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Apr 10, 2017, 10:21 AM
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Hi, My name is Michael And i Am Known as TanKanT In JJ2

I know i might not be a brand new player but i feel like i never
properly introduced myself to everyone yet so i shall do this.

I Started Playing Jazz Jackrabbit Back in 2000 on a old ibm pc
then when my uncle gave me a windows 98 machine loaded with jj2
I Took To Playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Single Player in 2001, Almost Every Day.
Once My Parents Got me internet i joined a server and learned there was a
Patch called jj2+ and i then fell in love with jazz jackrabbit alot more because
I Learned That There Was a small community left that loves jj so i signed up
And also Started Hosting a Small Server to meet new ppl and play games on
And i Met All sorts of nice ppl in the jj2 community and i even got
a tattoo of jazz jackrabbit because i became such a jj2 addict.
And i would love to say thank you to everyone that helps keep jj2 alive.
And Thank You To the everyday ppl i meet on jazz jackrabbit 2
It wouldent be the same without you all. you have all earned a place in my heart

So with me parting with these words and introduction,

i would like to welcome every new player to the jj2 family
may your stay with us be the best it can be, have fun laugh and love.
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Best Of Luck,