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The Doomsday Project.

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Jan 12, 2007, 01:12 AM
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The Doomsday Project.

Heh...Since I've nearly finished my other story here, I decided to begin a new one. The plot is set, the battle however...takes place on our world...That's right, Earth.

A new threat has arisen on Earth, which could destroy us all...Oh boy, that's not an unusual thing. The hero races off to defend his home, ends up realising he needs help, but the only portal open between the dimensions is on Carrotus...

So, guess what? Anyone who wishes may join the story before it begins, wether they are aligned with Good or Evil. To make things interesting, I've begun two seperate storylines. Each following each side.'ll see the Good Guys win...or the Evil Forces of Darkness...

No. I won't be adding many characters of my own. Just a few...Like three or four...
And a new one from another game...So...Yeah...

If you wish to join, just post....

And Coopertop...You're more than welcome to join...

*evil laughter can be heard in the background*

Two to four weeks...until...The Doomsday Project...begins...
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.


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Jan 13, 2007, 07:12 PM
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So how exactly is this going to work? Two separate storylines? Alternate storylines? ToU style?
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Jan 14, 2007, 05:27 PM
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The Doomsday Project. A story written by superjwren329. a.k.a Joshua Lightwalker. (Yes, that is my REAL name, believe it or not)

Why is my Username superjwren329? I picked something at random to start off with, and the name stuck.

Characters listed so far belong to the certain users...

Joshua...and nearly everyone else from the previous stories...belong to me, Joshua Lightwalker. Fear the copyright...Well...I'll let you use him or any other character if you PM me, asking NICELY. Meaning no threats. No PM, no permission. No permission and I find it...You'll be hearing from my legion of lawyers...who happened to be armed...with large...pointy objects...

*looks over shoulder, points to multiple lawyers with various gardening tools*

Now, be good, read the story, leave feedback...(I don't care what type.) And don't ask me stupid questions about my life. It sucks...really... = )

Persistant? Fine. First, I was recently informed that I have (slight) mental problems. That's why I'm sorta crazy. Of course, they said it could worsen, which means I might get a visit from some people which a nice coat for me... = ). Anyway...I'm a normal 16 year old...mostly. I spend most of my times indoors, chained to my computer desk, typing away. I only do work, play games or type stories...

The 'Joshua' in this story is the person I wish I could be...Nothing else to say about me actually. I look somewhat...normal. Described like 'Joshua' is pretty much my identity in real life...

Oh, by the way...This story contains some SMALL romance...which I somewhat regret putting in. My head's messed up during the last few months. Normally, it'd be all Adventure/Action, but I decided to add a bit more...Even a few cameos from some Jazz 2 Characters...

And other characters....

Toxic: Pyro_Tox at Gamefaqs.
Veneno: AxlOmega at GameFaqs.
Eiko Carol: From FF IX. (She's 15 in the stories, so there!)
Norn : From Alteria Iris: Eternal Mana (PS2)
Sugar: From Summon Night. (GBA)
Dinah: From Summon Night 2 (GBA)
Adis: Belongs to Doubble Dutch
And of course, Video Game Characters mentioned belong to the certain companies. Well...if the characters appear...which I doubt...

Fan-Art for the above characters...(except for Toxic and Veneno) may be somewhat hard to find. As for Joshua, he has ONE picture, which is on Search for Joshua Lightwalker. It should be in Portaraits and Figures. Of course, I'm not the best artist, it will be better when I get to drawing him again.

+++++ Story Description +++++

A few months after the previous stories...(Which are posted on the 'Dimension In Darkness' thread.) Something seems to creating a source of Dark Energy from Earth. Reluctant to leave the Video Dimension, Joshua sets off by himself, leaving no clue of his destination to the others. Of course, not everything goes according to plan, the threat is larger than he imagined...Now he has to deal with this new threat, having a few girls on his back, as well as facing his greatest enemy. Himself.

One more thing. The Chapters are set out in a certain this.

Chapter 1: Breathe (L).

Notice the (L)? That signals that this chapter belongs to the Hero Storyline. Meaning, Good is likely to triumph, or just centers it around them.

Chapter 1: Gasp. (D)

The Chapter is the same, but with a different side of the story. The Dark Side. It focuses around the Villains of our story.

Chapter ?: ? (B)

This would be a normal chapter which involves BOTH sides of the story getting entwined. That said, there will be three, possibly FOUR different endings.


And for those who for whatever reason, dislike Joshua...well, you'll be pleased to know he'll die at the final (D) chapter.

The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.

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Jan 14, 2007, 05:29 PM
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The Doomsday Project. A story written by superjwren329. a.k.a Joshua Lightwalker. (Yes, that is my REAL name, believe it or not)

Characters listed so far belong to the certain users...

Joshua...and nearly everyone else from the previous stories...belong to me, Joshua Lightwalker. Fear the copyright, or I'll beat you to death with a shovel! Or something like that. Trust me...You don't want to get on my bad side...
Toxic: Pyro_Tox at Gamefaqs.
Veneno: AxlOmega at GameFaqs.
Eiko Carol: From FF IX. (She's 15 in the stories, so there!)
Norn : From Alteria Iris: Eternal Mana
Sugar: From Summon Night.
And of course, Video Game Characters mentioned belong to the certain companies. Well...if the characters appear...which I doubt...



A few months had passed since the end of The Dark One's defeat. Both forces of Light and Dark had combined together, putting aside thier differences, making a truce. Of course, some like Devan Shell, weren't exactly too pleased, vanished, plotting something. All the hard work of the people eventually was rewarded. Water began to flow once again, plants began to grow and other miracles of nature began to resume. As everyone rejoiced with happiness, our hero, Joshua Lightwalker watched them from above, standing on a nearby hill. The sun was setting, making the sky a brilliant red and orange display. A small breeze began to pick up, his new cape, blowing in the wind.

>I never really felt like wearing this...I know who I am...and the role I represent...but...was this dimension really going to return back to it's former glory? So much blood had been were destroyed...people's lives were lost...My brother...and 'father'. They've promised me they would not attack...unless they thought of a brilliant plan that wouldn't fail. I laughed at this...and bid them farwell. I will miss them...<

>Odd, isn't it? I've changed so much since the last couple of months. I want to be me...but I've got to be serious about who I am. My journey hasn't been completed yet. Otherwise...I wouldn't be standing here. Once all is balanced, there is no need to me. I'll watch over. But I'll be not of this...well...Hah. I used to hate to talk about my death, now I stare it in the face with determination. Perhaps...Should I stay here...?<

Everything flashed white around him, a vision of his planet, coming into view. Earth looked lush and full of life as it once was, but something seemedto be emenating from the planet. It was only a small touch of power. Probably the remains of S.P.I.K.E HQ. Focusing on the location, he tried to pinpoint the source. A dark veil clouded his attempts. His distance was too far and the cause was probably blocking him. He looked up into the now night sky, his dimension, the gateway sparkled within the stars in a far away cluster.

>The ruins of S.P.I.K.E wouldn't be able to generate enough power to obstuct my sight...Perhaps some threat was growing there. Going back to my home wasn't exactly the most logic thing to do, the Video Dimension was too unstable...but the threat of what could be on my home planet could be greater...I doubt it would take me long. I'll go for...a quick look...< Joshua finally decided.

Racing through the night, at quite a rapid speed, he finally came to a stop when one of the Dimensional Portals arrived. Gently tweaking it a small bit, making it unaccessable from this side, he clenched his fists tight and closed his eyes.


The effect was almost instant. He had warped through the wall seperating our dimensions, and was back on Earth. He still had a few portals unsealed elsewhere, but it shouldn't matter. He wasn't looking for company. The main capital of our planet had flourished into what it was supposed to be. A happy and peacful place, people of all size, age and race were accepted for who they were. Around the world, wars had stopped and many of the weapons had been destroyed. Joshua felt slightly at ease at this, smiling as citizens waved to him and little children ran up to him for an autograph.

>I didn't become a hero for fame or fortune. I wanted to save and help people. Even though we can settle all arguments peacfuly...I had to draw my swords to protect those I care about. Heh, I remember when I came back here with...a small image of a cat-girl flashed through my mind for a few seconds, before I shook my head. Straight afterwards, another blinked through my head. She had pink hair...a black tank-top...and she was really helpful when I forged the Light Bringer...<

"Ow...That's strange. I seem to remember them...They both seemed quite cheerful and easy-going. The first was wearing a red dress...and hat...N...Norn. That's it. The other one really had a crush on me...If I remember correctly. Sugar...But...I've got no time to think about the past. I've got to go to..." Joshua started.

"Hey! Mister! I've got something to tell ya! You know S.P.I.K.E HQ? People say they've seen machinces actually working there. A lot of energy has been detected, but everyone is too scared to look! You've gotta see if thier going crazy!" a young boy asked.

Joshua scratched his head for a second, before nodding in reply. He knelt down and grabbed a small packet of chewing gum and gave it to the boy. Smiling, he walked a backwards a bit, before racing forward into the distance. A huge gust of wind blew over a few crates, but nothing much else. It would only take a few hours to get to S.P.I.K.E HQ if he walked, so he slowed down, looking at the beautiful landscape around him. The ocean glittered with brilliance, the sand sparked.

Cars drove down the highway, most likely containing families on vaction. It looked like everything was going to be alright after all. He began to approach S.P.I.K.E HQ, the sky becoming dark as night fell. Stars lit up the sky and finally, he had arrived. He wasn't misinformed. A few machines were still running, releasing some energy. Drawing his sword and smashing them to pieces, he felt the darkness was still quite strong. Perhaps there was a large threat here...

Black clouds began to billow over the sky, blocking out the view of the stars and moon. A huge tower of junk and machinary appeared out of nowhere, causing Joshua to jump back and look up. At it's peak, someone, wrapped in a black cloak with a hood stared down at him.

"Wha? You! What are you doing up there?!" Joshua yelled.

"It...has begun...The coming...of the end...Do you...feel it...?" the voice rasped.

"Hm? The coming of the end? You can't be serious! There's no way you'd be able to..." Joshua retorted.

"I've...heard of your exploits...Ultimate Gamer...You will...provide me with some...amusment..."

The figure simply moved his left arm in a small way. The clouds above began to look darker, rain started to pour down. It got heavier after time, leaving large puddles of water on the ground around him. A large wind began to pick up, blowing the figure away in the wind, vanishing into the sky. Lighting shot down from the heavens, colliding with the puddles of liquid. Amazingly, they began to float into the air, changing shape...changing form. A sword...a shield...armor...A large warrior made of water.

"Warriors...made of water...What's worse is...there's more than one. Well then...I guess I'll have to stop you all myself!" Joshua yelled.

>I wished that someone was here to help me. But it occured to me...these things would simply absorb anything they did. Making our powers useless. Guess I was going to have to fight my way out...<

"Hmmm...I was expecting this to be difficult...Heh...They're only made of water...I'll take em' out, no problem! Here goes!" Josuha smirked.

Grabbing his swords, he quickly made an attack on the nearest target, making it return into droplets of water. More of the warriors began to surround him, thier bodies seemed heavy, making them slow. Slashing with his swords, he made quick work of most of them. The droplets of water sparkled brightly as they were cut my Joshua's swords. The aura of light around Joshua seemed to provide him some protection, as a slash of a water blade cut straight through his cap. It tore apart, leaving Joshua's hair exposed. Rain began to soak into Joshua, making him shiver from the cold. His fair hair began to get heavy with the water, causing it to fall into his eyes. Brushing it away, he realised he left himself open.

A swift blow of a fist from his foe crashed into Joshua's body. The impact was quite large. Everything seemed to move slow as he coughed up a small bit of blood, his eyes opened wide in shock and surprise, before he was flying through the air, hit the ground after a few seconds before the force flung him further, which ended when he went crashing into the wreckage of the machinary. He was stunned, unable to move any part of his body. That punch seemed to have taken the wind out of him. The figures drew closer, thier blades poised to pierce through Joshua's flesh.

More bolts of lightning. More water monsters advancing towards him. All seemed eager to join in with the slaughter. Gaining some breath back, he got to his knees, curled himself into a ball and began to spin. The creatures looked puzzled, but continued thier advance. A few seconds later...Joshua had charged up enough power. He flew through the air at terrific speed, colliding off each monster, ricoheting into the next one. Water spashed everywhere, until the puddles joined at the center and vanished. Joshua smiled.

He cluched his side, before something unexpected happened. A remaining water monster stood behind him, it's blade gone, but it dove at Joshua, pinning him to the ground, smothering him until he stopped struggling. The water creature vanished.


The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.
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Jan 14, 2007, 05:30 PM
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Chapter One: Breathe.... (L)

As Joshua lay in the ruins of S.P.I.K.E HQ, someone happened to be passing by, recognizing the fallen warrior. His body seemed cold, drenched with water and he wasn't breathing. The figure quickly pulled Joshua to his feet, before going through his backpack. Finding something that looked like a breathing tool, it quickly clamped on to Joshua's face, pumping oxygen into his lungs and body. After a few minutes, the mask fell off, Joshua choked, before coughing up quite a bit of water.

His vision was still hazy, but still tried to make out the figure that had saved him.

"I'm...I'm sorry..." the newcomer said, before whacking Joshua over the head with a staff, knocking him out...


>Owww...My head. That's going to leave a mark...< Joshua thought while unconcious.

He cautiously opened his eyes, hoping not to be whacked over the head again. To his suprise, he was back at Gaming Force HQ. A warm fire was burning brightly, he found himself wrapped in warm blankets, with a small icepack on his head. His cap seemed to have been left behind. Finding his backpack next to him, he rummaged through it until he found another.

"Good thing I always have more..." he chuckled to himself.

His room hadn't been changed at all. It was still the same white walls with Video Game posters, photos of him in the Video Dimension...when he was in a fighting stance or relaxing. Other photos consisted of his friends, a photo of him with Eiko and another two. Each one was with the girls he remembered before he was whacked over the head. He hadn't had a chance to have one taken with Adis yet, but he would soon. After all, she was part of Gaming Force now. Another picture caught his attention. It seemed disorted, but the image appeared to be when he turned ten. A picture of all the orphans, Seb, David, Zac, Rachel and Jessi. It was kind of surprising to see him look a lot younger than he did now.

Getting out his bed, he put on his back-pack, found his swords and re-arranged some of his things. He was just about to walk out the door....

"Joshua? Are you awake yet? Meow?" a voice called.

Joshua shook his head. At first he thought he was hearing things. He get walking, only to have the same figure from earlier crash into him. Both of them went flying into the air, before Joshua landed on the ground, the newcomer landed on his back.

"OWWWW!!! YEOWWW!! THAT HURTS!!!" Joshua yelled painfully, before he looked around and saw the one who had saved him. Two furry ears, a red dress and staff...surprisingly, she seemed a bit older than he remembered.

"N...Norn? Is that you...?" Joshua stammered.

