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Mindscreen use in level and tileset making

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Jul 8, 2024, 02:59 AM
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Lightbulb Mindscreen use in level and tileset making

Mindscreen is a future computer that I imagined. It's similar to a VR helmet on the outside, but instead of controlling it with your hands, you control it with your mind, thanks to a halo matter inside of it that reads directly from your brain.
The hard disk is programmed genetically, so every cell of it has gigabytes of memory.
Anything you imagine takes shape in the Mindscreen. This includes images, scripts, 3D models and even music.
With this technology we will be able to create levels and tilesets that would normally take days to make in just 2 minutes. We just need to have a good imagination.
In just 2 days we'll be able to create Jazz Jackrabbit 2 HD. In JJ2 HD every tile is 256x256 pixels wide and 32 bit color deep. The game resolution reaches 4096x3072.
At that point, creating a HD version of a JJ2 tileset will only take 2 minutes, provided that we remember every single detail of the tileset.
Creating new objects will be also a ton easier. All we have to do is think of the behavior we want the object to have, and the behavior will be scripted automatically.
I hope technology advances fast to the point that Mindscreen becomes a thing, so we can create JJ2 HD and revolution the way we make levels, tilesets and music.
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