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War Tavern Rules (Read Before Posting)

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Jan 24, 2007, 04:26 PM
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Exclamation War Tavern Rules (Read Before Posting)

1. Please do not write Mary-Sue style stories. These stories are not likely to be taken seriously, and tend to be an annoyance to other members. Comedies and satires, action, fantasy and science fiction are all permitted and encouraged, but please write sensibly.

2. It is encouraged that you use other members' characters as well as your own and those from the JJ2 universe. Character profiles can be found (and should be posted) in the Profiles Thread. Please do not make a separate thread requesting people to join your story; you should do this in your story thread, right after you post your first chapter.

3. Please attempt to keep your story content family friendly. If your story is graphic, you must have a disclaimer in your thread title to that effect. (Example: Story Title [DRUG CONTENT]) If there is no disclaimer and you wish one to be put in, please send a private message to myself or an administrator requesting it. If your story content merits a disclaimer and one is not present, I will add one in.

4. Do not include any explicit sexual content in your story. If you do, it will be edited out at the least. Mild content (kissing, romance, etc.) is permissible. Remember that this message board is family oriented. Please keep your writing tasteful.

5. Mild violence is permissible - action and fight scenes, etc. Graphic violence (torture, extreme goriness) requires a disclaimer. Again, please be tasteful in your writing.

6. While it is not required that your story take place within the Jazz Jackrabbit universe, please do not post fanfiction for other games/universes here.

7. You may or may not recieve critiques/suggestions on your story. This is not in any way an insult. If you are giving a critique, be polite, be civil, and be honest. Be detailed and helpful. Vague critiques do not help anyone.

If you have any thoughts and feedback, please post them in this thread

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