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Originally Posted by Sir Ementaler View Post
Hi. Always nice to see a new face. If you're interested in single player levels, one thing worth knowing is that if you just download some of the top-rated levels, you will experience a major jump in difficulty in comparison to the official JJ2 levels. They're not all extremely hard, it's just that the official JJ2 campaign doesn't prepare you for facing them any more than playing in a sandbox prepares you for running a marathon. It's easy to get discouraged if you can't find anything playable.

Some of the easier high-quality single player uploads include Tomb Rabbit 2, Literally Frozen Spring, Night World, and the recent Ürdüng Chronicles #1.
Originally Posted by Robo4900 View Post
Hello, and welcome to your doom the fandom.

Although it's pretty hard, I still stand by my eternal favourite, FSP: Rent Collection, and its not quite as good but still really fun precursor, Time Tripping JJ2.

Also, avoid The Lost World Episode. It's one of the highest-rated J2O levels of all time, but it really doesn't hold up nowadays.
Originally Posted by Blackraptor View Post
Hello fellow Canadian

Along with Tomb Rabbit 2, possibly my favorite single player map pack still has to be The Episode by Blade. Can't say how many times I've replayed that pack since my childhood, and it should be relatively easy. I would also then afterwards recommend Rocket Powered Rabbits for a completely different scripted experience, although it is pretty difficult its a lot of fun and shows the potential of what can be done with angelscript.
Wow! Thanks all for the warm welcome and the suggestions! I'll be sure to check them all out once I get set up with JJ2+

Way back before JJ2+ was around I used to play online and tried a bunch of difficult tests, and played some competitive, so hopefully the difficulty spike shouldn't be too hard for me. I somehow managed to not know about jazz2online all this time!

Originally Posted by DJazz View Post
Hi there! Welcome

I'm also a programmer and a web developer! There are a few more of us around here.
Right now developing a custom-made JCS level editor.
See my signature for some links
I'll take a look at those! Truth be told my favourite part of JJ2 was always the level editor, I have a folder with dozens upon dozens of custom levels. Angelscript makes me excited because I recall you could already do some pretty crazy stuff in the editor, like certain combinations of events would spawn unexpected output. The point being scripting control can lead to a huge amount of new possibility!

I'll probably try a bunch of the custom single player stuff, inevitably try and beat that pack-in map King of Boredom or whatever the name was, and then start looking into the updated editor