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JAZZ 3 (not the actual game)

Royal Concerns

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Nov 25, 2020, 01:46 AM
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JAZZ 3 (not the actual game)

I've been loving Jazz Jackrabit since before the big bang, It's true. You can look it up at wikipedia.
No. just kidding!

My father bought a bounce of floppy disks when I was a child and later on he called me and said jazz had an sequel, I was very happy. It took until 99 for me to buy the Mac version of Jazz 2.

But as far as of we know, the only third jazz game there is, is Jazz GBA. (Not counting the very different versions of the original games.

To keep up the legal flare I choose to not post pictures from google or un approved works from Deviantart.

I have a dream of an new Jazz Jackrabbit games, and I don't mean a fiction one.
A one which eventually could get me a chair at Epic (but, they don't do Jazz these days are they.
Even if I got contacted I would have problems duo health issues and the wide distance (see I am from another country)

In Jazz 3 (not the actual game) you can play a standard campaign with 4 player as standard.
You play as Jazz, Spaz, Lori and Razz.

You start up inside Devans air ship and to a ventilation drum. The camera zooms out as each player reach the drum. You would get eventually at Devans steering post. The room you get in is in 3d but Jazz reaching a hatch and it gets quick time event and Jazz breaks the window out front.

Devan flees in a compact gear and Jazz, Spaz, Lori and Razz (this part I havent thoughr about) succed to land unharmed.

End of idea

Now I am out of ideas but I actually contacted Cliffy B on his myspace the last decade and I described a Jazz Jackrabbit much like Jazz 2. But with an engaging story line, a wide array of weapons and in 2d,

Are you, ready for this?

The design for Jazz in Jazz 3 (not the actual game) is a mock between jazz in the main meny jazz 3, jazz 2 stand shooting and the jazz 1 medium (?) difficulty jazz.

The design of levels would be like that one deviantart picture where jazz stands in the middle and has ground above him (Carrotus) and the first level of Jak & Daxter

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Dec 9, 2020, 11:46 PM
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