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Bug Report Mutual exclusion of /ready and /nopowerups


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May 29, 2022, 08:25 AM
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Angry Mutual exclusion of /ready and /nopowerups

I've encountered a bug when combining both /ready and /nopowerups commands.
/ready gives a player all available ammo, including powerups, but doesn't take into account whether /nopowerups is on. A player who set /nopowerups on, recycled, typed /ready and shot with a powered-up gun, is very likely to be automatically kicked or banned for Hacking/Cheating.

Log from the Puke Nukem Arena 1 server (plus version 5.9), to reproduce the problem:

[17:19:10] ak-47: /nopowerups on
[17:19:10] >> Powerups have already been disabled
[17:19:15] *** ak-47 is READY!
[17:19:18] ak-47: hm
[17:19:19] [CDF]KEVIN: almost kicked me you freak
[17:19:23] *** ĂtËnĂ is READY!
[17:19:26] ak-47: well
[17:19:28] ak-47: /r
[17:19:29] Game ends in a 4-way tie
[17:19:30] >> Next level set to carrotussquash (001)
[17:19:31] Game has been automatically STARTED
[17:19:31] 10 minutes left...

[[Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 17:19:33]]
**Current level: "Moonlit Harbor" - cache/olcbat06.j2l
**Game Mode: Battle
**Custom Mode: OFF
(loaded script module h.mut)
(loaded script module morpharena.mut)
(loaded script module mute.mut)
(loaded script module nodetail.mut)
(loaded script module pnarena1.mut)
(loaded script module seban.mut)
(loaded script module sec.mut)
(loaded script module spawntimes.mut)
(loaded script module spectate.mut)
(loaded script module uppercut.mut)
(loaded script module weaponbinds.mut)
[17:19:36] ak-47: /stop
[17:19:36] Game has been STOPPED
[17:19:37] ak-47: !resetgame
[17:19:37] Console: Time Left until game ends has been RESET
[17:19:37] Console: Game has been RESET
[17:19:37] Console: Objects will now spawn
[17:19:38] Console: Carrots have been ENABLED
[17:19:39] *** ak-47 is READY!
[17:19:41] >>> Hack attempt from [my IP] - invalid powerup (ID 4 / type 13)
[17:19:41] >>> Hack attempt from [my IP] - invalid powerup (ID 4 / type 13)
[17:19:41] >>> Added [my IP] to the block list
[17:19:41] >>> Hack attempt from [my IP] - invalid powerup (ID 4 / type 13)
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May 29, 2022, 09:56 AM
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Thanks for the report! We were aware of this one internally but it wasn't a big priority because we don't really know how commonly the settings are used... having another report like this makes it a higher priority to fix.

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