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Bug Report jjKey Issues

Zah dud4h

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Mar 5, 2024, 07:49 PM
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jjKey Issues

jjKey seems not be able to differenciate between Left/Right CTRL,ALT,SHIFT despite that seperate virtual keys for them exist

The inputs that work are:
16 - Universal SHIFT
17 - Universal CTRL
18 - Universal ALT

the ones that don't are:
from 160 to 165
160 - Left SHIFT key
161 - Right SHIFT key
162 - Left CONTROL key
163 - Right CONTROL key
164 - Left ALT key
165 - Right ALT key

I'd like for both jjKey(16) and jjKey(160) to return "true" if i press the left shift button, same should go for Right Shift - jjKey(16) and jjKey(161)

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