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Feature Request Optional reworked double jump controls (to make it less clunky and awful :P)

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Apr 9, 2021, 10:51 AM
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Optional reworked double jump controls (to make it less clunky and awful :P)

Spaz's second jump is very clunky to use if you're not used to how it works.

For the record, this is (according to Violet) how it works:
  • If you press jump a second time during a brief window after releasing it from the first press, you will do a second jump. You will not do a second jump if you press it for the second time after this window has closed.
  • If you have, for instance, fallen off a platform or have not pressed jump recently enough to be within the timing window, you have to double tap jump to do the second jump.
This is very clunky, because unless you're very used to this, you may very well press jump, then press it again, only to not do the second jump and be left scratching your head at the weird workings of Spaz's jumps. Or otherwise you fall down a place, press jump, nothing happens, and you hit spikes (or a death pit) and then presumably switch to a different character out of frustration. :P

So, I propose this solution:
Add an option any player can toggle (I suggest on by default, but this is negotiable) that removes the timing window and allows you to do the second jump while falling without pressing jump for the first time beforehand. This would be far less clunky for those who aren't used to the quirky way Spaz already works, but because it would be a toggle, anyone could turn it off and on depending on their preference.

For Test servers which may be broken by this alternate behaviour (for instance, the physics when you're holding jump vs not being a requirement), a server setting could disable this behaviour, and similarly an AngelScript setting (or other level property?) could disable it for specific levels.

My personal view on this is that, since it would be a toggle you could turn off and on, and there would be ways of disabling it on levels or servers, there's no conceivable reason anyone could be opposed to this, but clearly this issue is at least somewhat controversial from the discussion on Discord. :P
So, above is a poll to measure approval.

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