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FTC's COPPA will affect Youtube in 2020+Half-Life Alyx and disappearing comments


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Nov 30, 2019, 01:21 PM
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FTC's COPPA will affect Youtube in 2020+Half-Life Alyx and disappearing comments

In 2020 FCT's COPPA(I heard(it's not rumors)that someone on youtube was lawsuited for no aparent reasons) will affect YouTube(it's nothing related to politics or government at all) so it does mean that all videos might disappear for good. YouTube will never be the same like before.If you think nothing's gonna happen then you're wrong. Just saying. That was bad news now it's time for good news. Valve announced new Half-Life it will be about Alyx Vance VR exclusive in March 2020. Even if this forum is dedicated only to Jazz Jackrabbit series I hope I can talk about another pc games,right? Also speaking of new jazz2online community users. It seems creating multiple new threads might be deleted which never happened before automatically without any trace(I heard it didn't happen before)(so it doesn't matter if you post something. It seems in this new interface it sounds like fusion of server and forum. Also multiple attempts of making multiple threads(aka duplication) might result being banned for unknown period of time(good for moderators and administrators following rules are very important(it's not even a joke I'm talking seriously right now) for them,it makes them feel calm,satisfied and happy I guess)temporarily or permamently. I hope this thread will never be deleted without any traces(unless mods and admins don't care what's gonna happen soon with their youtube videos in future if they have youtube and uploaded lot's of videos very important for them).
Anyway would you like to sign this Jazz Jackrabbit 3 petition?
Also may I ask what does it mean? It happened when I was trying to log-in. Also why my rank bar is black?

Anyway I somehow managed to get new account and log-in. So everything is fine.

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