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Nov 16, 2008, 05:36 AM
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Wish granted. However, it only happens to your copy of JJ2, and you can't play online with either Spazz nor Eva. Jazz then sues Lori, and the police finds out that you have wished for Spazz'es death. You are sent to jail, and the loyers take a lot of money from the goverment as it turns out Jazz is a drunkard and can't afford them. The Netherland's economy then falls down, leaving the Dutchmen nothing. The Dutchmen form a new military order to conquer other nations and take their money. As the Netherland has many nukes, they spread all over europe. Other nations respond with more nukes, wich might have caused a nuclear holocaust if it wasn't for Superman, who throws all of them bad nukes into the sea ((-)(-)(-)(-) you, fish!!). An ancient race of fish people squid things who's name can not be pronounced by mere humans rises above the seas, the nukes have waken their wrath and they are now ready to take over the planet. They also use the nukelear power to enhence themselves, making them unstoppable. They kill Superman, and the Galactic Millatary Movement notices his sudden death. They come to rescue us, but no, it is not Galactic Millatary Movement, it is the (-)(-)(-)(-)ing Peace Movement!! They attpent to negotiate with the fish people squid thingies, but they ignore them. The human race dies.

I know I said no stories.... but (-)(-)(-)(-) all you all!!!11

I wish I could make this story much longer, even pages and LIGHTYEARS longer.
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