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The Rabbit Comeback (from JMMB)

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Mar 24, 2001, 07:04 AM
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Post 1

Chapter 1

KRSplat started to get tired after an hour of target practice. The trouble was, his LFG-8500 was new, and you know how you have to get used to those new blasters.

"Hey, let's go to the BSM," said Lejin, referring to the Battle Simulation Machine.

"Good idea. I've had enough of this." KRSplat ran into his home, a dome that you can see out of, but if you look in, it is purely silver. The round door slid up and KRSplat went in with Lejin next to him. He set the simulator to Level 7 and he and KRSplat entered. The setting immedietly changed to a devastated Carrotus with Devanna Shell, Devan's sister, standing right in front.

"You couldn't beat me and my turtle army in a million years!" she shouted. "Not to even THINK about now!"

"Obviosly we travelled time ," said KRSplat in a bragging voice. They both shot at her. KRSplat decided to punch her, causing an immediate victory since the levels are out of 100. "I thought we were at Level 77!"

"Oops... I set it to 7," said Lejin, walking out of the world.

Their phone rang. "Uh-uh." said KRSplat. "Yeah.." KRSplat listened carefully. "Cool!" He put the phone down. "You know what?"


"We won the contest and WE get a trip to Tubelectric!"


The real Devanna was talking with Devan in their headquarters. "Do it?" she asked.

"Attack," replied Devan with an evil grin.

Post 2

Devan's eyes glowed. "All of the planet shall be destroyed! All of it! Wait.. I have my army on that planet! Devanna! Wait!" Devanna's hand stopped over the button which, when pressed, would sent out 20,000 demolition ships. Devan sighed in relief. He picked up his radio transmitter and tuned it to his Tubelectric headquarters. "Get everybody on the escape pod. I only sent 20 people, so you should only use 2," he said.

"Done," said the Tubelectric base head chief.

"Good." Devan got off the transmitter. "Delay the destruction for 1 hour."


KRSplat and Lejin were at the shuttle along with some other winners. An alarm went off, and then they heard a voice. It said, "Tubelectric will be destroyed in 30 minutes. If you go, you may die." Suddenly, all 10 people but KRSplat, Lejin and another blue rabbit with a brown coat.

"What are you doing here? Leave or you'll die!" the blue rabbit said.

"Us? You're the one who'll be doing the dying! And besides, we're planning on saving Tubelelectric," replied Lejin.

"Oh. Then why don't we work together?"

And the new part is here soon!


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