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Questions Regarding Instruction Manual

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Jul 12, 2009, 01:30 PM
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Questions Regarding Instruction Manual

So i was reading through my Jazz Jackrabbit 2 instruction manual, which i havent done in a while......and i noticed a few "problems" lets say, and i was wondering if i was the only ne to notice these:

Page 22: "Turn this option on to activate Jazz 2's special realtime lighting"

-I don't recall any realtime lighting.......

Page 34: "Collect gems to earn end of level bonuses and extra lives"

-I have never gotten a bonus or extra lives from gems and ive gooten over 300 in some of the main levels.....

Page 39: "Don't eat carrots if you are already at full health! Pass by and come back to gobble them back up later."

-Last time i checked you couldnt pick up carrots at full health.....and why would you be going backwards through the level?

Page 52: Robert Allen helped do the music in JJ2 =o !
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Jul 12, 2009, 01:45 PM
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22: JJ2 is full of realtime lighting. Torches flicker, lights get darker when you go in caves, the water darkens in Marinated Rabbit the further down you go... there's a whole Lighting section of JCS events in Environment, after all.
34: This never made it into the final, although it's also referenced in Rabbit in Training. There was a system in place in JJ2 to give extra lives in exchange for gems, but it was taken out because it wasn't quite right and then they never put it back in in time for release.
39: You can't eat carrots at full health in 1.23, no, but in earlier versions you could, just like in JJ1. And you'd be going backwards through the level so that you could pick up those carrots, of course.

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