He got to his feet, dusting himself off, before helping Norn get to her's. A smile of relief crept across Joshua's face. At least someone was here to help him. After explaining to Norn what had happened so far, she nodded quickly. Her ears twitched slightly, from annoyance or happiness, Joshua couldn't tell. It had been...two years...since they last saw each other?

"Thanks for the help, Norn. But I've got to get going. There's these strange water creatures at..."

"Water creatures, meow? Where? I didn't see any when I found you." Norn replied, a bit confused.

Joshua kept silent.

"I...see. I guess I might as well stay here until I hear from someone about something that could be happening here. I sealed most of the portals...and I left only a few open...but...the ones here on Earth aren't going to get me back anytime soon...Great..." Joshua sighed, flinging himself down on the couch.

"Meow? You're stuck here? What's so bad about that? There's so much to do here! They've got a new amusment park and other cool rides! You wanna look?" Norn asked.

Joshua scratched his head, opened his backpack, looking for something. He found a few pieces of lint, some coins and old, breaking down dollar bills. He sighed again, before sealing his backpack, placing it next him, before looking back at Norn.

"Sorry. I'm broke. And I didn't come here to have fun. I'm sorry. I intend to find out what's going on at S.P.I.K.E HQ, beat that creepy guy, get back to the Video Dimension and relax. I'm in a bit of a vaction. I've been up to my neck in paper-work. Maybe later...Okay?" Joshua suggested.


Norn sighed and walked off. Joshua felt a bit unhappy. But he wanted to figure a few things out first. Plus, it wasn't the time to go out on a date or have fun. If the guy who said the end was approaching...those water creatures....they all posed a serious threat. He got off the couch and ran to his room. Searching his bookshelf, he finally came across a book which seemd useful...

"As long as I'm not harrassed by girls wanting a date, I'm happy. Now...what do we have here...There was an ancient civilzation who was capable of fusing the elements of nature with other ones. This proved to be dangerous, as the results were usualy fatal. Mostly drapped in black robes, they drove themselves to extinction...However...recent sightings have shown that these 'elemental creatures', are still roaming around our planet. Without a master, they would simply perish....I get it. That guy plans to overrun the planet with those guys. I know I can do better than what I did...but I might need some help....But who...? I don't want to get anyone of Gaming Force involved...Perhaps I'll have to get help from the Jazz Sector. If they've been able to blast zombies and demons, then, they should be able to aid me with this..." Joshua thought.

As he raced to the Comm Room, he found a warning light flashing. He angrily hit the console. According to the data, something was interfering with the dimensional portals. So...that meant he'd only be able to get a small group through, before the portals failed.

"Meh...Well...The people I bring here should be enough...if they've got enough talent...Let's see...Well, Jazz is in. Spaz...Nah...Hmmm...This looks intriuging. Someone by the name of...Commander Josef Kane...Let's see...the info's good. I guess he'd be able to lend a hand..."

Suddenly, a bright flash made the room light up, before it died down. Unexpectedly, the other girl he remembered was floating in front of him. Of course, Joshua had only one thing to say in response to this....

The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.

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Jan 14, 2007, 05:31 PM
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Chapter 1 (D): Gasp.

In the depths of the darkness on our world, where few dared to tread, the mysterious figure was calmly walking down the dark pathways. A sinister aura seemed to be around him, causing the bandits watching him to back away in fear. His face was concealed in shadow, unable to be seen wether he was pleased or disgusted by the cowardiance of those who thought they could oppose him. He continued to walk on, before he clicked his fingers.

Screams of terror and fear could be heard throughout the dark path. The splattering of blood on the floor...the fools who opposed him, but backed down in fear were still treated like a normal enemy. Death would befall all who got in his way. More bold thieves decided to attack. They were surprised when thier weapons simply passed through his body, like he was made of air, before dark lightning fell from the sky, incinerating thier interal organs. Nothing was left but a smoking pile of ashes...

"Pitiful humans...motivated by selfish desire...or simple blood-lust...It matters not to me...This world will be cleansed of all humans...all motivations for this...will not be...discussed here..." The figure rasped, before a tall building came into sight within the shadows.

Making his way inside, through the dark marble corridors, blood stained walls...and remains of victims who he killed with his own hands, he finally reached the center chamber. It seemed like a dark throne room. A series of black stair led up to a large and menacing throne. Odd symbols were carved in to it, making it hard for others who could not speak the language.

"Stnavres! Emoc eorfeb em..." The figure bellowed.

Many small figures raced into the room, before bowing low, than rising up to see thier...Retsam

"Retsam...Tahw si ruoy sredro?" they asked in fear.

The one on the throne turned away, staring out at the sun, it's light covering most of the planet except where they the the the...dead.

"Bring...reinforce....ments from...the other...worlds...Our foe...considers be a large...number."

They all bowed before they ran off into another room. Many small lights flickered on and off, illuminating a crude-looking portal. It seemed to have some resemblance to the ones that Joshua had found. The coordinates were quickly set, before a spinning vortex was created. Around the Video Dimension...those who remained in the dark heeded the call that was being sent.

It was time...for thier foe to pay...
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.
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Jan 14, 2007, 05:39 PM
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Chapter 2: As sweet as Sugar? (L)

The newcomer slowly opened her eyes, taking in her new surroundings. The walls or things in the room didn't matter, something seemed to have brought her here in her search. Perhaps...she'd found what she was looking for at last? Before she could leave, unhappy that this place didn't hold what she was searching for, her eyes found Joshua, quietly edging his way towards the door. His hand reached for the handle...

Before he was tackled over and hugged tightly by the girl who was smiling.

"I found you, Master Joshua! I knew I was right! I heard rumors that you were killed in a battle not to long ago...but you survived! I knew you would come through and come back to me! We can get married now!" the girl smild, snuggling up against Joshua.

".......Uh....Nice to see you too, Sugar. I must has been a while since I saw you. I was beginning to wonder if YOU were okay. Now...could you let go...please? Your tight..." Joshua groaned.

Sugar simply kept Joshua in his arms, before planting a kiss on his cheek.

"H-Hey! I didn't come to my home just to...have time with you...Something....Something's happening, Sugar. I'm glad you came. You'll be able to help me and Norn..."

"You're with another girl?! Without me here?! You're not making your future wife happy!" Sugar angrily cut in.

Joshua crouched down into a ball. He tried to make himself as small as possible, trying to hide while Sugar was yelling at him. She always got this way when he was with other girls. Even though he never intended of marrying any of them...Sugar seemed quite determinted to make Joshua her's.

"S...Sugar? It's all right...she saved my life. I wouldn't be here if she didn't. So, you should just relax...And another thing...I'm not gonna marry you unless you can catch me first! Nyah!" Joshua teased, before racing out of the room, making his way through the many corridors, before he realised he had made a mistake. A few seconds later, a huge crashing sound could be heard. Joshua had collided into a wall, full on. Cracks appeared in it. Sugar and Norn rushed over to him, before Joshua fell backwards.

"Wuh....Oooo...Look at all the stars...pretty...stars...Duhhhhh....*thud*"

Joshua was out cold. As Norn and Sugar raced to the medical bay to get something to revive him, Joshua found himself back in his memories...again. Normally, he wouldn't mind. but it was getting a bit annoying. He'd rather leave it for later, but curiosity got the better of him...and the knowldge that he had of his Video Dimension adventures began...

*Flash Back*

>I remember...when I went to the world...where alchemists were rare...Klein...Lita...Everyone seemed determined to stop the one after the chaos. But...I recall...before I met them, I was walking through a thick forest. A loud cry came from nearby, I found a few monsters trying to finish off a young cat girl. I managed to fend them off and get her home. The girl introduced me to her master, Zeldadia, who taught me quite a few things before I met up with Klein and the others...Well...I remember her always wanting me to watch out for her...or hold her hand when she was scared...I never left her by herself, making sure she didn't get lost...Norn....<

>The events happened so quickly...the world returned to peace...but he'd lost one of his swords in the previous battle...along with a friend. He went his own way afterwards, contemplating what to do next. I decided to reforge a new in memory of my friend. But...I needed help. I ended up calling for help from a Guardian Beast...and that's how I met Sugar. I found out she was a friend of my 'real' father, who said that he was going to give Sugar my hand in marriage! I was surprised at this, but we made a good team, trying not to get too close. Before I forged my sword...and after so many things happened, I found myself devestated when I was told by a friend of my father, that the only way to save the world from it's doom ws to sacrifice Sugar to make a weapon powerful defeat the evil plauging it.<

>Hah...I'd been through her with so much...I didn't realise what I did next. I guess it was my love and caring for her, that made me stop the whole process. I knew there was very little chance I could suceed without a powerful enough weapon...but...I came what I wanted to do...and forged the Light Bringer. Sugar was standing next me, smiling happily while I looked at the blade's radiant glow. I barely managed to pull through the battle...I took a beating...but Sugar saved my life...<

"Darn it...This isn't helping...the more I think about them...the more I them...but...I love Eiko and Adis too...what am I going to do...? No...This will have to wait. My duty comes first...I know I have feelings for them...and if I pick someone...the others would be crushed...But...enough...I get up..." Joshua thought.

The pain in his head slolwy disappeared, before he opened his eyes, found the hallways empty and quickly crawled back to his room. It was a few minutes later, that he could hear banging on his bedroom door. Covering his ears, hiding behind a bookcase, he closed his eyes, before the door buckled.

"This ain't gonna end well...I'll be lucky if they don't tear me in two...Just as long as I can stay away...I'll be fine..."

Placing an icepack on his throbing head, he closed his eyes and went to sleep. The door kept buckling, but held out. The noise was soon replaced with a loud argument...

>I don't...need...this...Guh...Grrr...<

His body began to twitch, before he got up, unable to take anymore, flung the door open and...

"Huh? Empty? Maybe I'm going crazy..."


Joshua jumped into the air, scared, unexpecting that his head hit the ceiling, another lump forming on his head.

" that again." Joshua groaned.

Rubbing his sore head, he looked up at her, who was smiling.

"I'll make it better...Just sit still..." Sugar smiled.


"H-Hey! Cut it out! Stop it!"
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.


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Jan 14, 2007, 07:23 PM
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Originally Posted by superjwren329
And Copper, make sure that I'm not killed in someone else's story. No one makes Joshua suffer a gory death expect me. Or a dramtic one.

Sorry about the spelling error. Name's are hard to remember...
I'm afraid that, once you allow a member to use your character, neither I nor you have any say over what happens to that character. You could put a phrase in your profile saying that you do not wish anyone to use your character if it really concerns you.

Spelling error is forgiven, haha.
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...Yeah...I guess.

I doubt you'd know any of the characters I've added that are out of Video Games anyway...Heheh...

Oh, and thank you for closing that other you'll excuse me...I'm going to get some random things to hit nOOb over the head with. I've not had a good afternoon...Darn school...

*gets out sharp objects, along with a BIG shovel*


*evil laughter*

Anyway...If they want to borrow my character, they're going to have to PM me first...
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Now, on with the story please
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Chapter 2: Dark Allies (D)

The realm of darkness on Earth was not exactly where you'd want to be. Criminals and villains lurk here, willing to take the lives of any foolish enough to enter thier domain. Ones of the Light did not belong here. Both cannot co-exist on this planet...even though humanity is safe, the Dark Realm seeks to destroy this peace...their own portal had began to bring thier allies from the other dimension...the first to step out of the shadows...was Devan Shell.

"Greetings...Devan...Perhaps you'd hear our...foe has fallen...for the bait...Our working as far..." The dark figure nodded.

Devan adjusted his glasses, before he paced through the room, examining the portal, amused slightly by the 'primitive' technology and kicked it. He was digusted with being in this world...his army had been left behind...but if a chance had come to eliminate them of thier greatest threat for domination, then it wasn't a total loss. He grinned wickedly at the figure, before the portal glowed again.

Millions of turtles, reptiles and other creatures came pouring out of the portal, confused at thier new surroundings, before they spotted Devan and saluted. What could the Ultimate Gamer do, standing before an army huge as this? Normal wounds wouldn't kill him...but it seemed something was in the figure's mind. He knew what was needed to destroy his foe...

"Master Devan! What are your orders? Do we..."

"Destroy the nearby cities. These pathetic humans should be no match for us. Do not hesitate to kill. You are my army, the best troops that could possibly exist. Nothing alive could stop you. Go! Spill the blood of the foolish inhabitents of this planet! Soon, we will take this planet as our own..." Devan smiled.

The huge army raced out of the building, anything in thier way was trampled by the sheer numbers. As they headed to destroy the cities nearby...

"You...have done well...You...will make...a not...disappoint me...Devan..."

Devan's attention was elsewhere. A small glowing light was in the corner. Inside...a large tube was placed...liquid stirred around inside it, before Devan was taken by surprise. Small blood stains were on the inside, as well as scratches from a weapon. The figure placed a hand on his shoulder, laughing. This time...this time they would be victorious!


"Sir! We've been overrun by monsters! They've broken through the defense systems!" a young officer yelled.

"...Our weapons aren't enough to stop them...Captian! We're....oh god! They've killed...Aaaaaaargggghhhhh!!!"

Nothing but gun-shots and screaming could be heard. Buildings were quickly turned to rubble, as soldiers valiantly tried to stand up against the invanders, it was usless. It was only a matter of minutes, that the city was annihlated. Something in the ruins seemed to catch on of Devan's warriors eye. A long silver and red piece of metal seemed to sparkle. A small voice seemed to call out to him...

"...I am...a piece...of my you rewarded..." the voice whispered.

Taking the metal, he marched back to thier base. Perhaps something with this thing could be useful...


Chapter 3: Two Sides, one body. (L)

Night had fallen on Earth. While Norn and Sugar were attending to things around HQ, Joshua sat in the center of the base...standing there with a glazed look in his eyes. Images of buildings burning...explosions causing rubble to fly everywhere...the screams of people...being silenced as thier death swiftly followed. Blood seemed to flow everywhere, like it was forming a massive sea. People were drowning...

"Ngh....Aughhhhhh!!!" Joshua yelled.

His eyes flashed red, before he fell to the floor, shaking. Something was wrong. He quickly pushed away the pain and focused on the portal. Something seemed to be approaching...whatever it was...he stood near the door, a small laser blaster in his hand. Sure, he wasn't good at fire-arms, but he hoped it wouldn't come to it. The portal began to swirl, the energy exploded in a flash of light, before another figure fell to the floor. She was about the same height as Joshua, only with two demonic wings, a black outfit with a red top and blue sky blue hair.

"Great...I just hope it's...oh...not again...I hope they aren't hurt too badly...I better get them somewhere safe." Joshua sighed.

Gently picking up the new figure, he managed to get to the medical bay, before he found two red eyes watching him. He put the newcomer down and backed away slowly. This wasn't going to end well...

"You go and run off somewhere without me?! You're supposed to protect me, right?! I can't believe you! I don't know why I even bothered to come looking for you! Why do again!"

A bright flash of light occured, before Joshua stood there, slightly surprised at the girl's transformation. She now had a halo on her head, as well as two angelic wings.

