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Bug Report Divide by zero crash when using 3D spiked balls

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Jan 19, 2018, 05:43 PM
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Divide by zero crash when using 3D spiked balls

Using a 3D Spiked Ball with a length of 15 and fast enough speed (I haven't figured out the minimum speed that causes all of the effects mentioned below, but it definitely happens at speed 31) causes the game to crash with a divide by zero error. However, an oddity of this is that if the level is short enough, the 3D spike ball instead simply falls down instead of crashing the game. Note that, in my testing, the crash also only happens for pendulum 3D Spike Balls, though due to the nature of the crash it's possible that was simply due to the exact level layout used to test it. Shading doesn't appear to change whether or not the crash happens however.

This ZIP file includes two levels: A level demonstrating the divide by zero crash, and a level demonstrating a lack of the divide by zero crash under similar settings (the only change is the level height).
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