Jazz Jackrabbit 2,5 - The Big Rescue (Part 1)

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7 Jan 2022 at 00:10 (Minor update on 11 Jan 2022)

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Sly (More uploads by Sly)
Single player
All the tileset creators, courtesy of Violet CLM, who repeatedly tested it at my request, as well as helped me with the coding, and of course me - the ordinary one who just loves making levels :)
1.23+ (This file requires JJ2+)
jjdr.zip (29.23 MB)

File contents

JJTBR README.txt 0.99 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_01.j2l Just Another Tutorial 20.87 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_02.j2l Village Lunkheads 31.19 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_03.j2l A Nice-Looking Valley 33.35 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_04.j2l River Ride or River Die 21.55 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_05.j2l (Un)welcome to the Jungle 37.46 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_06.j2l Monkey Businessmen 28.92 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_07.j2l Swim For It! 41.35 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_08.j2l Malice with Chains 9.54 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_Intro.j2l 6.36 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_PT1_END.j2l 3.76 kB 06 Jan 2022
Aztec2.j2t Aztec 2 401.51 kB 02 Jan 2022
A_CarrFIXeve.j2t A_Carrotus_FIX_Evening 228.92 kB 02 Jan 2022
Beach3k.j2t Beach3k 208.22 kB 02 Jan 2022
CarrFix.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Day 230.61 kB 02 Jan 2022
CarrFixE.j2t Carrotus 1.5 Evening 230.64 kB 02 Jan 2022
Credits.j2t E.E.H Ending Credits 103.21 kB 02 Jan 2022
CrysilisV.j2t CrysilisV 140.23 kB 02 Jan 2022
Fortress.j2t Fortress of Forgotten Souls 135.31 kB 02 Jan 2022
HakunaMatata.j2t Hakuna Matata 126.47 kB 02 Jan 2022
Jungle 3M.j2t Jungle 3M 225.22 kB 02 Jan 2022
Jungle2_1.00gx.j2t Jungle2_1.00g fix 268.48 kB 02 Jan 2022
Lomat.j2t Scorpio Key 269.49 kB 02 Jan 2022
LomatLn.j2t Scorpio Key (Loon Edit) 521.58 kB 02 Jan 2022
MuckamokDay.j2t Jazz 2: Muckamok Day 76.73 kB 02 Jan 2022
WTFAcrid.j2t WTF - Acrid 231.46 kB 02 Jan 2022
jt_pools.xm Pools of Poison 683.59 kB 02 Jan 2022
MELON.MOD melon 205.46 kB 02 Jan 2022
ENDSONG.s3m Ending 110.73 kB 02 Jan 2022
Night2.s3m Amazonas 150.05 kB 02 Jan 2022
SONG6.s3m Jungrock 51.58 kB 02 Jan 2022
A_Leaves.mp3 4086.04 kB 02 Jan 2022
grove.mp3 The Adv. of Lomax - music #23 Unused Track #2 4076.64 kB 02 Jan 2022
JungCom.mp3 Thrive Jungle Combat Theme (Video Game Soundtrack) 6267.34 kB 02 Jan 2022
LividDead.mp3 5606.46 kB 02 Jan 2022
JJDR_01.j2as 0.35 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_02.j2as 2.19 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_03.j2as 2.34 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_04.j2as 2.40 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_05.j2as 2.51 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_06.j2as 2.46 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_07.j2as 2.50 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_08.j2as 0.76 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_Intro.j2as 0.22 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_PT1_END.j2as 0.17 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR.asc 2.62 kB 05 Jan 2022
MLLE-Include-1.5.asc 12.62 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_01-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 9.51 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_02-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 13.06 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_03-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 14.01 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_04-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 9.81 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_04-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 8.86 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_05-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 17.93 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_05-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 14.92 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_06-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 13.73 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_06-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 11.86 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_07-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 19.36 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_07-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 18.55 kB 06 Jan 2022
JJDR_08-MLLE-Data-1.j2l MLLE Extra Data 3.85 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_08-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 3.75 kB 05 Jan 2022
JJDR_PT1_END-MLLE-Data-2.j2l MLLE Extra Data 1.77 kB 03 Jan 2022


“What happened in JJ2, stayed in JJ2 – at least for some time…

Devan has returned, seeking revenge on our main protagonist and his beloved wife, Eva! Will Jazz, alongside his trusted companions, Spaz and Lori, be able to put the sinister efforts of his sworn nemesis to an end once and for all? It’s up to you, my dear player!”

…and now that I’ve set the right mood (or at least I hope I have…), I entrust you, adventurer, with the first part of the story! The pack was being created for about 2 years and, believe me or not, it brought me a lot of enjoyment! Now I’m glad to present it to you and I hope that you’ll have much fun playing it!

P.S. Be sure to read the README file which is in the pack!

Yours sincerely,

[Removed commercial copyrighted music file from archive. ~Stijn]


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Quick Reviews Average: 9

RecommendedDragusela rated 9

The maps are really big and hard but with a lot of eyecandy, very fun to play, I can’t wait for part 2 :D

User Reviews (Sort by Helpful Index or Date Posted) Average: 8.4

RecommendedReview by Slaz

20 Jan 2022, 21:01 (edited 20 Jan 22, 21:05)
Spaz Slackrabbit (123 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings56 Featured reviews10 Average helpfulness90%

This level pack has the potential of becoming the Devres of the Plus era, and that’s not something to be taken lightly. Although there are some minor shenanigans that could be prevented in the next part (assuming there’ll be more) or with an update to this one.

