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Oct 26, 2018, 11:46 AM
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Hi, my name is Pascal and I am a programmer from The Netherlands. I remember playing Jazz Jackrabbit 1 on my brothers PC back in the 90's, but what i remember the most is actually the super rare spinoff: BatteryCheck. I got that myself after turning in 15 batteries for a CD-ROM with the game which I should still have somewhere in a box. And when I saw the GOG version of Jazz I bought it instantly but have not got around to it yet...

Thanks to the excellent description about the game files by Neobeo (and possibly others) I was able to realize my long time dream of recreating BatteryCheck! I will tell all about it in a separate thread on here...but in short I have partial working code running on Linux, Wii and 3DS. The consoles need to be "homebrew enabled" ofcourse

My username should actually have a captial A, but after trying for the 20th time to register (only got errors before) I am just glad to finally being able to tell about my project I have been working on for about 5-6 months!

So after removing about 75% of what I wrote this is my "short" introduction