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"-play" and "-player" Command Line Params Under v1.24

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Mar 24, 2023, 02:55 PM
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"-play" and "-player" Command Line Params Under v1.24

It doesn't work. (,:

So, I've been tinkering with Jazz Jackrabbit 2 this month, checking out all the improvements provided by JJ2+ and whatnot, and taking some comparison screenshots. For that purpose, I made my own custom level just for fooling around in.
Usually, what I'd do is run Jazz2.exe and hop through the menus (Hah. Rabbit jokes.) to load my level. However, upon doing a search for Command Line Parameters, I noticed that there are a few things that makes setting up a custom game much quicker and easier. And so, I ran the following command:
Jazz2P.exe ZTestLvl.j2l -SERVER -BATTLE -PLAYER 4
("Jazz2P.exe" is what I renamed my JJ2+ EXE.)

As expected, running this as a batch file worked perfectly and tossed me into a four-player TCP/IP battle game. So then… I tried it with the unmodified The Secret Files EXE… and it entered and left the game, dumping me on the splash screen.

Upon further analysis, I discovered that The Secret Files added an extra parameter, "-play", which… according to the wiki… "Plays a game". From what I can tell, when Project Two added that command line, they did it very badly.
For one, it completely supersedes "-player" under all circumstances, leading the game to read the command like as something like "-play er [etc. etc.]".
For another… I don't think it actually does anything beyond confusing the game. It seems like it was completely removed in JJ2+ as adding that to the command line just makes the game return an "invalid level / no next level" error.
(The April 8th, 2010 change log says that "-player" was fixed rather than "-play" removed, though.)

I dunno… I'd update the wiki with this info instead of making a forum post, but it seems like the Wiki is read-only. So, here we are! Hopefully, this eventually makes it to that wiki page, but if not, at least I've made it known here.

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Mar 30, 2023, 08:59 PM
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Thanks for looking into this! The ERE isn't completely read-only, but write access is limited to trustworthy people. You'd have to contact stijn to get your status changed. I've noted the info about -play and -player on that page for now, though.

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