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Feature Request Selectable Folders in Custom Level Browser


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Jul 17, 2023, 09:44 PM
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Post Selectable Folders in Custom Level Browser

For a while, I have been organizing levels into folders, mainly the "cache" folder that online levels download into when you join and play on a server, since it frees up space in the main JJ2 folder.

However, when using the in-game level browser via Home-Cooked levels or by selecting to play on custom levels in Multiplayer, it only supports viewing the main Jazz Jackrabbit 2 folder/directory, with no option to (from what I know) choose a folder in the directory and browse the levels in those folders.

For this, I was thinking that there could be the option to show folders in the level select, and then by choosing a folder, you open that folder in the in-game level browser and can pick a level like normal, or return to the previous folder by scrolling up to the very top of the list and choosing "Back". All folders would appear at the very top of each folder's level list, followed by the actual level files.

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