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My idea for Razz Ma Taz (Razz Earlong)


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Sep 29, 2020, 03:02 PM
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My idea for Razz Ma Taz (Razz Earlong)

Excuse me but I know everyone has their idea for Razz Ma Taz, and I would like to share my idea for how Razz would be in my idea for a Jazz Jackrabbit cartoon show.

Razz "a MaTaz" Earlong (see

Eva's inventor cousin,Eliza (Queen Earlong)'s nephew, he has blue fur, wears pilot gear , a master pilot and a genius rolled into one. Still, Razz is not just any genius. Razz is Devan Shell-level genius and is just as intelligent as Devan himself. Razz would become a member of Team Jazz early in Season 1

Unlike Devan, though, Razz has lots of neat, praiseworthy, and wacky ideas to defend Carrotus and to take control of turtle controlled planets. Unlike Devan Shell, who has surrounded himself with morons, Razz has surrounded himself with veterans. Especially when those veterans happen to be his teammates.


Around rabbits, non-turtles turtles in Season 5 onwards; Razz is a bit of a shy outsider, frequently being cooped up in his little world, and as he builds his rabbit army, he uses one of his troop members as a messenger. Unlike Devan, who smacks his drones upside the head whenever they say something dumb. Razz treats his Rabbit Raiders like he would with his teammates. Also, the rabbit that seems to understand Razz the most is Lori. He also is a bit of an isolationist. Razz instead is cooped up in house later in Devanís former laboratory now under his rule on Carrotus, creating a new weapon or gadget rather than spending time at a party with the team. He would later show less of this when he realizes atones for all the acts of brutal savagery he committed towards turtles.

Around turtles (up to the end of Season 4 to Devan and Season 5 onwards with Dark Shell [from Jazz GBA]); Unlike Jazz, who is the soldier of fortune, justice, and a paragon hero. Razz is more of a ruthless renegade, and a mercenary of vengeance towards turtles. An emphasis on "vengeance" when he hears about Eva's kidnapping by Devan Shell. Razz reading The Tortoise and the Hare, where the turtle won at the end and that Razz was listening to the White Album while reading that fairy tale, and Razz goes, thinking that all turtles are evil monsters who need to be destroyed... every last one of them, and Razz exacts vengeance on Devan who kidnapped his princess cousin by doing the one thing that Jazz should've done: kill Devan and destroy all turtles. Unlike Jazz and Eva, who sees Devan as more of a misguided turtle. Razz sees Devan and all turtles as evil monsters who need to be destroyed (even innocent turtle civilians who didn't do anything). Razz would even bulid an rabbit army where Razz can literally wipe out an entire species' civilization to do so. After Season 4, Razz is able to tolerate the turtles under Devanís rule and even felt guilty for going after an innocent turtle who succeeded from Shellion but still hates Dark Shell since he started the whole war, by the end of Season 5, Razz blows up Shellion with Carrtous 2's laser cannon and executing all the surviving turtles, true to his word.

Character Development

Razz's character development is that he initially has a hatred towards turtles and has a vengeance to destroy all turtles. Throughout Season 1, Razz builds his rabbit army. However, as Razz's rabbit army grows more significant the more Razz stoops to Devan's level.

In Season 2, Razz stoops to a level that Devan Shell would consider going too far. By wiping out anyone who didn't side with the rabbits, blowing up cities, and the innocent turtle civilians in said cities. By roasting turtle civilians as well as turtle terrorists to terrify Devan and his turtle goons into surrendering. Also, Razz would find out that his hatred of turtles came from a variety of factors. Still, the most significant factor would be that he was a descendent of the general who wanted to destroy all turtles. Mazz MaTaz also viewed the turtles as evil monsters that need to be destroyed.

In Seasons 3 and 4, Razz would start blowing up turtle controlled planets with Carrotus 2 laser cannon and execute all turtle survivors. At the end of Season 4, Razz almost blows up Devan's homeworld of Aeschylus. When Jazz and his team show how far Razz has fallen down the same wicked path that Devan once went down, only Razz was more monstrous than Devan.

After Razz realizes how far he's fallen, he takes a heroic BSOD and destroys Dark Shell's fleet with the Razz Station laser cannon. He would develop a tolerance towards some turtles like Devan and redirect his hatred of turtles towards Dark Shell.

In Season 5, Razz mulls over what he almost did to Devan's homeworld and what he did towards the turtle species. Cosmo also helps him unlock his hypnotic gift, which grants him hypnotic abilities and can place anything into a sleep spell and by the end of Season 5, Razz does the unthinkable by blowing up Shellion with Carrotus 2's laser cannon. But would regret that decision when he learns that Dark Shell was not on that planet and from Season 6 onwards, Razz focuses his power into building rather than destroying and encourages discovery of new uninhabited planets.

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