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Sep 15, 2009, 04:18 PM
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Hello, I'm HiKurai. You've probably seen me on JJ2 as ||Hi|KURAi.

Although I'm new to the forums I'm not new to the game. I first started playing JJ2 back before the full version was available. I have both the 1.23 version and the TSF version. Ten years ago I went under the name |S|p|a|z| (original, no?).

I found J2O a few years ago, and boy was I surprised to find that people still played this game! But, instead of rejoining the community, I just downloaded some single player packs and went on my wat. However, after trying out JJ+ (as well as receiving some encouragement online) I've decided to be a little more active with the community.

About me: Well, I'm an American who's around 20 years old and I enjoy playing video games. My current name was made by merging the words Hikari and Kurai together (the way I spell Hikurai varies depending on my mood). I'm also a shy person both online and offline, so don't expect me to say a lot while I'm here.

It's nice to meet you all!