The episode starts with a scrolling intro, where the story is so straightforward that it’s main purpose is to make fun of itself. This is surprisingly followed by a tutorial level that teaches the basics of Jazz’s moveset in a similar fashion to ‘Rabbit in Training’ in the original JJ2 campaign. While this tutorial arguably does a better job explaining the basics than the original, it’s incredibly weird to see it in an episode that quickly gets brutally hard compared to the original levels.

All the levels are carefully designed. Eyecandy is everywhere and its amount and placement always feels natural. Same goes for lighting in caves and the matching color schemes in the backgrounds. The levels are mostly designed around familiar JJ2 gameplay although there are some exceptions such as the floating rock ride in ‘River Ride or River Die’ and swimming with limited oxygen in ‘Swim For It!’.

Food and gems, while not serving any purpose due to the removal of Sugar Rush, are everywhere and fun to collect. Exploration is often rewarded with coins, which do serve a purpose as the coin warp near the end of each level is the only means of getting 1-ups! Carrots can be found often but not always on the straight path, sometimes a risky jump is necessary to get one. Ammo is relatively scarce but the levels are designed around its usage pretty well, just make sure to conserve it for those occasions.

Enemies are mostly placed where they form a fair challenge instead of just being cannon fodder. Except for the bats in the latter half of the pack, they’re often hard to notice and feel like a cheap trick that JCSers try to avoid nowadays. Oh, the ghosts in the temple section of ‘Swim For It!’ can be annoying as well, they’re invincible and eager to attack, unlike what a hint message near them says. What is lovable however, are the intuitive test-like Airboard sections spread across the levels.

Overall it’s a pack clearly aimed at the experienced JJ2 player. I highly recommend it if you believe you fall into that category. I played on Hard and enjoyed the extra health enemies had. Button mashing JJ1-style is so satisfying! The many things I enjoyed here really made up for the few frustrating design elements, and I’m a sucker for cheap humor so..

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RecommendedReview by Primpy

7 Jan 2022, 20:25 (edited 7 Jan 22, 20:41)
Frog (21 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings13 Featured reviews2 Average helpfulness59%

 “Jazz Jackrabbit 2,5 – The Big Rescue” is one of the best JJ2 single player level packs to come out in a while. With 7 lengthy levels and one boss level, it manages to implement lots of gameplay mechanics and set the story and tone for the future parts to come. Instead of covering each individual level in this review, here’s an overview of my thoughts on this pack.

  • The visuals range from pleasant to gorgeous. The level creator clearly knows how to make a level look pretty.
  • Good introductory level. It’s simple enough for someone new to the game to understand the game mechanics, yet still fun for more experienced players.
  • Fitting music choices for each level.
  • Little to no tile bugs.
  • Diverse gameplay mechanics that don’t overstay their welcome.
  • Sign text is both witty and informative.
  • Instant death pits. They can be tolerable, but not in this level pack. 1-UPs are scarce and the pack is already pretty challenging as is. One slip of the finger and you might end up having to replay the entirety of a lengthy level.
  • The gameplay can be a bit unfair at times, with unexpected collapsing scenery and obstacles that are too difficult to avoid.
  • There’s no way to save your game. You’ll have to finish the entire episode in one sitting.
  • Invincible ghost enemies in a claustrophobic area of the game. Ugh…
  • The text has some typos here and there. The most obvious one would be “2,5” instead of “2.5”. This is just a trivial nitpick though.
 Other observations:
  • The README file says that this pack was made with 640×480 screen resolution in mind. I played it in 800×600 and I believe this resolution works just as well as the intended one.
  • Sugar Rush and Fast Fire events were removed from these levels. I think this was a change for the better, but different people might disagree with me.
  • This is a challenging level pack and you will most likely die a bunch of times. I recommend playing it on Easy difficulty if you’re not very confident in your skills.
 TL;DR: This is a charming single player level pack with long, challenging levels and good eyecandy. It can be overbearing at times but I enjoyed the overall experience regardless. Give it a go!

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RecommendedReview by abgrenv

7 Jan 2022, 21:00
Bee Boy Swarm (37 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings37 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness85%

A pretty good level pack, a bit too difficult and dickish for my liking. The level design visually is awesome, with equally fitting music. It’s pretty obvious that the level designer worked a ton on the aesthetics and the item/enemy placement also looks like every single placement was thoroughly thought out, so basically every dick move in the levels are completely intentional (bats in front of death pits, checkpoints after difficult platforming areas rather than before, no saving allowed, death pits that aren’t obviously death pits due to the game resolution, copter lizards in very awkward spiked areas etc)

Though I’m not the target audience for this level pack, I can’t look past all the things that I loved about it. The humor in the text messages are funny, and an enjoyable read. The levels look pretty as hell. The level design/layout itself is well thought out apart from the deathpits. The choice of music is great and fitting.

Despite the difficulty not being my cup of tea, I’m pretty confident in recommending this since all this work deserves to be seen.

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Review by Sly

24 Jan 2022, 10:46
CTF Bug (1 Points)
Number of reviews with ratings1 Featured reviews0 Average helpfulness0%

Hey! Thank you very much for all the reviews given by each of you!

I really appreciate the fact you enjoyed it, as well as all the criticism towards some of the issues! It surely gave me much advice for the future and motivated me to create more!


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