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Public test: bullet reporters

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Mar 3, 2023, 01:30 PM
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Public test: bullet reporters

Download here

Suppose that client 1 fires a bullet at client 2 in an online server. Because it takes time to transmit information from one computer to another, inevitably client 1, client 2, and the host will all have slightly different ideas of where client 2 and the bullet are, and most importantly, whether they come into contact. Normally, JJ2 lets the server host decide whether the bullet hit client 2 or not. Sometimes this makes people upset if what they saw doesn't match what the server saw.

This build lets you play around with that dynamic, introducing three new boolean chat commands, all of which can be enabled or disabled independently. If you see a bullet hit client 2, who do you have to be for what you saw to matter?
  • If /bulletserver is on (default), the existing behavior is maintained: client 2 gets hurt if the host sees the bullet hit.
  • If /bulletshooter is on, client 2 gets hurt if client 1 sees the bullet hit.
  • If /bulletvictim is on, client 2 gets hurt if client 2 sees the bullet hit.
Let us know (by posting in this thread) if anything feels good here or if this isn't an avenue worth pursuing. This is a very rough proof-of-concept build that doesn't even attempt to account for edge cases beyond, like, basic Battle servers where every player should be able to hurt every other player. This build is only interoperable with other players running this same build: you cannot join servers running other builds, nor can servers running this build be joined by clients running other builds.

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