"I...I'm so sorry! She didn't mean to yell at you! She was worried about you when you vanished. I was worried too. But I'm glad your..." the voice smiled, before she vanished, the first girl re-appearing.

"She's lying again! I didn't even want to come to find you! You've always put me through the worst..." she started.

Joshua sighed deeply, before looking up.

"...I'm sorry...Okay? I'm sorry I had to leave without you, Dinah. I had to none of you would get in danger. You seemed to haven't changed a bit. You're still the arrogant girl who I always argued with!" Joshua explained.

Dinah looked surprised, before she got angry again and grabbed Joshua's wrist.

"Oh, yeah?! And you're the pain in the neck master I wish I never had! Why can't you just die, so I can go back to my own life?! I hate you! I really...NO! GO AWAY!"

Another tranformation.

"...Ugh...She's really mad at me, huh? I guess I can't blame her. She always wanted to go back living her old life. Are you angry with me too? I know I made you worry...and...I'm sorry that I left you behind...even though you're nicer, I still like you both." Joshua sighed.

"Master Joshua...She's just not happy with me being here. Since you left...I've always been nagging her to help find you. I missed you so much..." Angel Dinah smiled.


Before Joshua had a chance to say something else, the Devil Dinah came back, going red, before looking at Joshua angrily.

"You're such a pain! I can't believe you like him after all this time!" Devil Dinah yelled.

>...You shouldn't be so mean...He cares for both of us. Ask him yourself.< Angel Dinah replied.

"No! I'm leaving! I'm going to get some Mana, then go home!"

Joshua watched her storm out of the room, before he started laugh silently to himself. It was good to see Dinah again. Even though he had two Guardian Beasts, each was restriced to thier own world, unable to enter thier counter-parts. Both Sugar and Angel Dinah could be seen having a small disagreement over Joshua, but he'd learnt to run quickly when he tried to get them to calm down.


"Earth looks so cool with all the lights on at night, meow! It's so pretty!" Norn grinned.

The main city stood tall and radiant, the dazzling display of color flickered into the night, while it was reflected in the tranquil ocean below. It had been three days since Joshua had arrived on Earth, things seemed normal...but something seemed wrong. The dark prescene on the planet was getting stronger...a sudden surge occured last night. He sat alone on the sand of the beach, watching the waves and thinking.

"I don't understand...It feels like everything is going all over the place. Nothing is making sense, and it's giving me a headache. Maybe I should go back to bed...It's getting late..." Joshua sighed, slowly getting to his feet.

"Great, I try to find somewhere to rest, and there he is, just sitting there! You have to be so annoying, don't you?!" Devil Dinah groaned.

Joshua got up, preparing to leave.

"Are you sure you'll be okay? I don't want you getting attacked. Some monsters could be nearby, you know. I'll stay here. After all, I promised to protect you, right?" Joshua laughed.

"Augh! Why do you have to be so persistant?! I don't need you to look after me! I'm quite capable of that! You're probably no stronger than when you left. You were always a lousy person to guard me! You always had to find those darn swords...never thinking of what I wanted to do! You...You....ARGH!" Devil Dinah yelled.

"...I'm so sorry, Master Joshua! I know she's still mad...but...I still believe you had your reasons..."

"Dinah...You don't need to call me Master. We're equals. I would have never gotten far without both of your help..." Joshua smiled.

Joshua began to look back out at the ocean. It was peaceful...but something seemed wrong....why did he have those visions...? Was a sign of what was to come? Or what had already happened. Looking back at Dinah, he was looking at her, she seemed to be going red.

"You really mean it? Ummm...What about...showing me your gratitude...?"Angel Dinah stammered

"Hm? I don't get mean...uh...I mean...what about the other side of you? Won't she try to..." Joshua started.

Dinah looked at Joshua, smiling.

"...Nope. She doesn't even want to come back for a while. She is still angry...but...not as much as Pretty please?" Angel Dinah asked sweetly.

"All right...I owe you more than that. You've saved my life quite a few times too, you know! Tell the other Dinah that when she comes back."

"...You're too kind..."
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Chapter 3 (L) cont.

Joshua went red at this comment, before he gently held Dinah's hands. Both of thier faces went red. Looking at her face and sparkling eyes, he slowly moved towards her, before he hugged her, before gently kissing her on the cheek.

"...Come on. Let's get back to HQ before something else happens. The last thing we need is...

"Joshua? Don't....Don't leave me alone..." Dinah whispered.

"I promise, okay? I'll look after you. doing anything tomorrow night?"

I need...sleep...
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He...llo? Anyone here? Anyone like this? Anyone hate this? Anyone even going to say something about this?! GAAAAAHHHHH!!!



*huddles in corner, into a small ball*

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Chapter 3: A Piece of The Project. (D)

Day had finally arrived. As the sun dawned over the cities near the realm of darkness, there was nothing. Only the sight of buildings that had been burnt to the ground, explosions still occuring quite frequently, Devan's troops pushed on, killing anything that got in thier way. Of course, something wasn't going to stand to that...the ground underneath the army split open, before a large metallic robot overshadowed them, firing swift round of plasma fire. The army retreated, until a small turtle walked forward, spectacles shining, before he looked up at his opponent.

"You have gone far enough! Surrender! We don't wish to end this in violence!" the soliders yelled from the robot.

Devan calmly adjusted his glasses, before his eyes turned red. A huge wave of fire appeared from nowhere, washing over the city. Buildings and people that hadn't been destroyed were instantly annihlated whent they came into contact with the hell-fire. The robot seemed to stagger back, before unleashing a barrage of laser fire. Simply by moving his hand, Devan managed to disipate the blast.

"Poor fools. Perhaps you don't understand...I am Devan Shell. The most powerful being on this planet! Witness...your destruction!" Devan threatened.

A small part of his shell flashed red, before everything whited out...a few seconds later, nothing was left except the few pieces of scrap metal and bleeding human flesh. Devan lowered his arms, before smiling. The metal object his soldiers found proved to be quite useful...but that was not where the power origniated from. Returning back to the Dark Realm, he handed the piece of metal to the Figure, who placed it in the tank.

Dark bolts of energy crackled everywhere, causing the moniters to go crazy. More blood began to lap against the glass, before all was calm again. The piece of metal seemed to be the ony thing visible. Although, a small part of a staff was hidden from view.

" the source...of our power...once we collect...the remainder...of the will end..." The Figure rasped.

Devan looked with a small bit of surprise at the tank, before he angrily growled at the figure.

"If that was the best Earth has to offer, I doubt it will sate my blood-lust...Perhaps...Perhaps I have just the thing...If we could..." Devan suggested.

The Figure listened patiently, crossing his arms, before slowly nodding in agreement. He led Devan to another room. A large portal took up the entire room. On the other side, demonic cries and growls of anguish could be heard. Devan rubbed his hands together, before he stepped inside. Around him, he noticed that Hell hadn't changed much at all. His minions were still there, saluting. Ghouls of the (-)ed floated by, begging for release.

"You cannot escape from the depths of Hell. I rule all in this domain...and none leave! My army grows here...absorbing the power from you weaklings...creating what you see before you. Loyal servants, thier only desire to cause blood-shed. Now...Blisy! Bubba! Bolly! Rally your legions. It shan't be long...before this prison is gone...the planet will be ours!" Devan laughed

>I'm surprised the hero hasn't come yet...if he manages to call that blasted jackrabbit here, we could be in trouble...It doesn't matter. All of them at...wherever they are hiding, can't stop me now!<

The Figure looked outside at his dark domain. Soon...all of this would be his...

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Chapter 4: Blazin' Blasters! (L)

Morning had finally come, as everyone awoke, Joshua was sitting in front of the portal all night. Sleep had not come to him, his eyes were tired and blood-shot. Ever-increasing visions of destruction kept flashing before his eyes, screams of terror crying for help. Joshua couldn't shake them from his head. For the entire morning, he sat there, unfazed as his vision became nothing but death. The Darkness was clouding his sight...where was this happening?!

Television reports announced that two whole cities had been obliterated during the night by some unknown threat. Laughter and flame erupted around him as he tried in vain to shake it all from his head. Noticing the portal had enough power for another warp, he set the coordinates to Carrotus. Electrical energy flew everywhere, before the vortex began to form, the figure materialize, before the portal closed.

"...Nice to see you again, Jazz. Seems you haven't changed since I last saw you." Joshua said without emotion.

Jazz looked around, the surroundings somewhat unusual. It took him a few seconds to realise that he was in Joshua's dimension. He placed his blaster in his backpack and shook Joshua's hand.

"Anything to say about Devan and his army?" Joshua asked.

"There's no sign of him on any of the planets within our sector. I guess he's retreated to some asteriod...or some other base..." Jazz sighed.

Joshua at Jazz, his face covered with worry and anger. If there wasn't any sign of Devan in the Video Dimension...then...the only possible place he could be...was Earth...Letting out an angry yell of frustration, he hit the wall with his fist, causing it to make a large dent, crack and cause his knuckles to bleed.

"Great...This isn't getting any better...With him here...the army he has following him would be able to flatten most of the cities nearby...perhaps...Ngh...Aaaaarrrrghhhh!!!" Joshua yelled


Everything went black. Reptiles swept through those cities, striking down the human inhabitents...capturing any pets they could use to mutate into one of thier own warriors. Burning fire...a large immense surge of darkness, before everything erupted into flame. Explosions erupted around the army, giving them a hellish look, as they marched off, leaving the city in ruins...

"Ugh....Aaaaaagh! MORE!!!" Joshua yelled, thrusting his arms out to the side.

Two huge blades of energy cut through the floor, leaving deep gashes. He fell to the floor, tired. It wasn't right! This...This couldn't happen now!

"J...Jazz...Go...go to the location...on this map...Survery it...and look for surviors...I...I can't...I can't..." Joshua groaned, handing Jazz a map.

It seemed fairly damaged, but readable. Jazz nodded in response, before he raced off out of the HQ, blaster charged. Joshua remained motionless, unable to move...hardly able to breathe...all of the energy seemed to have left him. He tried to someway. He didn't care....even if he had to crawl. Mustering enough strength to use the Force to activate a lever, his body collapsed...


A green blur of speed made it's way through it's unfamiliar surroundings, glancing down at the map a few times to make sure of the direction. It only took a few miniutes to reach the destination at his speed. Below was nothing but ruins, just like in Joshua's vision. Racing down to the ground, making his way to the center of the city, nothing could be found. Pieces of scrap metal were here and there, but nothing helpful.

He called out a few times, waiting for a response, only to have his voice echo back to him. Something made him twitch a little. Slowy reaching for his blaster, he quickly turned and fired, unleashing a wave of laser fire. The unfortuante turtle who got caught in the attack was vaporized instantly. Jazz carefully approached, studying the shell.

"Yep. A troop of Devan. My wager is he'd be hiding somewhere nearby...I better watch my back." Jazz warned himself.

Slowly walking through the ruins, taking down anything that was one of Devan's troops, something more dangerous seemed to draw closer. He stepped cautiously forward, finding a huge hole that had been blasted open. A small beeping sound could be heard, before Jazz ran in the opposite direction. Missiles flew straight where he was standing before, blasting the ground into oblivion. A large machine, which bore some resemblance to Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic hovered in front of his. A huge eye-ball was in the cockpit, unblinking, while a huge flail swung slowly towards him.

[Target Located. Proceeding to GOTO 210]

[GOTO 210: Intruder Indentified: Subject name: Jazz Jackrabbit. Reciving orders...Proceeding to GOTO 320]

[GOTO 320: Objective finalized. Target is to be terminated. Destroy by any means...]

(Note: I'm suprised no-one's put that in a level with Bolly in it...)

Jazz was slightly amused at his foe's slight intellectual increase, he kept a smug grin on his face, recalling that it was only a huge piece of metal. He leapt into the air, before he stomped straight down at the cockpit. Unexpectedly, a huge wave of energy was generated across the veil of glass, causing many volts of electricity to race through his body, throwing him back.

"Ow...So...Ol' Shell Beak's made Bolly a bit stronger huh? No matter! Never underestimate the power of a rabbit with a gun!" Jazz yelled.

Between the waves of missiles, Jazz managed to fire a formidable assult of laser fire. The robot began to spark a little, but only a few cracks could be seen. More damage was going to have to be done if it was going to be stopped....

The chain had been shortened, making it less of a threat. The missiles still managed to be fired at a rapid rate, some actually reaching thier intended target. Things didn't look all that promising...

[Foe is Weakened...Preparing Eye Laser...Confiriming Target...]

Jazz realised this was his last chance. Quickly charging up his gun, he leapt into the air and fired a powerful round of laser fire, causing the glass covering Bolly's eye shatter into pieces. The remainder of the lasers collided with the eye, causing it to grow blood-shot, then shrivel up and vanish into nothingness. The machine no longer piloted fell to the ground, before exploding.

[ repair...damage...GOTO FINAL...]

[GOTO FINAL: Program...Terminate...ed...]

Jazz wiped away the small beads of sweat, before dusting of his fur. It seemed that Devan had been getting stronger...a potential threat it seemed. Unable to do anything else, he raced back to Gaming Force HQ...
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Chapter 5 (cont)

Back at Gaming Force HQ...

Joshua was lying in his bed, his body slowly regaining it's strength, the energy of the Gameboy Crystals seemed to be sufficent, but he would be unable to do much on his own until he recovered. Something had caused his body's energy to be drained by the crystals, making Joshua think in his mind...

>I wasn't expecting...all this to happen...I thought the blood-spilling and death would stop...but it's getting worse...< Joshua groaned.

>You can't give up. If you don't get up soon, I'll get even more worried about you! You've made your wife worry enough!< Sugar's voice broke through his thoughts.

Joshua felt a surge of power from the Crystals. Not enough to get him able to would take a few hours...a day at the most. Forcing his body to open his eyes, he saw everyone looking down at him, Sugar with a worried look, Norn was cheering happily, while Devil Dinah sipmly watched with a straight face. Jazz was walking into the room, handing Joshua back the map.

"...You found...something...?" Joshua coughed.

Jazz hesitated, before nodding.

"Yeah...Devan's army IS here. I ran into a few of his well as a more powerful Bolly. I almost got roasted. They're getting stronger. We might need more aid...otherwise, we might not have a large chance of success." Jazz reported.

Joshua got to his feet, before falling to his knees. Sugar rushed to his side, to help him up. Pain seemed to slowly creep around his body...the energy from the Crystals was still getting used to Joshua's DNA. That might have been the reason with the visions and lack of strength. With some assisstance from Sugar, he managed to walk by himself.

"It's getting late...We should all get some rest..." Joshua suggested.

Everyone nodded in agreement. As everyone left his room, Sugar looked back at him, a worried look on her face, before closing the door. It was a few hours later...


"I...I've gotta be stronger...I have to push my I can get used to the power..." Joshua groaned.

He dashed towards a rock, before he put a lot of energy into his swords, then slashed clean through it. He lunged at next one, easily shattering it to pieces, before he flipped forwards in the air, then brought his swords down, causing the ground underneath the final rock to be split slightly. He placed his sword in the ground, leaning on it for support. His forehead was covered with sweat, his breathing was quick and short.

