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Jul 9, 2010, 02:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Stijn View Post
"Last Online" date is only updated if you're logged in. You can also review stuff by filling in your username and password in the review form, which allows you to post a review without logging in.
Right, that didn't come to my mind.

I don't see why it'd be necessary to lower the amount of screenshots from 3 to 2 for some uploads. Increasing it would be impractical because it'd require a change in the page layout (3 fits rather nicely now, for 4 the whole box would have to be formatted differently).
In case there are more than three images, can't we have J2O show three random pictures and a button to view all images in a separate window? I can imagine some sort of a pop-up featuring all screenshots in film strip-ish appearance. I guess Sir Ementaler suggested the amount of pictures allowed should be lowered for some files because of bandwidth concern.

I think I have already suggested this somewhere, but maybe authors could be allowed to reply to reviews? They reply already, by posting their own reviews with lots of @somebody chaos and numerous edits. It's not easy to follow who said what to who. I can give you Newgrounds as example. You can see comments made by the author on the bottom of reviews.

By the way, the about page is broken.