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Apr 26, 2019, 02:02 AM
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Mosbacher warns against Chinese 5G. "May expose our security"
Another clash on the China-United States line on the development of the 5G network. In a Friday interview for the Poland magazine, Georgette Mosbacher, US ambassador in Poland, she stressed the concerns of Chinese suppliers of this technology.
The United States must be sure that all the operations we do with our allies are not at risk of being intercepted, "said the ambassador. Such a certainty is not provided by devices using Chinese 5G technology, the US ambassador in Poland thinks.

- We have lots of not only military but also communication devices that support the Internet. This brings a lot of repercussions because we need to be sure that all the operations we do with our allies are not at risk of interception. If they were not safe, it would obviously affect our joint actions with the allies. We will certainly not be involved in any projects that would jeopardize our military security, "Mosbacher says in an interview.

He also believes that "China demands from its companies that they share with the government the data and information obtained."
5G technology arouses a lot of controversy and fears around the world. There are many reasons. Security agencies are afraid of possible espionage. There is a lot of talk about the potential harmfulness of the 5G network. It is not known if there is anything to fear.

In Poland, we have nothing to fear. First of all, the impact of 5G on health is to be monitored by the Ministry of Digitization. And the second thing is that we are very, very unprepared for introducing this kind of technology.