"Not...strong enough...yet...Haaaaaaaghhhh!!!" Joshua yelled, before slashed both his swords forward, creating a blade of energy that cut through the sand. He fell to his knees, barely able to keep upright.

"What are you doing here?! Shouldn't you be resting? You're still not well enough yet!" Sugar complained from above him.

She floated down to Joshua, helping him to his feet. She looked at him sternly.

"You have to rest! You can't keep pushing yourself! If you..."

Joshua managed to get out of Sugar's helping hold, before he looked at her angrily. He kneeled on the ground, again, but was coughing quietly with the occasionaly spot of blood. His body seemed to shudder from the cold as it began to sink into his bones.

"Joshua...You can't just expect to keep that up. You'll only hurt yourself further...please...stop..." Sugar pleaded.

Joshua pushed the warning from Sugar aside, took his focus on the final target, before he raced up to it, putting all his remaining strength into the final blow. The rock exploded into pieces, while Joshua laughed for a few seconds, before feeling a sharp pain in his chest. He fell on the sand, coughing up more blood.

"That's ENOUGH! I won't let you do anymore! If you try...I'll have to stand in your way. This isn't healthy. I care about you. If you let yourself die here, what am I going to do without you? I'd...I'd be all alone..." Sugar stammered, her eyes filling up with tears.

Forcing himself to his feet, fueled by pure will, he looked at Sugar with a small smile.

"Hey...Don't cry...I'll...I'll have a rest...Okay? Just promise me you won't cry..."

"But...I'm worried about you...It's only natural for a wife to worry about her husband's health and well being. If your going to train, let me help you. Just share some of your burden with me...I just want to help you in whatever way I can." Sugar sobbed.

Joshua looked down at his shirt, stained with his blood, grimacing at the thought he had been foolish and made Sugar worry, he placed his swords back in thier sheaths, before stumbling forward. Sugar raced to catch him, causing them both to fall on the sandy beach. Joshua laughed softly, a smile on his face. The clouds in the sky began to part, revealing the stars sparkling down on them.

"Thanks for...caring so much...Sugar...We may married...but maybe...we will day..." Joshua coughed.


Joshua found himself wrapped in Sugar's arms, crying softly. He held her close, keeping them both warm. She looked up Joshua's calm and caring face before she gently kissed him on the lips, before she continued to hold him tight, never wanting to let him go...she fell asleep, nuzzling gently against him, before Joshua carried her home, wrapped a bandage around his leg before he went to the medical bay.

"...I'm have to" Joshua groaned.

A switch came down next to him. He pressed it, making a large, transparent tube slide down over him. Using the Force to activate the series of buttons, he removed his shirt and cap, before putting them outside the tank. A torrent of liqud poured down from the roof, slowly filling up the tank. His bare chest had quite a few bad gashes on them, as well as his right arm, which seemed to have suffered a serious amount of strain.

"It should only be...a few hours..." Joshua sighed.

The blue see-through liquid had reached above his waist. He slightly flinched when it touched his bare skin, but slowly made his body relax, before he closed his eyes, immersing himself in the now full tank. The injuries he had sustained seemed to glow after a few minutes the liquid had been introduced. Something stirred inside his mind...
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Heck...Should I even bother to keep posting? I'm getting nothing here...Might as well cut out the 'Include Users Characters' part.

If things turn to worse, I might as well delete this topic. I haven't had much...if any feedback on my story(s)...

Meh...Might as well do something...I don't know...Aha!

*draws random object*

A rock...Great....Oh well...

-Darkness lurks anywhere in our world. It even exists in the most bravest and honest of men...Nothing is safe from the dark...It grows...consumes...corrupts...All things return to nothingness...

A hero the form of a rock. It proceeds to save the world...only to be smashed into pebbles with a giant hammer...Thus ends that tale...Of course...that wasn't exactly...good. Oh well...-

Joshua draws his swords...hoping to save his planet from certain...DOOM!

*DOOM music plays, immediently followed with random demons and other creatures from heck running past*

Joshua: *raises a ? flag*

*gets hit with rocket*

Yay for randomness! Hooray! Yes!

*looks at Joshua*

Oops...*casts Full-Life*

Okay...If it isn't Joshua...that is wrong with the story...then what is?! A lack of demonic creatures?! Not enough fights?! WHAT'S WRONG WITH IT?!

Answer me! Or I'll shot something!

*draws gun, shoots at rock...BANG! Flag comes out*

Ugh...I need...more....caffiene! COFFEEEEEEEE!!! I NEED COFFEEE!!!

Joshua: O_O
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Actually, the WT is a fairly inactive place. Majority of stories, even those by truly respected authors, tend to go unnoticed. This is the most active it's been in years.
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I don't get ANYTHING in this story, heck,

...The only thing i liked was the coffee Frenzy bit.

Sorry, but I don't understand.
Guess what? I'm Back.

I Don't care about caring.
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Mm? Don't understand it? Odd.

Try reading the Dimension In Darkness Topic. That should be up to speed. If your still confused, note that chapters with (L) refer to the Hero Side of the story, while (D) refers to the Dark Side.

Simple, really.

I'll let Jazz die later. He BARELY survives the explosion Bolly makes, otherwise I'd have to post 3 versions. One with Jazz alive, One with him dead, and the Dark Side...Sheesh...

Holidays end in one week...Dang it!
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Nice icon, jwren!!
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Thanks...I think. It does kinda suck though. I can't draw well with 'Paint'...Anyways...ON WITH THE STORY!!



Chapter 5: Death to the Jackrabbit!! (D)

The Figure patiently looked out of his inner sanctum. His eyes seemed to burn with fire, as well as the remains of the cities that were around them...the scent of decay...of flesh burning...of people...DYING! His eyes burned brighter, before he unleashed his rage on the nearest of his own servants. The poor fool was quickly ablaze in hellish fire, in a few seconds, there was nothing but ash left. The remainder of his servants trembled with fear before leaving the room with great haste.

"Master Devan! An intruder has been detected in the vicinity of the city we destroyed last night! Shall we intercept?" a commander requested.

Devan kept his back to the commander, a remote in his left hand. With a single push of a button, the whole planet seemed to shake violently. Something rose from the depths of the Earth, molten rock slowly vanished, a large robot resembling Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic could be seen. It's large, pulsating eye scanned the ruins...

[Progran Initiated...Scanning...Complete...GOTO 20...]

[GOTO 20...Individual life form detected. Life signs are vital...accessing data...Data found...GOTO 35...]

[GOTO 35...Green Jackrabbit located...speciman known as Jazz Jackrabbit...Objective...Destroy...]

Devan sensed his foe's arrival, before he chuckled softly.

"That rabbit doesn't have a chance against Bolly...Version 4.9! After this is over, we'll be having roasted rabbit for a banquet! That blasted Joshua must have managed to bring him to us...To his death!" Devan laughed, rubbing his hands together.

Jazz cautiously approached the center of the ruins. He wasn't all surprised at Bolly floating in the middle of it all, it's single, blood-shot eye stared at him, unblinking...even though it was a still felt a great amount of hatred towards Jazz. His many defeats would end here...and Jazz's death would bring him glory!

"So, ol' Devan decided to give you a tune up, huh? Does he ever learn? There's no way a giant tin can will be able to stop me! This will only take a few seconds...then you'll be scrap metal!" Jazz confindently laughed.

Bolly quickly locked on Jazz, unleashing a barrage of missiles. The effect was minimum. They flew right past him, exploding in the flames further behind him. Letting out a frustrated digital cry, it zoomed forward, it's flails hoping to impale Jazz. But our hero was too nimble, leapt into the air and stomped down on his foe weak spot. The glass screen began to crack, but it was only a small scratch at most.

[Error...Target showing increase of power...Activating defense systems...ELETRICAL STORM!]

Bolly's system suffered a temporary overload, causing many volts of energy to be flung through the air, many of them collided into Jazz's body, the result was for Jazz to be flung into air, before crashing into the ground, leaving a large crater underneath. A loud series of cracking sounds could be heard. It seemed some of the bones in Jazz's body had been broken, making him limp slowly, doing his best to dodge Bolly's unrelenting onslaught.

[Enemy Weakening...Begin countdown...5...4....3...]

"H...Huh?" Jazz stammered.


A huge explosion could be seen from the distant Realm of Darkness. Devan smiled wickedly, before laughing madly. At last, his greatest...a loud series of bleeps echoed through the life scanners. It seemed the celebrations would have to wait. That blasted Jackrabbit must have survived...and was going to make it back to Gaming Force HQ. Everything around Devan became a haze of red, before his glasses shattered to pieces, his shell sprouting two demonic wings...
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Chapter 6: Behind the Glass. (L)

Morning had come, the sun shining brightly over Gaming Force HQ. Jazz had been beaten up since his previous battle with Bolly, trying to get some rest. The final attack almost claimed his life. Whatever was left in the ruins would have been destroyed now. A few scars were on his arms and legs, his fur was stained red with his blood, some of his wounds still bled slowly, but they would heal in a matter of hours.

Norn happily walked down to the kitchen, starting up the grill, grabbing a few cooking tools, as well as some fish and began to cook. The scent seemed to drift down the corridor. At first, it began to smell weird, before it took on a more delicious and appetizing scent. Adding a few herbs and spices, the dish was almost complete...until Norn accidently added some hot-sauce to the dish, totally unaware of it.

She laid the plates on the table. Sugar was already sitting thier, curious at the scent of this dish, but patiently waited until the others came. Dinah angrily stormed in the room, unhappy that she had been woken up by her 'better half'. Kicking her chair, she sat down, looking at the dish. It seemed normal enough. She began to wonder if it was worth getting out of bed...

After waiting for about a quarter of an hour, Norn decided to go find Jazz and Joshua. She found Jazz still unconcious, beaten up badly, but fine. There was no sign of Joshua anywhere. He wasn't in his room...or with the portal...She decided to head to the medical bay. Surprisingly, the door was sealed shut. Giving it a few whacks with her staff, the door slid open, revealing the room. It seemed alright. Everything was in place...except the giant tube that was in the middle of the room.

"Meow? I haven't seen that before..."

Norn cautiously approached the tank, her staff close to her hand. A terminal displayed that someone was in there...and was alive. The signs were above normal. She looked at the tank again before a small alarm began to ring through the entire base. Glancing back at the screen, the signs of life seemed to be dropping, rapidly! She rushed outside the room, hoping to find someone who knew how to use the technology.

"Meow!! Something's wrong in the Medical Bay! Someone's dying! Meow!"

At this, everyone in the kitchen, she and Sugar raced back to the giant tank. Dinah reluctantly followed them. The large tube seemed to be alright, but the life display continued to decline. No way could be seen to open it.

"We've got to open it! Otherwise the subject will die!" Sugar yelled.

"But...won't that kill it? Meow? What will we do?" Norn retorted.

Dinah glared at both of them, before she kicked the tube. Small cracks began to form, liquid slowly leaking out before the glass burst into fragments. The entire contents of the tube were washed over the floor. The odd liquid quickly vanished, before revealing the subject. Joshua. His skin had gone to a very pale white, his eyes were closed. His hair was all wet and shadowed most of his face. His bare chest seemed to pulsate. As if something was trying to get out.

"Joshua! Are you alright?! Speak to me!" Norn yelled.

Nothing. Joshua remained motionless on the white floor. While Sugar and Norn attempted to revive him...Joshua was in the dark again...Dinah changed into her Angel side, placing a hand on Joshua's head.

>Hmmm...My own dimension again...Something important must have brought me here...<

A large screen came to life in front of him, the image seemed to be in a shade of green...

*Flash Back*

>My own...two hands...My body is still my own...I can still breath...I can move...I can't...break free...< Joshua's voice echoed.

The image zoomed out, revealing Joshua in a status capsule. His body was hooked up to many wires, his DNA and body data was being recorded. Every twenty seconds, a large eletrical burst pulsed through Joshua, making sure he was still alive. The computers continued to probe the depths of his mind...unlocking his secrets...what and who he was...He floated there helpless, unable to do anything.

This made him angry. Both then and now. He continued to watch. A scientist examined his body closly. Joshua seemed to only have a set of shorts, while the rest of his body was exposed. The green liquid continued to swirl around, changing colors as other chemicals were added to the mix. His eyes seemed to open, before they opened up widely, the color of his eyes was red. Many of the cables deattached from his body. The capsule began to shake violently.

The scientist called for assistance, about five of them stood before Joshua's now moving body, examining it like it was some sort of monster. Many of them were attempting to reprogram the system, adding more powerful chemicals to slow Joshua's body from moving. Large cracks began to form before Joshua's eyes, his hands punched through the solid glass, sending shards flying everywhere. Tearing off the cords attached to his body, he let out an odd chant, charged at the nearest scientist.

"P-Please! L-Let me go! We...Aaaaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!"

The scientist felt a sharp pain in his chest, Joshua's arm had pierced straight through it. Blood trickled down the white coat, staining it. The excess blood remained on Joshua's arm, boiling furiously. In his clenched hand was a human heart. He looked at it with a amused smile, before throwing it into the face of the now dead scientist. The others grabbed laser rifles, hoping to terminate Joshua. It seemed he had been too dangerous to study...and this was ineventible.

"Shoot to kill! We can still get the data we need from his corpse!" The lead scientist ordered.

A stream of laser fire hurtled across the lab, shattering many vials and beakers, thier contents spilling over the white tiled floor. No matter how hard they tried, they continued to flee. One tripped over, looking behind him in fear, Joshua approached, grabbing him by the throat.

"How...pitiful..." Past Joshua grunted.

With a simple twist, the scientist's neck snapped. His limp body hung in Joshua's hand, before he flung it into a nearby wall. A sickening crunch could be heard, the remainder of his bones being broken. A trail of blood slid down the wall, as he continued his chase. Only three left. He slowly proceeded up the nearby stairs, lasers firing at him, only to bounce off his flesh into the walls. They fell back, startled, before they ran.

"Haaargh!" Past Joshua groaned.

A huge wall of stone jutted through the floor, blocking all escape. One trembled in fear near the stairs, his face going white as Joshua approached. He grabbed his arm, span around before letting him go. His body fell down the long cases of stairs, before it lay in a pathetic heap at the bottom. His eyes burned brightly, his revenge was almost complete...The remaining two scientists ran off into different rooms. The door slammed shut. Locked.

The second-in-command sighed with relief, before he realised his error. Around him were many cages. The last couple of mishaps must have caused them to open. He fell to his knees, shaking with fear as the deformed creatures made thier way towards him. Screams of terror and delight could be heard from the other side. A few moments later, a headless corpse was flung into the door, knocking it down.

The creatures looked at Joshua, seeing his sinister appearance, they backed down in fear, retreating back to thier prisons. He opened the cages and showed them the stairs. Letting out a series of shrieks. (Probably gratitude) The monsters made thier escape. Only one fool remained...

