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May 30, 2020, 10:03 AM
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For basically my entire life I've always had a passion for wildlife and nature. I love nothing more than going out for walks in the countryside and appreciating the wonders of the natural world. In particular I have strong interests in birdwatching and photography, which I've been keeping up with even during the lockdown.

I'm also into collecting rocks, minerals and fossils, and have amassed quite a sizeable personal collection of specimens to date. While many of these I bought online or at mineral shows, I have also self-collected a number of these too when I have the opportunity to do so. Of course I've had to put the rockhounding hobby on hold during the lockdown, but no doubt I'd like to pick this up again. Many exciting times have been had searching for that one specimen (but also several disappointments)!

Recently in lockdown I've been trying to reignite my interest in art. I've been dabbling with some traditional watercolour and acrylic painting, and have also been doing some digital painting on my iPad with the Procreate app. Hopefully sooner or later I will have developed my skills to the point that I feel my art is good enough to show off to others! The natural world is very much my main source of inspiration for my paintings, especially the rugged landscapes of SW England where I've lived my entire life.

Furthermore, I'm also a rather voracious reader. I mainly read non-fiction, but will periodically dip into some fiction on a solid recommendation or through self-discovery if I like the premise of a particular story. Currently reading the first novel in the Hyperion Cantos series by Dan Simmons. I've toyed with the idea of writing my own book at some point in my life.

I do also spend a lot of my time engaging in passive hobbies like video gaming, watching Netflix/YouTube, listening to music etc.