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Bug Report Can't seem to join 5.10 servers using

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Jan 18, 2023, 12:41 PM
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Can't seem to join 5.10 servers using

I've already updated to 5.10 plus version. But for some reason I can only join Zeal Duels 5.9 server.

For Zeal Duels France 5.10 server, I can enter the game but none of my commands work [can't spectate off as a result], no one can see my comments but I can see their comments and all the messages from the server. But then after a while I get Connection Time Out.

For Zeal Duels Poland 5.10, I'm completely stuck on the "Connecting" screen with no progress at all.

I can join other servers available in the list. But I don't know if those servers are using 5.10. I also managed to join JDC server, if that used 5.10, then maybe the problem is not related to plus version but something else.

I need some help with tracking down the issue if possible. I'm not expert with network settings, so I don't know what I should look for currently.
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