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Bug Report Boss music crash


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Aug 31, 2020, 04:32 PM
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Boss music crash

When playing Singleplayer or Cooperative on a server the game crashes for the client after fighting and defeating the bosses named Bubba or Bilsy. I know that both of these bosses use the music file "boss2.j2b". If the client removes this music file from his JJ2 folder the crash doesn't happen as long as he has the sound on. However it still happens if the client has sound off, unless the client removes all the music files that the level uses from his JJ2 folder. On the other hand, if the server removes this music file then the crash doesn't happen even if the client has this music file in his JJ2 folder. This is valid for both sound on and off.

The crash happens for all clients that kill the boss, usually on level cycle. However, even if the level doesn't cycle, the crash still happens a few seconds after the boss is gone.

I also want to note that when testing for this crash there have been a few "lucky" times when the level cycled and no crash happened. However most of the time this crash happens for every client that has defeated the boss. Furthermore, I have only been able to reproduce this bug when fighting Bubba and not Bilsy, but other players told me that they get this crash when fighting Bilsy (or the Christmas Bilsy) as well.

I have attached a PDF file containing pictures of the errors displayed by Jazz 2 after the crash had happened. I hope they are able to provide insight into why this problem happens.

EDIT: While playing Cooperative online I managed to get the "Fatal Application Error" after fighting Bilsy. I also got "Fatal Application Error" and "Access Violation" when the level cycled after fighting Devan.
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Sep 2, 2020, 10:14 AM
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In online cooperative, the game does not in fact cycle when clients kill a boss, so I'm unsure how to reproduce this issue. Also it's not the case that Bubba and Bilsy use the boss2.j2b: any boss may use it, depending on how the Activate Boss events in the level are configured. Bilsy does not appear in any official SP levels, so I don't know what level you're testing this in. I did try, as a client, defeating Bubba in hell.j2l a couple times, and Xmas Bilsy in xmas3.j2l, with music turned on, but didn't experience any crashing, even when the server manually cycled by typing /r or /c.

Are you running any mutators that may have caused the crash?

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Sep 5, 2020, 03:31 PM
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Yes I ran a mutator I made named bossPass.mut. It was checking if the boss is active and his energy. I think I fixed the crash issue by stopping these checks once the level cycle mechanism was called. I really hope that was it, but if I encounter such boss crashes again I will post them here.

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