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3 Dec 2007 at 20:24 (Minor update on 27 Jan 2013)

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bonusboss.j2l Special Boss 2.89 kB 03 Dec 2007
lwboss.j2l Windmill Country Boss 3.24 kB 03 Dec 2007
Multiuse1.j2t Multiuse1 591.61 kB 11 Nov 2007
Top3.j2t Top secret ][ 95.97 kB 25 Jun 2007
Fire.s3m UR Orbs 0 Fire Orb 420.81 kB 25 Aug 2001


Well… I’m no good level maker you know. However… there is one JJ2 thing I can do very well. I’m a champion in creating home made Boss stages! Read this fragment:

The level’s only saving grace is the quite awesome villain chase at the end of the level. While the concept is far better than the execution, it is still quite nifty utilizing the activate boss event to change the music for a cinematic touch and a payoff doused in absurdist humor. I would love to see Ischa (or heck, any other level maker) flesh this concept out in future packs.

From: n00b (Windmill Country)

Yes: he would love to see me or any other one flesh this concept out in future packs. Well: N00b, I’ll promise you: I will continue with this Boss concept.

But not only I will continue. You can also create home made Bosses! It’s not that hard you know… if you know how you have to do it!

To help you I have uploaded two home made Boss stages.

  • One is the Boss from Windmill Country
  • The other one is a bonus. It is originally from an episode I never finished.

If you have beaten one of these Bosses, you’ll get a password from 6 numbers. With that password you can open the file and see how I created the Boss.

Now… make up some of your own ideas. Have fun!



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RecommendedJoseph Collins rated 8


Your boss stages are, quite simply… EPIC. Not without flaw, to be sure, but pretty darn epic nonetheless.

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