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Jan 22, 2019, 05:10 PM
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Good news guys there are no reasons to get worried.As for now I want to tell you how this new copyright law ended up.First of all news my country blocked this new european copyright law.It's banished for good this so called ACTA 2.0.
The so-called ACTA 2 has been very loud for a long time. Of course, we are talking about the European Directive on copyright in the digital single market and its controversial articles 11 and 13. However, thanks to internet protests, Poland, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Finland, Slovenia, Italy, Sweden, Croatia, Luxembourg and Portugal have created such called a blocking minority.
Thanks to such a turn of events, the voting on the implementation of the directive will not take place and it will not come back as it has been so far (because it is unlikely that we will come back at all). The good news on Twitter was shared by Juliet Reda and Paul Lewandowski.
Some time ago, we showed you what search results would look like after the introduction of the directive. Now we are almost certain that the subject of restrictions on freedom in the network will not appear in the current term. In May, elections to the European Parliament await us. Will the new parliamentarians understand that we do not want ACTA 2 or ACTA 3 or any other European-style network? Let's hope.4 days ago according to this article (it's 02:05 am in Poland so it's 23th January)Across Europe, critics of the EU copyright directive have again stepped out onto the streets. In Warsaw, about 50 people expressed their dissatisfaction with the reforms in the European courts.Well I think that's it for today.