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Bug Report Uterus spike ball generator change affects MCEs


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Dec 18, 2022, 10:29 AM
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Uterus spike ball generator change affects MCEs

Basically it has to do with this change:
"Uterus spike balls (event 27) now persist instead of disappearing immediately when spawned by Generator objects or crates, and explode into pixels when destroyed instead of vanishing."
Problem is, Event 27 is part of an old MCE that spawns sprites of Jazz on a hoverboard that make the player hallucinate. While the MCE itself still works, there's now a minor but annoying side-effect in which 2 spike balls end up spawning and falling to the ground, causing me to take damage as I'm not used to their presence. It should noted that out of the 3 "Echo" (#27) events that make up the MCE only those with a generator spawn the spike balls.
I tried to attach screenshots but the uploader isn't cooperating, so here are discord URLs:

Do you think this is a fixable issue?
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Dec 18, 2022, 06:25 PM
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Cute! So here are the data as I could find them by searching levels on J2O. There are four types of level that have generators for event 27 in them.

Generator is above a Belt: these should be actual functional MCEs that never generate a spike ball, but I'm listing them just in case:
  • ab14ctf14
  • ab16btl04
  • ab19ctf02
  • EZMaelstrom
  • olcbabeatdown
  • xlmcensored
  • xlmtoilettown
  • xlmuncensored
Generator is one tile to the right of a Pulze Light: these are the ones following that exact old eight-event MCE pattern:
  • FF-7
  • Hocus5lev
  • labratst5
  • rh_japan
  • RtpWierd
  • SXR
  • SXR_Heat
  • SXR_JazzBoss
  • SXR_Rad
  • SXR_Start
  • SXR_Tech
  • THEA1
Generator is four tiles above a Belt: these are all copies of one another, emulating a very specific MCE boss battle without quite knowing which events are important:
  • clonejazz13
  • Creamclone Xmas
  • psychclone
  • R1colony
No pattern:
  • adream01
  • Cracco Factory
  • Cracco Practice
  • Cracco Race
  • crazylvl2
  • jazzgeyser
  • The Legends

In general, of the levels I've looked at, the spike balls are being placed in contexts that are already trying to feel really weird, so they fit right in anyway. But it wouldn't be hard to put in a very specific exception that the spike balls don't spawn if they're one tile to the right of a Pulze Light event.

ETA: I've tentatively implemented that "very specific exception" for 5.11. I'll leave this thread open for now in case people have other suggestions.

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