called legends, but I’m too lazy to do continue it, and I have no inspiration, so I’m uploading this seperately. It’s probably my best level yet.
And it’s made for XLM of course. :D

EDIT – The name has been changed. :P


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Bluespaz7 rated 7.0

Lol PJ you spammed the here ec a bit =[

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21 Jan 2007, 23:36 (edited 21 Jan 07, 23:38)
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Royal Rainforest

First impressions of this level was holly cow, this level has more backround
layer 5 than 4…then I decided to review it sense he said “This is probley the best level ive made yet”. Well, I guess where gonna find out.


Gameplay was maybe not the best but it was good. The game had a good flow to it and the springs where placed in the right spots. No bugs from the springs like Hitting the Ceiling of the level or something. The game actully has a point to it. At the top you can get to the ctf bases alot quicker and have the Full NRG carrot but there are no weapons so it makes you not take that route all the time.


First impressions….WoW! When I first looked at this level and saw that it was using the most overused tilesets and I was kinda pissed. But Pj7 Used the tileset verywell. Everylayer except layer 2 was used. Layers 6 and 7 like like the layout of. The tiles where used nicley and everyting fits perfect. Remember how everylevel can always improve with eyecandy, well, as I can see this level has to be one of the levels with the most eyecandy. Tons of it. All I have to say is, great job on the eyecandy.

Weapon/Carrot placement:

Ill start of with the carrot placement. I think there is only one carrot and it is enough. It is placed ver evenly and it;s easy to get to. now on the other hand..The weapon placement wasnt as good. Now im not saying that it was bad, im just saying that the weapons lack in some areas. The Powerup’s are placed evenly but I rely dont like where you put the seek Pu. Matters not but it does matter. Overall its an okay job.


Well, the gameplay is even, the eyecandy is unspeakable, and the weapon placemtn could have some improvement on. I rely dont think Weaponplacemtn can get a 10. Like the highest score I give weapon placement is like an 8.5 but thats not the point. Its a good level, tileset used very well. Pj7….Keep it up;)


8/10+9.7/10+8/10=8.5666…7= 8.7

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