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Jazz Jackrabbit Cartoon Series


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Jan 6, 2019, 02:21 PM
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Post Jazz Jackrabbit Cartoon Series

For those who are fans of Jazz Jackrabbit, I was surprised that the hare did not net his own cartoon series after the success of his games which I think is a little bias, seeing how Earhworm Jim got a cartoon series.

So if the green hare got hims own cartoon series how would it play out? My idea would follow the Earthworm Jim formula and have it even made by the same company Universal Animantion Studios (1) but with the added benefit of being set in an Animated universe with other shows produced by the same company this includes; Exosquad, Problem Child, Earthworm Jim, the Woody Woodpecker Show (1999) and The Mummy: The Animated Series.

So what do you think? Is Jazz Jackrabbit a worthey video game series to get it's own cartoon series? What do you think of my idea and the thoght in general i am open to you're comments.
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Jan 10, 2019, 03:30 AM
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According to some stories on these forums, they definitely had some interest in a TV show at some point, but I guess they immediately canceled it due to Epic shifting all their interest to the Unreal series, and Jazz2 eventualy being not that big of a success.

Though most cartoons that are based on a video game series generally aren't that good, the Earthworm Jim cartoon seemed to have a lot of potential and I personally would love to see the same studio make a Jazz cartoon.

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Jan 19, 2019, 01:12 PM
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Jazz Jackrabbit Cartoon Series

I know right, and it can be the kind of cartoon series that's set in a an animanted universe with Exosquad, Problem Child, Earthworm Jim, the Woody Woodpecker Show (1999) and The Mummy: The Animated Series (think of Universal's version of the 90s X-Men cartoon) I would also like to see the stires based off of French-Belgim comic (Tintin, Astriex, etc [I would reserve an adaptation of Astriex Conqures Rome {titled Jazz Conqures the Turtles} as the series finale and as a "Made for TV" movie] etc, as well as mantaining a broad continuity (with a recap of previous events with "previously on Jazz Jackrabbit" as well as pre and post commceral announcements)
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Feb 3, 2019, 09:41 AM
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we all shall form a cartoon group for jazz if there is enough backers hopefully we will have full team i love the idea
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Feb 22, 2019, 12:42 AM
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I've had some ideas for some episodes and characters for a Jazz Jackrabbit cartoon:
- Jazz isn't the usual noble hero with strong ideals. He's more of a mercenary who only fights for the pleasure of killing things, and he often breaks the local laws (which furtherly explains why queen Earlong imprisoned him in JJ2).
- The only ones to whom Jazz is loyal are his brother Spaz and his girlfriend Eva.
- There is a little girl called Melina, who always bothers Jazz. One day he's so angry at her that he shoots her with a toaster. When in front of the court, Jazz says that he just wanted to scare her, and that he'd never have shot her.
- In the whole cartoon, Devan is helped by his tougher and less intelligent brother Dirven (the character made up by Acid, I just changed its look and traits)
- In an episode, Bilsy exiles Bubba from Heck, and Bubba decides to follow his childhood dream: running a bakery. However, his pastries are so gross that Jazz turns even greener after trying one.
- In an episode, Jazz realizes he's become a little too violent, since he just threatened Eva with the shotgun. He then decides to try to learn to be peaceful.
- There is a character who is inspired to Jety, who is the only one who actually defeats Jazz in a tournament.
In the final episode, Jazz dies in a falling elevator. Devan claims he just made him believe he could get out of any situation, and when he got sick of him, he trapped him somewhere he couldn't get out of.
- Spaz tries to make the final episode an episode of flashbacks of previous episodes. But Jazz keeps interrupting him, saying this is not the time for that, and that they have to find a way out.
- In an episode, Jazz sells Melina's soul to Bilsy. A clone of Melina replaces her in the outer world. When Eva finds it out, she's outraged. But the contract had a clause: If someone successully takes Melina out of Heck, Jazz must take her place.
- There also are other characters inspired to the JJ2 community, but I haven't elaborated them yet.

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