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Bug Report Script Error Breaks All onReceive Events in Other Scripts


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Sep 1, 2022, 12:33 PM
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Script Error Breaks All onReceive Events in Other Scripts

If you load a j2as file that contains errors, function "onReceive" of other working mutators will stop receiving packet streams. This problem seems to be server-side only.

I know we can avoid this by removing all bugged scripts. The problem is, those bugged scripts come from other servers, so even if I delete all of them, they will return to my game cache folder by joining servers that host bugged scripts .

I experienced this when hosting the map "Jungle Edge" (or c.j2l) which has a broken j2as file that came from unknown source.

Tested on JJ2+ v5.9

The script I found:
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Sep 2, 2022, 12:04 PM
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Thanks for the feedback! There are a couple design issues here really... the code for not running scripts if there's a syntax error anywhere was mostly written with .j2as files in mind, and may not make total sense as implemented when there are one or more .mut files involved. I don't know if anyone has a strong intuition of exactly what should happen in this case.

It's also possible that hosts shouldn't look in the cache for .j2as files at all, unless the corresponding .j2l is in the cache. Maybe the game should only look for a .j2as file in the same folder as the .j2l? Functionally it seems like they're basically the same file, it's just that it's much easier to edit scripts in your preferred text editor program instead of something embedded in a level editor, so maybe it doesn't make sense to allow them to be in different places?

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