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Sep 13, 2018, 06:37 AM
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New copyright law

Bad news guys European Parliament passed new copyright law.It means if some bot A.I. script YouTube I guess Dailymotion too detect some videos or uploaded music tracks videos will be blocked so according to article 11 and 13 you will need permission from European Union government speaking of that fanarts, fangames and fanmade music tracks re-arangements including music remixes
even your personal photos willl need special permission so licences payments will be probably very expensive.
Face like packed meat in a supermarket. How to unlock filters created by artists?
On the internet there is a conspiracy theory that snapchat or instagram face overlays were made to scan our biometrics and send them to a mysterious database. Even if it is true, it must be admitted that the originators of this action are setting us up with impressive ingenuity. Example? In one of the latest overlays we can put our head in a plastic meat tray. We have prepared for you a list of eight Instagram filters, which are small works of art.
The first overlays on the face to diversify our selfies appeared on Snapchat in 2015. At the beginning they were simple, very simple filters appearing in everyone. What a rage it was when application developers with a ghost introduced the possibility of putting virtual wreaths, hats or a few simple covers on our heads. Later, the snap makers added a few other, more complicated options - vomiting rainbow or even the famous filter with rabbit ears or a dog. The enormous popularity of this otherwise nice option meant that the developers did not stop in developing the filters. There were even external applications on the market, such as FaceApp, thanks to which we could see what our face could look like in the retirement age.

Instagrama's bosses have rightly noticed that the recipients of the face overlays are not only people who want to shoot with cannons (although this overlay is also cool), that's why they decided to extend the functionality with more artistic motifs, creating the space for contemporary art within the application. Instagram has therefore made an open call for graphic designers and graphic designers from around the world. Creators have been given freedom to design overlays. Relax, there's nothing obscene here. The mood of sci-fi, horror and dystopia prevails.
Recently, an effect on the Instagram was made by InstaMeat, created by the visual artist Caio Vita (@viacaio). Based on the image that the front camera delivers to the app, the application creates an animation of our face in a plastic tray of meat. Exactly like in a supermarket. The sticker shows the price of "meat" - 5.99 euros. The InstaMeat effect appalled some platform users who started reporting community violations, calling the obscene effect. We were reminded of the protests from Poland, when the whole Pakro supermarket offer featured all foil-wrapped piglets. Caio Vita defends his art, claims that the online world is on the head, and the attitude of some instagramers resembles selling meat for likes.

Not all filters must have a second bottom. Most of them just look cool and according to current trends in the art of the Internet. To add effects to your Instagram, you just need to start watching the artists' accounts we've provided in parentheses. Below is a list of the 8 most interesting overlays on Instagram.
Do you think TERREG will block these filters or not? It's shocking and disturbing just like German Nazis(they were sick psychopaths and sociopaths(anti-Semitic)(nightmare fuel for these innocent people) just like even neo Nazis)(they were extremely creepy) (during World War 2) made cube soaps made of humans flesh.

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