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Option to remove the frame limiter from windowed mode

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Jun 22, 2024, 05:52 AM
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Option to remove the frame limiter from windowed mode

When I got a modern high end PC at the end of last year I noticed that my JJ2 ran worse than on the older PC I had before it. In the following months I didn't bother trying to figure out what caused it, until last week.

After some digging and help from Necrolyte. The issue seems to be the frame limiter. JJ2+ runs at a cap of 125 fps, while a vanilla jj2 client runs it uncapped. At some point in plus early plus development (around 2010) a frame limiter to 125 fps was put in place. Presumably this is to save unnecessary CPU usage.

However, it seems that on modern pc's, tanking the FPS from a high 300 to 125 doesn't go well. The game stutters. I've also tried putting the monitors to 70Hz (from 155 Hz) since the game runs at this rate, but somehow this makes it far worse with even more stuttering (felt more like 25 fps). After I removed the frame limiter, the game ran a lot better again.

In conclusion: unless there is a better solution, it would help if the frame limiter was toggleable so jj2 runs better for modern computers. I'm running windows 10, which might or might not have something to do with it. Note this is only for windowed mode, because fullscreen works differen anyway.

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