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Mar 22, 2019, 02:27 AM
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Honestly I'm just keep informing you. Anyway now it's time to talk about Wikipedia protests that began yesterday.
I heard in Poland that European Parliament will be working on law changes if it will win votes we can see this law be passed in 2021. Yesterday Wikipedia was started protesting.

The four versions of the online free Wikipedia encyclopedia - German, Danish, Czech and Slovak - were on Thursday for one day excluded in protest against the planned reform of copyright in the European Union.

The dispute is primarily about article 13 of the EU directive on copyright in the digital single market, which is expected to be approved by the European Parliament in the near future. This article decides that all internet platforms - including the smallest ones - are designed to prevent users from infringing on copyright, relating to text or audio materials made available online. This will require "the use of effective content recognition technologies" - which in practice means reaching for the selection software known as upload-filter.

In addition, pursuant to art. 13 Internet service providers are to provide copyright owners with "adequate information" on the operation and implementation of these preventive measures. This is accompanied by an instruction to provide "adequate reports" where appropriate regarding the identification of protected materials.

There are various exceptions in the enforcement of the directive, it will not apply, inter alia, to Wikipedia. However, the online encyclopedia indicate that the upload-filter is susceptible to defects and hacking attacks, and the need for service providers to obtain a license to publish press texts will seriously limit the freedom of information.
The chairman of the Wikimedia Association Czech Republic Vojtiech Dostal believes that the proposed directive will clearly reduce access to sources that are used by authors and editors of the encyclopedia. This will reduce the quality of its passwords.

The European Parliament is due to vote on the directive on Tuesday. If it is adopted, Member States will have two years to put it into practice.