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Jan 28, 2020, 02:02 PM
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Live performance of the Jazz Jackrabbit 1 Speedrun

Hey, I got something for you guys. This is a headsup. It goes live on friday!
Members of the youtube channel can already enjoy it if they want. I just put it up!


It's the speedrun that was done live over at the first Jazz Jackrabbit Event by SimonN in 2018. This performance was done on Sunday the 18th of februari at the Nationaal Videogame Museum in Zoetermeer. On this event the largest Jazz Jackrabbit exhibit world wide was shown and there was a improvised band that performed seven of your favorite Jazz Jackrabbit soundtracks live.

I still had this footage, but I was really bummed out that the audio was really bad because we had SimonN amplified and I had no extra microphone. Later I realized I could have used my audio-recorder from my smartphone or a simple program that would record his microphone input, but that's too late now. And as you can see I used two camera's, one static, one variable that I walked around with for possible inserts. The static camera stopped filming automatically for 5 minutes near the end. That's why you see me walking around the camera instead of the shot on SimonN.

Again sorry for the bad audio and camerawork (in advance) , that's what you get when you come unprepared and have no crew helping out. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist... I hope you enjoy it anyway!