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Feature Request wrong savepoints (with boxing glove)

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May 27, 2023, 07:27 AM
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wrong savepoints (with boxing glove)

FabiAN[NC]: Hi everone

sometimes i think: had the jazz2 developers in mind to create wrong savepoints?
- how do you think about it?

i want to show something, im absolutly sure you all are also heavy interested by it!

//you sure know:
the JCS event (save point) does Save the rabbit poss
if the player Dies then he can respawn from there

jazzSD.exe set 51 (this boxing glove i mean)

(im absolutely sure, this was in plan to knocks the player back)

i do think the jazz2 Developer had in mind
to create a second Save Point, (a wrong SavePoint)
that have the job to knocks the player back
i saw plus fix a lot of things, so.. lori got some missing animation back
(the stretch + blaster lose animation i mean)
how about to add the secound savepoint? (a wrong savepoint) that knocks the player back!
in JCS.ini we could edit it, and add something
you sure know:
on (warps) we have got a second method with plus

230=Warp |+|Area |Warp | |ID:8|Coins:8|SetLap:1|ShowAnim:1|fast:1

if we add here (fast:1)
then the warps are fast
( this is good to make never ending corridors.. )
we could give the savepoint a new option
to detect the second savepoint
to make it works like a wrong savepoint.

that knocks the player back!
- and should it also HIT the player? so that he is more careful next time?
how do you think about this?

do you think so too, that the jazz2 developer had this in mind?
and this was in plan, but they did not finished it.

i made here a little picture its me very important to show:

<img src=>

it shows how i imagine that

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