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Jazz Jackrabbit Levelpacks and Stories - STORY: Mad Laughter

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Mar 6, 2003, 08:08 AM
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Jazz Jackrabbit Levelpacks and Stories - STORY: Mad Laughter

For once, the Jazz Jackrabbit Levelpacks and Stories-series is... well you see the name of the project?

The project is that I will post stories on THIS FORUM and levelpacks to J2O and my upcoming site. Well, when is the story? Now here's the first part of 3.

Mad Laughter - Part 1 of 3

5.6.2003 Sunday, 11:00 AM (written in Weekday, hours:minutes AM/PM)

It's the best day to walk at Carrotus streets, Devan is in jail of hell (place where people go if they are bad) and Jazz's brother, Spaz, done his homework(he's 8 years old, he's at school) and the police station is the destination of him. When Jazz walked 3 kilometres, he's at the police station. Jazz is screaming(?):
Jazz is weird, he never attacks just because someone makes a mistake. But the Carrotus IS acting weird. Because how Jazz can be on his own bedroom at the same time when he's at police station? Well, what's (the real?)Jazz doing in his bedroom.
"I am lucky I don't have school anymore, I just hate waking up early and things!" Jazz is 18 years old, just ended the school days. He's grown up much! He fights against evil, has saved Carrotus nearly hundred times and soon the summer holiday is starting!
"Spaz is having the pain of school!"

Now back to the police station:
"Well, why did you let em go?"
Police chief is not understanding this stupidility: "Devan is in hell! We are not responsible what happens there!"
Jazz at police station is shouting back! "OK, then I'll save the world the second time ..."
Police chief stopped him from speaking: "SECOND time? Jazz has saved Carrotus over hundred times! And you are a little too attacking! You just come to the police station and 'WHY DID YOU LET DEVAN GO, STUPID'. That won't help anything. If Devan is here, Devan is here! Now shut up and get to hell, you are a clone... or something!" Then the chief took his pistol and TRIED to hit Jazz-clone. Oh well, he did, but Jazz-clone was like a metal. It was a robot. Now the head of the robot blow up and DEVAN CAME OUT OF THERE! "D-d-d-d Devan?"
"Ya, it's me", Devan said and shot the police chief.

But at the real Jazz's bedroom(He's a rabbit and he's not like we, humans), Jazz had a wood-bed, a METAL computer, and Jazz lives in a hole on the ground. Jazz has no neighbors, he lives in a secret place of the forest. Real Jazz runs to the police station, he watched the news on TV and he saw the police chief thing. When he came to the police station, the chief was shot(you know that already!) and Jazz exited the policestation.
"Sheesh, Devan is back! What are we going to do?"

To Be Continued...



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Apr 3, 2003, 08:07 AM

uhm,, interesting?
(sounds a little like Bjarni, heh)

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