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Jul 15, 2019, 09:23 AM
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Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Intro in 1440p (1920x1440) resolution
If you wanna download it, here's the GD link:
Video quality comparison:
Left: Upscale, Right: Original (SD)

For experiment purposes, I decided to upscale the Jazz Jackrabbit 2 intro to 1440p quality by using two neural networks: Topaz A. I. Gigapixel (for Epic Games and Orange Games clips) and Waifu2x Caffe (for Project Two Interactive intro and cinematic animation). The editing process was done in Adobe Premiere Pro CC. It took me several hours to upscale every frame from this clip (neither Topaz or Waifu2x are supporting video files, first you have to convert a video file into several PNG/JPG still images, then upscale them in mentioned programs and finally combine them back into one video). Nevertheless, it was worth it, and I'm personally pleased with the result a lot. Enjoy watching

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