Joshua tore the last door off it's hinges, finding nothing but a dark and empty room. A warm series of blasts hit his chest, only to bounce off. They crashed into the beakers around him, creating a wall of flame. The leader stepped out towards Joshua, his face lit up in a hellish glare.

"So...It's come to this...Hahaha...I suppose we'll see if you are capable of what the legends described...Hah!" The leader laughed

The scientist drew two swords. Their glow seemed to remind Joshua of something...he stared for a few seconds...Those were HIS swords! The fool thought HE could wield them?! Joshua let out a laugh before he thrust his hand forward. The scientist fell back, and the swords returned to Joshua's hands. The fool still fired laser shots, only to have them blocked.

Joshua walked up to the fallen foe.

"Kill...huh? I' you!" Past Joshua yelled!

Joshua twirled his swords, before the wall of flame burned stronger. It blocked most of the present Joshua's view. Only the shadows could be seen. His own swords sliced through the foe's body so many times. Blood was sent everywhere, it sizzled on the flames, before Joshua picked up the lifeless body, stabbed it with his swords, before pulling them apart. Body parts flew everywhere.

"N...No...T..That's me...?!" Joshua gasped.

The image of his past self flashed before his eyes, before he felt the sharp sting of metal cut through his chest. He looked up to see the past him...his swords pierced through his heart. Joshua stumbled back, before he fell into the Dark Abyss behind him. Demonic laughter could be heard as he fell.

"No...NOOOOO!!!" Joshua yelled, sitting upright, startling everyone.

They all stared at him with a strange look, Angel Dinah however had a look of concern. Joshua looked down at his hands...were they covered with blood? Did...Did he kill other people before...? Who were...trying to help him...? Or kill him?

"Joshua! What's wrong? You look pale. Just..."

Joshua shook his head slowly.

"No...No...S-Stay away! You...You can't come near me!" Joshua yelled, stepping away from his friends.

"You just had a bad dream! Relax! We're going to..."

Joshua looked at the shattered pieces of glass on the floor, before running out of the room in fear.
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Chapter 6: Behind the Glass (D)

>I know who I am...And I know what I shall become. It shall begin...when it all ends. I am what there ever was...all there ever will be. I exist not only in those of Darkness, but those of Light. I gain strength from thier fear. I spill thier blood. I yearn to let it stain the Earth, corrupting it...make it rot...see it die. The prey I seek is easily in my grasp. But until I can regain my former power, I will bide my time here. All who hear my name do not yet understand...why do they persist on making thier home one filled with peace and harmony? All this planet needs is the shroud of darkness holding it in it's grasp...Heh heh heh...My weapon will shatter through souls, boil my foes blood...consume their corpses...all exists to give me dominate all...<

Silence. Blood washes around the tank, staining the glass. An arm...a leg...both drop down towards the bottom...swirling liquid...the amount of blood splashing against the screen. A small twitch in the fingers...the hands begin to move...eyes remain shut.

"The project is continuing as planned. Only a few pieces remain. A problem remains...however..." a scientist stammered.

"What?! Is there something that threats our plan?! Are you saying that we are doomed to failure?!" The Figure boomed, his raspy voice gone.

The scientist swallowed hard before shaking with fear.

"I-It's that a that we's held by the enemy, sir!"

"...Blast that boy...if he holds...the missing piece...of the puzzle..." The Figure groaned.

The scientist coughed, gently pulling on the Figure's cape.

"H-However...We may be able to modify it...A few changes...the possiblity of success is still quite high. Our performance may even be greater than expected. We may need a little bit more time...but we should be able to..."

"You have two days to come up with a replacment. Otherwise...we'll use YOURS. Do I...make myself clear..." The Figure rasped.

The scientist nodded before running off. The Figure and Devan looked at the progress of thier project. All seemed well. Signs of life could be detected, even though the essential parts were missing. Nothing could go wrong now. That boy...would be too afraid to come. His nightmares seemed to have terroized him. Even though...they weren't his. The memories...belong to another.

" managed to alter Joshua' make him believe those false memories...? Excellent work Devan. The plan you devised should buy us some time to search. Neither of the two who stand a threat can fight, leaving our next target wide open...Our next location to search shall be...There. At Opal Harrbor. A great force of evil energy is there...I can feel it...Stay. I will attend to this one with my own hands." The Figure rasped.

Devan bowed with respect and gratitude, before stepping back into the shadows. This could be promising. With thier leader gone...Devan could easily conquer the Figure's minons. But he was too smart for that. He knew all too well about his power. Deciding to head to the center of the base, he found in another tube, a villain hated by Jazz fans everywhere. Not because of his power or toughness, but from sheer annoyance. The green shell...the pink inner body...millions of tentacles. But like Bolly, he too had gone under changes.

"You shall be known as Crustaceon Chaos.'s what you will do..." Devan said, typing in the code to release his minion...
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Chapter 7: Unexpected Discovery and Uneasy Confessions. (L)

Everyone was standing outside Joshua's room, trying to talk to him. What fools they were...attempting to call out to someone who wasn't there. No, he had decided to go elsewhere, none would think of searching for him there...Heh...No-one even knew where the place was. It was only a short amount of time before he had made it to his destination. A huge, broken down town stood before him. Exactly the way he remembered it.

"It's like I never left..." Joshua sighed to himself.

Some of the old, burnt buildings had began to creak silently in the afternoon wind, giving Joshua the impression that he wasn't alone. He shook the thought from his mind before he pressed on. The stone path echoed his footsteps through the town, none heard it though. Totally signs of live since he left...

"That was so many years ago..." Joshua smiled.

>Heh. I didn't want to see this place again...and I'm acting all relieved. I wonder if...<

A small hill stood in the center of town. At the peak seemed to be a single headstone. Joshua slowly walked up to it, before sitting down. The carvings were still visible, the touch of the headstone was warm. He smiled, tears streaming down his eyes as he read the description....

'Rachel Hart. 1991-2000. Died in the Disaster. A friend, always around...a young love.'

Joshua sat there, crying as he read the words. It was still there. The painful memories...A large graveyard was far beyond. Buried there...was all who died in The Disaster...and his mother. He clenched his fists tightly, got to his feet and walked down the hill. The orphanage 'stood' nearby. The floor was still burnt black, but something caught his eye. A trap door. Opening it cautiously, he stepped downwards into the shadows.

Everything was dark, but Joshua drew his sword, illuminating the chambers with light. It seemed many of the walls were stained with blood. It smelt like a massacre. The blood seemed to have dried many, many years ago. He progressed forward, loud cracks of glass shattering uinderneath his shoes. A corpse, it's body missing from the waist down had many deep gashes on his chest. Joshua stumbled back with shock.

"No...I can't let fear overtake me. I'm going to find...the...purpose of this place..." Joshua calmly sighed.

He moved on, placing the body nearby, hoping to bury it later. A huge wall of stone blocked his progress, but he hacked it down with his swords. It took a while, his injuries still stung his body. Moving on, he found another body, without a head. He found it lying nearby, a look of sheer terror on it's face. Two doors. One was locked, so Joshua decided to move on until he found a key...or something.

Many cages lined up against the walls of the rooms. Odd shaped bones scattered the floor, making Joshua regret moving on. A few containers of chemicals were nearby, as well as multpile injectors. This must have been...a torture lab...experimenting on...somethings...or someones...It was inhumane. He grew angry, but left the room. Why was all this happening down here? Was it...

He looked down. An old staircase. Well, there WAS an old staircase. When Joshua trod on the first step, it all crumbled beneath his feet. He leapt back, holding onto the edge. A small rodent, a rat raced over and looked down at him.


The rat lashed at Joshua with it's tail, causing Joshua to lose his grip. He fell, until there was a loud crash. It took a few minutes for him to regain conciousness, re-adjusting his things, before he painfully got to his feet. One last door stood in front of him. He slowly opened it. Nothing. A simple testing lab with a broken capsule in the corner. Joshua sighed with relief, only to activate something. A small crackle, before an image came to live.

"Hello? Ahem...If anyone is watching this...then our fears have been realised. The subject had managed to kill everyone in the facility. Storms and natural disasters were increased during his captivity, but worsened after his break-out. At least what we assume. We planned on developing something that the government wanted from us. A weapon. Something capable of killing human life without regrets..." the hologram spoke.

"Me...? I'm...a weapon?" Joshua asked himself.

"His DNA was supplied to us from an unknown source. Some say it was from a young boy. Of course, we managed to adjust it, creating a human shell. His body was the age of a fifteen year old, what was not expected was the difference between the images. The subject should've looke much different. We didn't mind. Our purpose was to create a weapon, nothing more. We added growth well as other medical treatments to increase his endurance, his physical strength and mental ablitiy. Some sort of Dark power seemed to be able to be used in a simulation..." The hologram continued.

Joshua looked down at his hands. Had they really been created from another...? Was he merely a copy?

"Our tests proved he would be stronger than the original. But would also feel a deep hatred towards him. He knows nothing but violence. Emotions are nothing to him. He laughs through the pleasure of the thought of killing others...According to this...he escaped...not too long ago...He'd be heading for me now. I have little time left...So, if the original is watching this, you have to stop him! You must...bzzzzzzzttttt...."

Joshua watched the hologram vanish, and a large tentacle retreating into the shadows. He followed it, only to find a large pool of water below him. He couldn't surface. Something was dragging him down. He looked and his mouth opened, bubbles escaping.


"Crustaceon Chaos...boy. You've learned too much....that scientist always talked...too much. No matter. I'll drown you here, Master Devan knew something would lure you here."

Joshua tried to pull free, his arms were quickly binded, as he was dragged down further. His body seemed to buckle as they went further down into the depths. Water got up his nose, causing him to cough. Using the Force, he managed to slash through a tentacle with his sword. Grabbing it, and cutting through the other one, he sliced off the one binding his legs.

>Air...I need...oxygen!<

His foe's blood floated in the water, before more tentacles grew, lashing out to grab Joshua. Around his waist, dragging him back down before placing him in front of his face. He grimmaced at the sight, before he felt himself being thrown in another direction. A large wall of stone...he crashed straight into it, his body knocked out from the impact. He floated to the surface.

"Escape...No. You cannot be found..."

Crustaceon Chaos reached out for Joshua, only to be repelled by a bright light. It shone around Joshua's body. His eyes slowly opened. His lungs almost bursting, he broke through the surface, inhaling large amounts of oxygen. It wasn't over yet. The foe emerged from the water, it's eyes glaring down at him. Joshua looked up, his body too tired and weak to move. He fell to his knees, before a large barrage of laser fire collided into Crustaceon Chaos, driving it back into the ocean.

"J...Jazz? Man...I'm glad to see you..." Joshua sighed, before passing out.
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Joshua awoke in the lounge room, in front of a warm fire. His body was shivering from the cold, his shirt was missing. He spotted it on the floor. Covered with a large blanket. He shivered from the cold, before sneezing. Norn walked over to him.

"Feeling better, Meow? You had us worried." Norn smiled.

Joshua coughed up a bit of water, a bit of blood, staining the blanket. He looked up at Norn with a ' I'm really sorry' look on his face. Why did he be so darn selfish and make the others worry? Norn hugged him tightly, being close to her seemed to make Joshua feel a bit better.

"You...You did this?" Joshua asked.

Norn nodded, pointing out that she had stayed until now, watching for any change. She had lit the fire, gave him the blanket...

"You didn't need to, Norn. I...I don't think I deserve everyone being kind to me. Uh...I feel dizzy..." Joshua groaned.

Norn sat down beside him, looking at him happily.

"It will stop soon, meow. I might as well get some sleep...Joshua...? I know...I know you aren't feeling all much better yet...but will you hold my hand until I fall asleep? I was scared that you could have gotten yourself hurt. I'll be up all I want you to be there to help me remember that your...still okay..." Norn asked.

Joshua gently grabbed her hand, looking up at her face. A smile on both thier faces, before found himself being dragged off the lounge. He hit the floor, making him open his mouth with surprise at how strong Norn had become.

"...S-Sorry...Come on! Let's go!" Norn smiled, running off to her room, dragging Joshua behind her.

Her room seemed to be quite...strange. From Joshua's point of view anyway. Norn placed her red cap on the wall, her long silver hair flowing down to her shoulders. The walls seemed to be painted pink, as well as the scent of candy which seemed to waft through the room. Everything was normal. A small table with a mirror, a closet...what seemed to be a very large pile of sweets.

"I'm getting hungry...I wish I'd eaten...well...I haven't had anything to eat since I've been here...Norn...Why are you acting like this? You're acting stranger than usual. Is something wrong? Did I say something that made upset or something...?"

Norn had already gotten into her bed, half asleep already. Joshua decided to sit down next her, hold her hand before looking at her. She smiled, before she went to sleep. It was few hours later, that Joshua found himself getting tired as well. He looked over at Norn, sleeping peacefully, a smile on her face.

"She looks kinda cute when she's sleeping...I better get...Huh?!" Joshua whispered.

He found his hand was still tight in Norn's grasp, before she pulled his arm. He fell onto the bed, before she wrapped her arms around him, nuzzling against him.


Joshua tried to squirm out of Norn's tight grasp, but she didn't let go. She was still fast asleep, thinking Joshua as a toy. Too tired to bother trying anymore, he yawned quietly, before wrapping his arms around Norn, his eyes closing.

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Chapter 7: Agression (D)

Devan's face was filled with rage as he looked at the recordings of the previous battle...his minion, Crustaceon Chaos had failed miserably. He had already given the order for his torture and brain upgrade. Strange groaning sounds could be heard throughout the tower, many of the servants trembled each time they heard a cry. The Figure was still absent, most likely waiting until midnight to strike at Opal Bay. It was a large trading port, where many came to see the glittering lakes and the shoreline, which shone brightly, as if Opals were in the water, hence the name.

"My incomptent followers are not making me pleased with thier efforts...That blasted Jackrabbit's already managed to survive BOTH encounters so far...and because of him, The Ultimate Gamer still draws breath! Augh...No matter...I've still got more than enough time...Blisy and Bubba still have to be released from Heck...Heh...I haven't even begun to show them my true power...It's somewhat pathetic, having minions who suck at killing those who stand in my way..." Devan laughed.


-Opal Bay-

Night had fallen over the tranquil port. Many of the citizens had already gone off to bed, others remained awake, fishing out on the ocean. Not only that, the entire sea seemed to shimmer with splender as midnight came. It's said, that if a couple sees a shooting star's relfection in the water, those two will be together for the rest of thier lives. But, we're here for another reason...The Figure had finally arrived, his black cloak blowing gently in the calm breeze.

"Oskaslisn...Otownokam...Konamta!! Phelandsa!!!" he chanted.

A huge series of black storm clouds began to gather over the city, the sparkling shores and lakes lost thier glow. The wind began to pick up, growing faster. However...someone was approaching. It was a few moments before The Figure found himself with a sword pointed at his back.

"Trying to kill more people, huh? I should've expected that. I'm not going to let you take anymore lives!"

