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Dec 22, 2008, 08:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Freekopolis View Post
So, just registered here and thought it'd be nice to introduce myself. I'm Freek, 17 years old and Dutch. Grew up playing the Jazz Jackrabbit games (obviously) and have been waiting for a JJR3 for ages. Since a couple of years I've been looking around the internet, coming across the painful fact that JJR3 was actually in development and has been canceled. Then I noticed Cliffy B once said he's still interested in a JJR3, so that gave me some hope. Anyway, in the end, I'm just like you guys: one big Jazz Jackrabbit fan. Played all the games over and over, still regularly listen to the soundtracks and daydream about the future of the series on a regular basis.

You can understand it was quite the thrill for me to discover there's a forum like this on the web, so I thought I shouldn't waste any time and just signed up. ^^
Sadly, we may all be waiting forever for JJ3. The closest we may get is the community-made JJ2+ patch, which I would strongly suggest you look into if you haven't.

Also, to you and the other many new people, welcome to the community! I hope that you will all make more posts than just a "hello" one. ;P