The Figure raised his arms slowly, before turning around. His face was still shadowed by his robes, but his eyes burned at the sight of Joshua. He smiled, before he vanished in a cloud of dark smoke. It blew away in the wind, onto a taller building. A small leap was all it took for Joshua to catch up. He continued evading him, while throwing spears of lightning at him, which increased in number the longer he chased.

"Persistant...I like...that...Too bad it...won't help you...Phelandsa!! Doasans! Kontranato!!!"

"Don't mistake me with that name. I'm my own person. I am Joshuwa. A genetic clone created by Dr. Kintobor...made to assist Joshua." Joshuwa smirked

Lightning bolts shot down from the clouds, forming a large cage around Joshua. The cage began to close in, making Joshuwa seem slightly worried, before he turned his body to stone. The eletrical energy surged around him, but the large coating of rock prevented him from harm. The Figure leapt back, moving his arms upwards. The ocean began to quiver, before waves started to form on the calm surface.

"What...are you doing?! You'll kill us all!" Joshuwa yelled.

"...Correction...I only wish to wash away...the scent...of this find what I came here...for...You brought about thier should've never" The Figure rasped.

He floated into the air. Joshuwa watched him go. He had two choices, save the Bay, or chase his foe. Many lives were in he leapt off the building and ran for the shore. Rain and lighting flashed around him, warriors of water gave chase. Joshua ignored them before arriving at the beach. A huge wave was heading straight for them, big enough to flood the entire Bay...

"Here...goes!!! Dark...WAVE!!"

Joshuwa thrust his hands forward, unleashing a huge beam of dark energy, in it's purest form. At first it seemed to only push the wave back, but it began to take effect. It was winning the contest of strength, before it pierced straight through, sending sparkling water everywhere. Joshuwa sighed with relief, kneeling. A moment of weakness. A bolt of thunder struck down upon him. The impact sent him hurtling through the air, before landing on the gravel road, The Figure stood above him...a set of bloody eyes in his hand. A small laugh, before he stepped down on Joshuwa's hand.

"Ugh....Aaaargh!" Joshuwa yelled.

"Too concerned about other's you gain? In the end...they betray you...Give yourself over to the Darkness...become what you once were..." The Figure laughed.

Joshua's face was filled with pain, staring up at his foe was sheer agony.

"You were meant to be kill all who opposed me...You still have a chance to do so...Join me..." The Figure offered his hand.

Joshuwa looked away, before he began to move his hand to shake. He punched his oppressor in the stomach, causing him to stumble back.

"No thanks...I'd rather die fighting for the sake of saving people. Not killing them. I...I may be a monster...but I'm not anymore! You have no control over me! Even if Iam a copy...I know who I am! You're trying to make me go over to the Darkness again! No! Not a chance!" Joshuwa yelled defiently.

"...Well done...I was beginning to think you'd fall for such a simple trick..but...our plan,'s much larger than you...think...Don't bother trying to stop me...Unless you happen to find...the remaining part of the will all die..."

The Figure vanished, leaving Joshuwa badly scratched but alive and slightly bruised.

"Better...get back...CHAOS...CONTROL!"
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Chapter 8: No Other Option. (L)

Joshua rubbed his sleepy eyes, finding that night was still upon them. Norn's grip around him seemed to loosed slightly, giving him an opportunity to get free. Gently breaking out her embrace, he slowly walked outside to breathe in the night air. The cold wind cut against his bare chest, making him shudder from the cold. He closed his eyes and tried to recall everything that had happened so far...he opened his eyes after a few minutes of medatation, a set of footsteps landing on the ground behind him.

"...Joshuwa. Wasn't expecting to see you here...Something happen?" Joshua asked, remaining motionless.


Joshua turned around, facing his clone. Thier faces were different. Joshuwa's had a large scar down his right cheek, dark blue eyes and black hair that stood upright. His outfit was an invert of Joshua's. A black shirt and grey trousers. Both stared at each other with a small grin, before Joshua broke the silence.

"...He tried to destroy something...didn't he...? What...what else happened?" Joshua asked.

Joshuwa placed a hand on Joshua's shoulder, looking at the necklace around Joshua's neck, glittering brightly. He shook his head before he spoke, not much though.

"...The 'Figure' trying to find something to finish a project. One which would bring around the end of us all. He got away though...I tried to stop him, but no luck...his last words disturbed me...He said YOU have the last piece of the project." Joshuwa solemnly explained.

Joshua sighed deeply. How could he be so foolish...leaving behind a tool...with immense dark power. He had sealed it away safely, where none but himself could reach. But with the new threat, perhaps it was time for it to be re-located...but where? It would corrupt many people in the Video Dimension if sent there...and it would spell the end of them if it was to stay where it was...

"I'll have to keep it with me..." Joshua came to a conclusion.

Joshuwa groaned at this. He grabbed Joshua's shoulders and shook him violently, yelling to him as he did so.

"Then you would be more of a target! They'd try to hunt you down until they take it...then everyone else is doomed! How can you decide to place your trust in such a plan?! It's sheer madness!"

Joshua brushed his clone's grip off, before headed back inside Gaming Force HQ. A series of doorways opened, each responding to Joshua's DNA signature. One last door stood before them, before Joshua pressed a sequence of buttons, revealing a large room filled with cyber technology. Placing a headset on his head, he looked at his copy, a sad expression on his face.

"I've got no other choice. There's nothing else we can do...The best place would be with me..." Joshua sighed, before clicking his fingers.

Everything blurred into pixles, before they reformed, creating a dark room with red lines across the walls. A group of wire-frame creatures came into the program, the first line of defense to the object Joshua seeked. Each of them was wielding a rather deadly looking lance, before Joshua drew his left handed sword. He was still without his shirt, meaning a stab to the chest would be fatal.

[Program Initiated. Begining Identification Process...]

The monsters began to lurch towards him, thier movements slow and easy to read. Simply weaving through the wire-frame creatures, slashing with his sword each time, they exploded, before transforming into binary data. A wall moved, revealing more monster making an entrance. With only one sword, he gripped it in both hands, stabbing most of his foes in the head with a downwards plunge.

"It's easier than I remember...C'mon...If this is the best..."

A large cyber monster began to form. It had a weird fire-arm lashed to it's right arm, which fired bolts of plasma energy. On it's left was a large knife, about twice the size of Joshua's body. Angrily muttering under his breath that next time he'd shut up, raced across the floor to his foe. His agility and somewhat medium size build made the energy blasts to dodge. One however, got too close. It passed straight over Joshua's arm, tearing through his skin and flesh.

[Detecing Life Signs...Subject is suffering major plasma damage to right arm. Deep wound inflicted.

A large dent in the top of Joshua's arm... (like this)

____V V__________

...revealed quite a lot of body tissue and muscle, which of course was covered with a large amount of blood. It took a few seconds for the pain to reach Joshua, but it had a bad result. He fell to the floor, clutching his right arm close to his chest. The blood spilled down his arm onto it, dripping down onto the floor. The monster seemed hesitant, but continued it's assult. Joshua retaliated by creating a barrier of stone, which should hold out for a little while. He looked down at his severe wound, grimmacing with pain.

"Crud...It much...D-Dang get to my feet..." Joshua groaned.

Forcing his body to get up, pushing the pain in his right arm aside, letting it hang limply, he shattered his barrier of stone, some of which colldied with a plasma bolt, causing it to explode prematurly, injuring his foe. The large knife swung down at Joshua, who evaded it with some difficulty. He leapt into the air...only to leave himself open again before he could strike. The knife cut straight against his chest, causing blood to fly in an arc, splattering on the floor with the same pattern.

Joshua landed on his back, his chest bleeding from the large gash. If you haven't gotten the grasp of it...this may look like Virtual Reality...but it's still quite real. A surge of energy entered the system, Joshuwa came running up to Joshua, helping him up. Blood poured down onto the ground, while Joshuwa removed his shirt and wrapped it around the wound.

"I...I'll be fine...Just give me...a sec..." Joshua gasped.

"Take it easy. You shouldn't push it. We'll handle this together...just grab my go!!"

Two surges of energy rose from thier bodies, an aura of light and dark created a large wall in front of them, before it changed into the head of a dragon. It raced forward, colliding straight into the monster, forcing it back. Much of it's data had been erased, leaving it with only it's head and large knife. Joshua felt renewed by the chance they now had and nodded at Joshuwa. Both took off, two beams of energy created by thier white, the other grey. Both leapt into the air before slicing through thier foe's head like this...

\ /
\ /
\ ^^^^ /
<\X X/ >
|\__ /|
/ \
/ \
/ \

(Diagonal Lines represnt the attack, the other characters are the head...bad line art, but bare with me)

The head was cut clean in two, it's programming was erased completly, causing it to vanish. A large piece of dark metal floated down from the ceiling, hovering in front of the two warriors. One was wounded, while the other looked at him with concern.

"...This is..."

"Y-Yeah...It's part of a long as I should be enough to stop them..." Joshua sighed.

He reached out to grab it, the Dark energy repeled his hand, before Joshua pushed through, grabbing the metal. A surge of dark energy surged through his body, his wounds heal a bit, but he felt somewhat...darker...he pushed it aside, into where the other darkness lurked, where it was sealed by light. Joshua sighed with relief, before the program terminated.

"Ahhh...There...I" Joshua sighed, falling back with relief.

Morning had come, the others came walking in, but Norn and Sugar raced straight up to Joshua, looking at him sternly, but with relief. The large wound still bleed a bit, and his arm was still cut straight open. He reluctantly limped to the medical bay with them, seeing a smirking Joshuwa, a somewhat agitated Devil Dinah and Jazz, who looked a lot better.

They exchanged a quick hi-five, before he was dragged away by a concerned Norn and Sugar...

Joshua didn't bother to struggle. His body had been beaten up quite a bit, hadn't got any sleep...and he STILL hadn't had a chance to eat anything yet! His stomach grumbled quietly, before he punched it, hoping it would shut up. Mistake. He ended up making his wounds worse, causing Sugar to scold him. The Medical Bay seemed a lot tidier than last time, the tank seemed to be fixed. Joshua stepped forward, carefully removing the blood-stained shirt from around his waist. It bleed freely, until Norn wrapped a few banadges around it.

"Thanks, Norn." Joshua sighed with relief.

Sugar looked at Joshua with a intimidating glare, causing him to flinch. She kicked him in the shin, but apologized a few minutes later. His arm was still quite badly damaged, none of the treatments they had would work. Joshua had to endure the searing pain in his arm, every passing moment it bleed a lot more, the muscles seemed to 'melt' from the pain. Letting out a scream of frustration, he raced to his room and grabbed his back-pack. He finally found the solution.

"A small bottle of Flesh Regenerator? Isn't that used to heal small wounds like a loss of a finger of something smaller? That hole seems quite large...This seems more...dangerous..." Jazz warned.
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from previous post...

Joshua put on a face of determination.

"Got no other choice, Jazz. Here goes..."

He poured the twinkling liquid onto the arm. Smoke quickly rose from the wound, blood seemed to stop flowing, muscles well as the skin covering it. Within a couple of minutes, the wound was gone, leaving nothing much but a small scar. He winced at the small stream of trickling blood, but that should stop. The day seemed to fly by so quickly....until night came again. Everyone went to bed, except Joshua, who snuck out again...He was slightly surprised to see Jazz on the beach, watching the waves.

"Hey. Wasn't thinking I'd see you here...Are you feeling better? You shouldn't push yourself too hard after going through that explosion." Joshua warned.

Jazz put on a sly grin, before punching him in the shoulder.

"Don't you think you should heed your own advice? You've come through as many things as I have. When you have an enemy like Devan, you always gotta be ready. He never stops plotting...until either you...or he is dead. So...You decided on what to do next? We can't let them destory your planet!" Jazz yelled, loading his blaster.

Joshua sighed, before he fell back on the sand.

"I know. I...We figured out that they're searching for 'pieces' of something. I know what they are for....but...I just don't feel like..." Joshua started.

"Telling me? It's not a big deal. You rather confide with someone you trust more than me." Jazz interrupted.

Joshua span around, confused.

"I trust you Jazz. But it's not exactly like that...I haven't exactly hung out with you for a long time. I'd rather talk about it with..."

"You mean that Adis girl? I think that can be arranged...." Jazz said, whistling.

A figure walked out of the shadows, looking at Joshua from a distance.

"A-Adis?! Y-You're here?! B-But..." Joshua stammered.

He simply put away all other words and raced up to her, huggin her tightly with tears of joy streaming down his cheeks. He'd missed her since he'd left...even though it had been only a few...weeks? Time passed diffrently between the dimensions, but neither of them had changed at all. He stared in her eyes for a few seconds...

"Uh...I think I'll leave now..."

"Jazz...Thanks. I don't know how you did it...but...thanks a lot...this means a lot to me." Joshua smiled.

Jazz nodded, smiled and left. Joshua and Adis held each other in thier arms, he was crying, while she was looking at his face, her eyes sparkling while she was being held in his arms...being so close to him. His tears stopped when he felt Adis's hand on his cheek.

"You shouldn't go off and have fun without me. We're supposed to be together, right? Everything's boring without you around..." Adis sighed.

Joshua wiped the tears away from his eyes before staring back at Adis. His mind filled with questions to ask her, but nothing mattered now...Yes, she was everything would be fine...He held her hands in his, looked deep into her eyes before he leaned forward, kissing her on the lips, while wrapping his arms around her. They stood there...for what seemed like eternity...
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Chapter 8: Hatred (D)

The Figure had already returned to the tower with relative ease. He examined his cloak. It was still as dark as night. His eyes glanced down at his right leg. A large hole had been torn through it, as well as a large cut, presumably from a sword. A black, foul substance oozed from the wound, but it wasn't blood. It dripped on the floor. His body began to burn with hatred...towards the one who did didn't matter now. The final piece of the puzzle would soon be his, wether Joshua had it or not.

The project would not be as efficent, but it would be enough to do what The Figure desired. Even in the unlikely probablity that it could fail, a great mind always has another plan. Even if it wasn't as...destructive to the world as the first one, it would have a devestating effect on Joshua. Kill his friends...anyone close to him, he'll take the full amount of pain, being pushed ever closer to the Darkness. Find the one he cares about the most...and he'd be nothing but a shattered soul, unable to care about anything...while The Figure smiled at the idea, he remembered that blood-shed came first.

"He'll be destroyed...One way...or will be done...Devan! Have the fools finished the tests yet?! I...desire to see...the result..." The Figure rasped.

Both were led into a dark labaroatory, where several scientists were finishing their task. A bright flash of dark light...a piece of dark steel came into existance. It floated down into Devan's hands, the sheer energy began to flow into his body. He released his grip, the energy flow stopped, before handing it to the Figure. He placed it and the eyes he obtained earlier in the tank. The water seemed to bubble madly, large amounts of rotten blood gushed over the edges, splattering over the floor. The bubbles cleared.

The pieces of flesh began to fuse together. A head...which had long black hair which flowed down the back, a large, deep scar down his right eye, as well as a few minor scratchs. The eyes had attached themselves into the sockets, fetid blood leaked from the closed eyes. The limbs were attached, but still quite flaccid and pale. Blood began to pulse through them once again. His bare chest was covered with large gashes, as well as a large hole in the center. His ribs and inner organs could be clearly seen, but there was no heart. A creature of pure evil didn't need one.

Nearby, the pieces of wood came togther, creating a large staff. The pieces of metal began to fuse onto each side, before it flashed, it's appearance changing. One one side, a curved blade as dark a night could be seen, it seemed as long as the creatures body, the other was stained with blood, but was made of a different substance. The one they found in the city wasn't metal, rather, it was a horn from a great demon forged into a large blade.

Devan looked at the creation. Not yet complete...there was ONE piece missing, but a large, wicked grin spread across his face. The Figure's robed arm rested on his shoulder as they laughed wickedly. Morning had begun to break...tonight...all would we be complete. The final piece was located in The Captial. It was the main city which was located near Gaming Force HQ. Devan walked off to prepare his troops, while The Figure stared out at the dark wasteland he ruled over. The shadows seemed to stretch further over the horizon as more of the world began to fall under the influence of his power...

An entire city had been destroyed by Devan's troops...another was annihlated with his own two hands...Joshuwa may have been able to hold off the destruction of one...but could he really hope to outlast a whole army, as well as the ones leading them? He smirked when he saw Devan open another portal in heck. Two figures stepped out from the fiery depths, thier red eyes adjusting to thier surrounding. One had a black/blue cape around his back, had brown trousers and the top half of his bare body was red. The second looked like an overweight demon that had been to too many buffets. It was all red, it's large round body seemed to make him bounce around like a ball. Of course, he could spin fast enough to use his body as a potential weapon, plus the flames he spewed out could REALLY hurt.

"Bubba...Blisy. Welcome to Earth. I released you from your prison to aid me in my cause. Hopefully, you two will not fail where my other minions have. You will lead my army into The Captial, killing anyone you come across. You will show no will burn all things to the ground. Your mission is clear. Do not fail. Otherwise, you may find yourselves with an unpleasent...'reward'..." Devan threatened, crossing his arms, glaring.

Blisy simply nodded, while Bubba looked around stupidly, hungry, bored and wanting to tear something up. All bulk but no brain. Devan would have to see to that later. For now, everything should work according to plan. But to make sure his minions would not fail, Devan would be watching them from a distance. For whatever reason should they fail against Joshua, he'd step in. A battle against the Ultimate Gamer had been delayed for far too long...and this time...his new powers were going to make things...'interesiting....' Of course, if he could defeat the Ultimate Gamer, than the Jackrabbit would be a roasted rabbit in no time...

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Chapter 9: Arguments and One's Determination (L).

As the sun rose over the horizon, making the sand glow brightly again, Joshua and Adis decided to walk back to the base together. They weren't far from where they first met either. Not many cars could be seen on the highway. The miracles of the weekend, where work did not exist. All families managed to spend time together, unlike our current time, where people rush to work and never get much of a chance to spend time with thier family.

Joshua sighed at this. The only family he had left was his brothers, Zacharay...and Dakoda. Both were in the Video Dimension. His real father died many, many years ago, his body was never found. It seemed so long ago...he had a father...a mom...two brothers and a sister...all he had left was Zac. A family of six...reduced to two. He gave a bitter grin to Adis, who had no idea what he was thinking about.

"C'mon, Breakfast's starting! I want to get something to eat!" Joshua groaned.

His stomach growled in response. Joshua turned bright red while Adis stood there, a surprised expression on her face before she burst out laughing. He hadn't seen her laugh before, but it made him feel better that he still had friends to help him with problems. Getting to the kitchen at last, everyone stared at Joshua and Adis, except for Joshuwa and Jazz, who slowly snuck out of the room. Joshua quickly realised his error. Since he was holding Adis's hand...this was going to end in a very noisy well as food flying everywhere...

"" Joshua whimpered silently.

"And who's your 'friend', there, Joshua? Decided that you like someone other than your wife, huh?! C'mon! Out with it!" Sugar yelled angrily.

Norn glared at Joshua angrily, her ears twitching violently, with a small look of disappointment on her face. Devil Dinah simply sat there, eating a few appetizers before she looked at the argument with a smile. Wanting to enjoy this, she decided to restrain Angel Dinah from breaking free. Many remarks and insults were flung at Joshua, who tried his best to explain. Obviously, this wasn't his area of expertise and looked at Adis for help.

"You're the negotiator! Could you help me out here?!" Joshua begged.

Adis glared at him angrily, not happy that he'd been spending time with other girls and gently punched him in the stomach. The other girls looked at Joshua, a small smile on thier faces, before Joshua looked around him, sweating quite a bit. Around him were three angry girls, each wanting to give him a good thrashing. Backing away slowly before running for the door, he raced down the corridor, yelling in fear as the girls followed him, hurling random fruits and vegetables at him. Dinah continued to eat at the kitchen, while Jazz and Joshuwa were playing Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

"I'm surpised they managed to get my good side... Having a series of games about me is kinda cool...But...don't you think we should help Joshua?" he asked.

Joshuwa shrugged his shoulders.

"He'll figure something out. Either that or the Ultimate Gamer will meet his end being torn to shreds by three angry girls. Now...just keeping moving to the those turtles and get the gems. The end of the level should be near by..." Joshuwa commented.

Jazz looked at the screen, playing on until a few minutes later, he found himself at the 'Game Over' screen, while Joshuwa chuckled silently to himself. He looked at Jazz, who was slightly annoyed, reaching for his blaster, Joshua let out a small cry of fear and began to run. Rounds of warning laser fire blasted past him as he raced down the corridor in the opposite direction.

"It'!" Joshuwa laughed, narrowly avoiding the laser fire.

A dead end. Joshuwa found himself trapped between a wall and an angry Jazz with a charged up blaster. Smirking to himself, Joshuwa knocked on the wall three times. Yelling for something to come out. Jazz focused on the shaking wall, only to it spin around displaying a large sign.

Fooled you! Hah hah! Joshuwa had already used this time to race off to safety, while Jazz gripped his blaster tightly.



Joshua found himself trapped in The Fitness Room. Seeing the large swimming pool before him, he dived in. He knew Norn couldn't swim...He was hoping that Adis couldn't...but then he remember Sugar...and found himself swept up in a vortex of spinning water, which collided into a wall, leaving him dazed, the girls surrounded him, looking down at Joshua. He curled up into a tiny ball, closing his eyes. Oddly enough, there was nothing. He cringed slightly before looking at the girls staring at him.

"I'm...sorry...Hey...Aren't you going to kill me?" Joshua asked cautiously.

All three girls pointed at him and laughed. Joshua looked confused and got to his feet.

"We planned this since Adis got here! You look so cute when you're scared, Joshua..." Sugar giggled.

The girls continued to laugh, making Joshua go bright red before racing out the room, embrassed. He triped into Devil Dinah, who instantly glared at him.

"They didn't kill you?! Augh...Why do they have to spoil my fun! If they had...N...No..."

Angel Dinah appeared, a worried look on her face before looking at Joshua.

"...She doesn't like you at all...She used to...but she's angry. She's had to be stuck with you for so long...She wants you to pass she can be free again...I don't want to have to see you die, Joshua. We made a promise, right? We're equals, and we're going to get through this! Even if YOU, try to get in the way!" Angel Dinah yelled.

She vanished, Devil Dinah re-appearing.

"You...You...Augh!! I have to follow you everywhere!! I never have a choice! I never get to say my opinion! That's why I hate you!" Dinah yelled angrily.

Joshua turned his back on her, his body shaking slightly, before he clenched his hands and turned around, anger burning in his eyes.

"You ALWAYS had a choice, Dinah. You could have left anytime you wanted. I didn't need you...I could've managed to find the Daemon Edges on my own. If you wanted to leave so badly, you should have. If you hate me so much, then why did you stay?! Huh?! Explain!" Joshua retorted with great anger.

Dinah was taken by surprise, Joshua had never spoken to her like this before. He seemed to have changed into another person. She looked at Joshua, trying to think of an excuse.

"Because...I couldn't! You promised to protect me, remember!"

"You were strong enough to look after yourself. Don't give me excuses. If you have nothing to say, then leave. I don't care."

Dinah tried to move. She couldn't. Something in her didn't want her to move. It wasn't the angel. It seemed to be a part of her...a part that...even though it wasn't seen often, one where she cared for Joshua. Her face softened, looking at Joshua with a look of sadness.

"...Alright...It's because I didn't want to leave you. You were the only one who wanted to look after me. You saved my life...and protected us both. I wanted to leave...but something in me didn't want to go...the Angel...she wanted to stay...she loved you a whole lot more than...I cared about you. I know might not exactly trust me now but...Joshua?"

Joshua had wrapped Dinah up in his arms. The truth had finally come out. She sighed before hugging him back. A small tear fell down her face before Joshua brushed it away, her face going slightly red. Something happened. A bright flash of light temporary blinded Joshua, before he opened his eyes, gasped in shock before rubbing them again. BOTH Dinah's were standing in front of him, Angel and Devil.

"See! I told you it wouldn't be so hard! You just had to tell the truth!"

"Be quiet. I...I just wanted to...Hey! Why are you standing there...and I'm...I'M FREE!!!" Devil Dinah let out a loud yell of joy.

Angel Dinah looked at her, before floating up to Joshua. He wasn't expecting anything like this to happen...He just fell backwards, confused. Everything seemed to be going crazy...He tried to get up, before Devil Dinah offered him her hand. He gladly took it, staring at her for a few seconds. She seemed a little different, but not much. She stared at him, blushing a small bit before she put on a small grin.

>Better get it over with now....Otherwise I never will...< Devil Dinah thought to herself.

She grabbed Joshua, kissed him on the cheek, before looking at him, somewhat disorientated. She sighed deeply, but giggled. At least something was off her chest. But now that she had spoken the truth, she still didn't want to leave. Looking at her Angel Side, nodding in reply, helped Joshua come back to reality. He looked at her, somewhat happy, his rage was gone, but some of the words he said stung at his heart.

"Awwww...Can I have a hug too? Please? Pretty please?" Angel Dinah begged, looking at Joshua with big eyes.

"I gue...H-Hey! Take it easy!" Joshua yelled.

Amgel Dinah was cuddling against him tightly, making Joshua try to point out she was hugging him way too tight, his chest started to sting again. Angel Dinah saw Joshua's face of pain and quickly let go. She aplogized for being so hasty, before Joshua had hugged her back just as tight. She simply looked at him with hers eyes shining, while Devil Dinah smirked. At least she didn't have her 'other half' to weigh her down now! She smiled to herself.

>But...This means it's going to be a lot harder for Joshua...He's going to...It's his problem. He'll figure it...< Devil Dinah thought.
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Chapter 10: Clash in the Capital! (B)

Devan's forces had begun thier march during day-break. Even though they weren't covered by the shroud of night, any defense outposts were left in flames before a signal could be released. Enemy bodies were simply blasted to an unrecognizable pile of remains. Blisy smirked at the people he had slain so far with his own powers. Not one for direct combat, his signature attack was to cast a multiple series of seeking fire-balls. He once even wore a 'Santa Clause' hat, but the version of Holdiay Hare was quickly deleted off Joshua's computer.

Of course, since his appearance last time, he has gained much more power...meaning none knew what he was capable of now. Bubba on the other hand, was stupid. Think the evil version of Spaz in demon form...add the extra one hundred or so pounds/ well as a severe wound to the brain...that would be Bubba's description about spot on. It was kind of obvious that he knew only how to fight or kill. Other than that, all he did was drool like a mindless zombie and speak in gibberish.

"Hdefrfjhvrgrgo!!! Anfdkdfffbos!!!"

"Just shut up you idiot! Get out in front! Close combat is your job! Tear through enemy lines like that stupid Jackrabbit goes through a dopefish!"

Bubba stood there for a few minutes, before the words slowly clicked together in his tiny brain. Spinning like a top to the front ranks, Blisy hit himself in the face with his hand with frustration, while Devan simply shook his head. No matter how many times he adjusted his army, there was always bound to be at least ONE idiot. But he didn't need to be reminded at his vicious nature. He did his job with brutality, somewhat evening out the stupidity factor.

A flying bat landed down on Devan's arm. It let out a few screechs, before Devan grabbed it with his hand and choked the life out of it in a fit of anger. It seemed someone was waiting for them...they knew they were coming...before a chance was issued to search for the final piece. He was informed that it was a piece of Dark Matter. A rare material that was used to forge Dark Weapons. Dropping the body and staring at it with contempt, he ordered his troops to advance.

In the Captial...

"You must leave this place! A huge army is coming this way...they won't hesitate to kill you! Go! Go!" Joshua yelled over a microphone.

People raced to thier cars/transports, raced out of the city quite quickly. Not one person was left. Most knew about Joshua Lightwalker freeing them from S.P.I.K.E a few years ago. Joshua stood in the City Square, in a suit of his own armour. Normally reserved for important occasions, he wore his cyber armor...something told him that something powerful was heading this way...and he wasn't willing to risk it. Of course, it shone in the color of the four elements, gleaming brightly in the midday sun.

"Jazz...Anyone else here? That new guy I saw on the records...I haven't seen him yet..." Joshua muttered.

"...He's probably got a cloaking device on...or something. Now...we're gonna fry some turtles or what?" Jazz asked confidently.

Joshua drew his swords, putting a large grin. He nodded in response before he charged forward down the street to the south. Many tall buildings became a blur as he picked up speed...before he began to let his body spin like a bullet in a gun. The front ranks were completly decimated, torn to shreds as soon as Joshua ripped past them. His attack was cut short when a stream of laser fire stopped his progress.

Many turtles began to surround him, each quickly felled by Joshua's blades. Green slime sprayed around him as he continued to make his way through the enemy lines. A few stray blaster shots hit his armor, but it merely scratched the surface. The armor reflected sun-light into his foes eyes, causing them

At the North side of the City, Joshuwa and Devil Dinah were blasting away the numerous reptiles that tried to past with deadly magic, both fought together closely, neither leaving each other's side. Many bodies around them fell swiftly to thier spells, as well as Joshuwa's swords. Devil Dinah was doing the best she could when an enemy came too close, but Joshuwa usually leapt in to save her if it got to dangerous...

The East Side of the City...A small squad of soldiers marched forward to intercept thier foes. Sensing thier fear from afar, Joshua used the Force to give them courage, to remind the why they were here to fight. Strange enough, the East Side was attacked the least. Very little enemies attempted to break through, the soldiers quickly managed to blast them with thier rifles. After half an hour of fighting, they stood there, cheering loudly with victory. No enemies approached, but they continued to stand guard.

At the West...Things were looking rather grim. Sugar, Angel Dinah and Norn were under a vicious attack from some of Devan's Elite. The sheer numbers against them had already begun to slowly take it's toll. Despite thier best efforts to force them back with magic, more soldiers continued to break through thier ranks. The three girls looked at each other with a face of determination, continued to fight.

Adis was ordered to stay hidden somewhere safe, but to call someone immediantly if she was spotted. Her fighting skills were quite bad...make that terrible. Trembling slightly from the increasing sounds of laser fire on all sides, she withdrew deeper into the shadows. Time passed, the large sounds began to die down...except to the West...explosions seemed to shake violently through the ground, before a blur of speed raced in the direction...

Joshua's face was slightly bruised, his trousers were torn and singed from the laser fire, he continued to race towards where the army seemed to be hitting it's hardest. In fact, Norn, Angel Dinah and Sugar were on the brink of collapse. Laser fire was Joshua's horror, all three of them were hit, knocked to the ground. The scent of burning flesh wafted around Joshua, making everything begin to haze.

"No...I've got to..remain in control..."

Joshua leapt in front of the fallen three, quickly slashing with his swords as fast as he could. Blood and slime stained to road below, as the bodies began to pile up, Joshua felt more energy pulse through him, pushing him further...he continued his onslaught, with supporting fire from Jazz, he stood in the center of at least 200 bodies. The red and green ooze dripped down his armor, making him wince, before racing to the girl's sides.

Norn was still breathing, her left hand clutching her right arm. Blood poured down over her hand, staining her dress. Motioning to Jazz to help her to her feet, they made thier way back to Gaming Force HQ. Norn murmered Joshua's name a few times before losing conciousness. Grinning bitterly, he looked down at Sugar and Angel Dinah. Both were unconcious...he went to check Dinah's pulse, only to grabbed around the waist. Angel Dinah looked up at Joshua, smiling, despite the wound in her leg, she looked at him with happiness.

"Not now Dinah...We have to get you treated...Your safety comes first...Devil Dinah? I know it's a bit much...but could you help her back? Me and Joshuwa still have to clear out the city if anyone else remains." Joshua asked.

Devil Dinah reluctantly nodded, had Angel Dinah lean on her for support before they made thier way back. Joshuwa looked at Joshua with concern, who was kneeling next to Sugar. Her had seemed to hit her straight in the chest. She didn't move. Her body was pale and cold. Her blood ran down her black top and white skin, making Joshua shudder. He grabbed Sugar's shoulders.

"Sugar? Can you hear me? Sugar! Wake up! C'mon!" Joshua yelled.

Nothing. She didn't move. Her cold body lay there, the blood had stopped flowing. Joshua gently held her in his arms, looking at the wound. Her pink hair seemed to lose some of it's glow. Perhaps she a coma...or something...Joshua thought. Joshuwa stood over him, shaking his head.

"She's gone...Joshua. Come. We must leave..."

"No. No! I won't give up! Live, darn it! Sugar! Don't go! I'm not going to let you die yet! There's still time! Joshuwa! There's something in my backpack! It looks like a feather. Pass it to me quickly!" Joshua ordered.

Joshuwa rumaged through Joshua's backpack. His hand came across something soft. He showed it to Joshua. The feather had a dull covering, making it look uninteresting. Snatching it from his hands, he placed it on Sugar's chest. He looked at Sugar, her body hadn't changed. The feather began to change color. It shone brightly like a rainbow, before it vanished, the energy was released into Sugar's body.


Joshua leaned over her, looked at her with a tear in his eye, before kissing her gently. Her body moved. Eyes opened. Her life had been restored. Sugar looked down at Joshua who was crying softly, his arms wrapped around her. She moved a hand up to his tearfilled face, wiping them away, before smiling. Joshua managed to give a small grin before a small series of chuckles could be heard. Joshua helped Sugar to her feet, drew his swords and faced the direction of the laughter.

"I thought you were stronger than that, Ultimate Gamer. Perhaps you have let your feelings get the best of you. All the more reason for me to laugh at your pathetic attempts to stop us. We came here...for the Dark Matter. Step aside and we will spare you the disaster to come..." the voice echoed through the shadows.

"Sugar...get out of here...Get Jazz...Go!" Joshua whispered.


Joshua looked at Sugar with a face of sorrow. He may have saved her life once, but he feared he may not be able to do it again. She nodded reluctantly before running of to Gaming Force HQ. Joshuwa approached the voice, his own filled with annoyance and anger.
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"And if we don't cooperate?! We're not just going to let you simply burn this place to the ground! You'll have to go through us first!" Joshuwa yelled defiantly.

The voice was silent, before the shadowed figure appeared above them, his cloak blowing in the wind. Something was clenched tightly in his right hand.

"A pity...I was really hoping not to have to kill the girl Joshua cares about...Foolish thing. Thinking she could escape in the shadows...I'll make you a deal. Step aside and we'll release her. Disagree, and I'll choke her to death. It's your decision, Joshua..." Blisy laughed, pointing a flaming finger at him.

Joshua clenched his swords tightly with anger. How could he fight if Blisy had Adis hostage?! A small flash of light shone in Joshua's eyes. He mentally sighed with relief. Jazz was nearby, approaching Blisy from behind. Deciding to stall for time, he began to talk.

"Very well...Answer me this. What do you hope to accomplish? Or Devan? Is he the one behind all this? You seem...not quite crafty enough to pull off such a plan...Heh...Okay. I'll lay down my swords. Release" Joshua ordered.

Blisy shook his head.

"I don't think so. As long as I have her in my grasp, I may be able to get the piece that Devan missed...Hand it over...Or the girl dies! Now! Before I lose my temper! GIVE IT TO ME!"

A series of lasers crashed into Blisy from behind, causing him to lose his grip on Adis. She fell towards the ground, holding her wings over her head until she found herself in Joshua's arms, who had leapt through the air with great agility, held her tightly before they landed on the ground. Blisy spat out a mouthful of blood before turning towards the three fighters. His eyes lit up with fire.

"If it's a battle you desire...So be it! Burn in Hell-Fire! Hyaaaahhh!!"

Multiple balls of flame headed towards the heroes, who quickly raced over to Joshua. With a few seconds to spare, a large barrier of stone was made. Absorbing the attack, the dome shattered, sending debris everywhere. Jazz swerved through the onslaught of fire balls, while Joshuwa managed to get a few strikes in on Blisy directly. The constant teleporting made it somewhat difficult, the flames eventually began to eat away at thier strength. Soon, they began to burn furiously, causing a great amount of harm to the three. Joshua was protecting Adis above anything else, before nodding to Joshuwa and Jazz.

"Acitvate...PULSE LASER SHIELD!" Jazz yelled.

A series of purple lights began to circle around Jazz, before the energy quickly charged up, then unleashed a huge beam of purple laser straight towards Blisy. The impact was devestating. The attack had pierced straight though his body. Clutching his chest with the blood running down his cape and body, he failed to realise Joshuwa's prescene, who quickly slashed at Blisy's head. It let out a yell of anger and pain, before it was silent. It simply fell from the severed neck, blood spilling everywhere.

"Better rest...That took quite a bit...of energy..." Joshua panted.

Adis looked at Joshua, a face of sorrow and regret. She didn't know that Blisy would find her. Joshua simply held her in his arms, gently swaying side to side, humming a calming tune he heard when he was a child. His mother used to sing it to him before he went to sleep. Adis laid her head against Joshua's shoulder.

"You two do make a good couple. Hey...did you hear that Joshuwa trying to flirt with Devil Dinah? It seems someone's got a crush..." Jazz punched Joshuwa in the shoulder.

"W-What?! Nonsense! She's just a good fighter! We also have somethings in common you know...So drop the subject..." Joshuwa sighed.

Joshua placed Adis gently on the ground. He placed his jacket on top of her, before drawing his swords again.

"Guys...Something's coming...." Joshua muttered.

A red twister span towards them, loud gibberish being yelled before it collided into Joshua with full force. The impact made him soar through the air before he crashed into the ground below. He painfully tried to get up...but found the attack had taken it's toll. He fell unconcious on the hard ground. Jazz and Joshuwa looked at the red twister slow down, drooling madly, spitting out a large fireball before spinning again.

"Jazz! He's too stupid to bother going after Joshua or Adis. He'd rather fight until we're all rendered unable to fight. THEN, he'll kill us. Shows how smart he is, huh?" Joshuwa yelled.

Both raced after the red twister, both attempting to hit it with either magic or laser fire. Both types of attacks were repelled by the force Bubba was creating while spinning. It seemed he HAD got a tad smarter, able to stop long range attacks...Jazz groaned when he discovered that close combat was the order of the day. At least he had some fighting moves, as well as a devestating upper-cut.

Bubba stopped, dizzy from the constant spinning, before the twin swords of Joshuwa scraped across it's red skin. The attack seemed to do some decent damage, before Jazz fired a series of Froster bullets, temporary freezing Bubba, before he dashed right past. The amount of speed used caused the ice to shatter, stabbing him when the needle-like shards piereced into his flesh.

(Note: This tactic works on normal enemies on Jazz 2. Freeze em' with the Freezer from afar...Then race run into them at full speed. Most of the time, they'll shatter, killing the foe instantly. Of course, sometimes you may take a hit. So, this isn't exactly recommended...Oh, well.)

More flames spewed from Bubba's mouth, which Jazz and Joshuwa easily dodged. Finding himself surrounded on both sides, he began to spin again, causing the two to be flung in different directons. Unlike Joshua, both managed to land safely and continue the fight. A few minutes of continued pursuit and close attacks, the batlle was won. Letting out a loud demonic cry, Bubba exploded into flames.

Silence. No sign of any more enemies...Except a turtle in the distance with a large gun...light shone off two reflective surfaces before blasts of blue plasma came racing towards them. Joshuwa took a hit to the shoulder, while Jazz managed to evade the attack by firing a barrage of his own lasers. The turtle came into full view. Before anyone had a chance to say a word, a loud crashing sound was heard. Joshuwa and Jazz were thrown to the ground, before the turtle stood on Jazz's arm
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"Long time...Jazz...Jackrabbit. It seems you're quite persistant when it comes to tracking me down...It matters not. Your time is running out. I've got a plasma blaster aimed right at your head...and I'm willing to pull the trigger...Any last words?" Devan smirked evily.

A Force Wave rippled past Devan, flinging him into a nearby wall. He brushed off the dirt and pebbles on his skin, before realising Joshua had regained conciousness, missing his cap and a small surge of energy around him, Devan opened fire. The blasts simply collided into Joshua's open palm, dissapating the deadly energy into nothing. Jazz leapt to his feet, while Joshuwa placed his right sword in it's sheath.

"Three against one, 'Shell Beak.' You should run." Joshua snickered.

Devan looked around, the odds seemed stacked against him...No matter. An evil genius always had a Plan B...


Devan created a large veil of fire which surrounded his body. The heat caused made the three back away. It was quite intense. Devan's body started to change...two wings...a demonic tail...two horns...Devil Devan floated before them, an overpowering wave of flame began to billow down the road, incinerating anything it touched. Realising Adis was still asleep, Joshua raced off towards her, the flames growing hotter.

"Seems he's abandoned you to your fate...Some hero...And I SO did want to crush him with my own powers...No matter. The death of you two fools will suffice!" Devil Devan bellowed.

Rearing his head back, inhaling a lot of air...before he released a huge storm of flames. Everything around Jazz and Joshuwa caught alight instantly, burning to ashes. The sheer heat began to take it's toll, causing the heroes to sweat, thier bodies drying up. Devil Devan simply floated in front of them, smiling wickedly as he lashed his tail at them. The attack hit with the intended force. Both were sent into the burning flames, letting out yells of pain.

"Pitiful...Now for...Eh?!"

A large tornado began to hurtle straight towards the flames, sucking them up, before smothering out the flames with a heavy cloud of dust. Many of the buildings stopped burning, saved from being turned into rubble. After the heat died down, the tornado stopped...revealing a somewhat dizzy Joshua. Letting out a laugh at Joshua's apparent patheticness, this gave Joshua enough time to vanish, re-appear in front of Devan and stab him in the chest.

Blood sprayed over the both of them, staining Joshua's armor, who twisted his sword tightly, making Devan shrink back from the blade. He floated in mid-air before Joshua, laughing. To his horror, the wound instantly healed over, causing our hero to stumble back in surprise.

"I've gained a few tricks over the years...fool. Like...THIS ONE!"

Devan moved his arm in a violent gesture, a large column of flame enveloped Joshua, obscuring his view before a large claw grabbed through the fire, tightening it's grip around Joshua's throat. Lifted high into the air, laughter echoing around him. Devan's breath created heated blasts of wind to collide into his prisoner, making him abandon his armor to keep cool. Sweat poured down his body before Devan's head lashed forward, biting into his left side.

"Nnngh....Nnaaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!" Joshua yelled in pain.

Devan crunched down on his victim's bones, causing some to shatter, bursting blood vessels, his flesh to be torn by the jagged teeth which pierced into him. Blood flowed from Devan's mouth, a look of triumph and disappointment. His foe seemed to be holding back. Releasing his grip on Joshua, he lifted his barely concious body up to his face, a sinister smile stared Joshua in the face, which made him angry.

"Always...Liked to play dirty...Huh, 'Shell...Beak?'" Joshua managed to laugh.

Devan's face turned from satisfaction to anger. He simply threw Joshua out of his grasp, sending him hurtling over the horizon. Jazz and Joshuwa watched helplessly as Devan simply opened up the Earth beneath him, a dark, twisted material as dark as oblivion itself in his grasp. Turning on the wounded heroes, he left. Triumphant.
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.
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No...I'm not dead. I blame school. It's slowing progress down...Nooooooo!!!

Not like anyone really cares. Man, who does? Anyone?

I thought so.
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.
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Yes, just letting you know that this is still alive, but things are keeping me busy. If anyone wants to post the remaineder of the chapters that are on my Word Document, just PM me. I've got too much to do right now. I apologize to anyone for this problem...
The War Tavern is good. The War Tavern is great. Surrender yourself to it at all haste. Heh.

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i'm interrested in this story of your's can you email me it at c_peanutbutter because this would be a good story line about goingt to earth for a game i'm making and i realy like this idea you have come up with and i would like to use it because it is a very good idea so if i can use it pleese email me.
i'm a big fan of jazz first game i ever played.

Last edited by Coolpeanutbutter; Mar 15, 2007 at 08:23 PM. Reason: because people thort that i was dising Superjwren329

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Originally Posted by Coolpeanutbutter View Post
ah dude i don't think anyone likes it but i'm interrested in this story of your's can you email me it at c_peanutbutter because this would be a good story line for a jazz game i'm making and i realy like this story you have made and i would like to use it because it has a good story line and every thing so if i can use it pleese email me.
To hell with that. This story is good, I've just been too busy to add any comments. If whatever you're going to spout has a travesty of this in it, I've officially lost faith in the world.

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hay i never sayed it was not good at all i said i don't think any one relly liked it because no one was writeing in replyes ok i take back what i sayed in my last one.
i'm a big fan of jazz first game i ever played.
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That's pretty cool Superjwren...
any mention of my character yet?

You could use my Other...
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