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Rated M for mature.

This post may not be correctly formatted yet, as it was written by a bot whom doth speaketh no language. Nop, noneth at all. :P

Chapter 1 ,,tha Fury of Da Stryyk,,

There stood a midnight blue rabbit named Daze Rockrabbit. He spoke with a bright orange peregrine falcon named Competent Flamingo. Daze's bird Flame wore an outfit of artificial feathers that aided her flight and allowed her to create camouflage. Right now she was wearing a chameleon-like green color in order to accent the bright pink of the grocery store fruit section.

There Daze and Flamingo dazed upon a large blood orange stockpile. Daze put some oranges in a crate, bought them and Flame flew the crate of oranges to their cats' farm. Flame and Daze lived on a farm with a pride of mountain lions. There a lion named Zumba made fresh blood orange juice and put it in cans with ripe cherries. Zumba called this recipe Alien Dew ©. Zumba put Alien Dew in a mosquito feeder and magically lit an everlasting candle.

Daze, Zumba and Flame smoked some bowls of Carrot Kush in the ganja fields. After that they all left and let the farm to be tended to by wolverines. Daze, Zumba and Flame started a clan called FGH. FGH ultimately decided to go hunting for nexus turrets. To do this, they challenged a rival group of unknown ghosts. At that point, they engaged in a Pokémon battle in which Team Rocket accidentally broke the Nexus, Pikachu had to recharge the entire playing field and a wild Venusaur won by combining Solar Beam with Hyper Beam to create an elemental form of plasma that gave life to the meaning of existence.

At the end, FGH just wanted to gain plasma by collecting the dragon balls. However one thing stood in their way. A group of fairies were challenging them to a 3v3 ladder.

FGH went to war against the fairies. Flame wielded a white sword whom doth still to this day vanquisheth the most general foe Tingle.

(17:26) Tingle - ¿Why, you ought to buy or purchase my maps! I made them of the forest!
(18:02) Flamingno - I've acquired your legacy maps and mapmaking tools for the free price of your death! ¡With a forward slash thou must partake in a voyage to the afterlife!!!

Tingle's magic map pointed FGH to a place in the forest where plasma grew underground. The light shone never on the underground fortress of all and any thing which may be considered plasma. Penetrate the lair of the plasma labyrinthine and Daze Rockrabbit might find a worthy adversary for his party. Lose to an adversary and Zumba may allow doom to fall on quiet, peaceful Nightshade Farm. Ignore the plasma and Flame would lose her chance at accomplishing her mission of making a Solar Hyper Beam out of plasma.

(20:00) Flame: we came this far guys, no need to turn back
(20:02) Flame- if u dont want to go. Just dont go, im not gonna fight this dungeon with a crew of less than three
(20:10) zumba - Err maybe we can just flip a coin, I dont care about why plasma set up a trap for us
(20:30) Daze - If you think it's a trap why didn't you say so earlier brahman, we already wasted 19 minutes arguing
Maze called Daze on his cell phone.
"Why you outside a dungeon arguing about whether you should go in. You know damn well you going into that dungeon next. One of y'all just going to have to be the first one to go into the dungeon," she said to Daze.
"Maze said you should go in alone." Daze told Flame.
Flame's sword put a joint down on the ashtray in its sheath. She spoke.
"I may be an inanimate object but I dont object to going in whenever you want broski any time"
(20:33) Daze- How bout just you and Flame go in then and me and Zumba will just wait outside and get drunk?
(20:33) Platinum Sword: Yea we can just tell Yu the short story when we get back
(20:33) Zumba : im down with that idea I got a handle of vodka
(20:34) Flame: I guess we can handle that
(20:34) PS: I'm a sword so more like u can handle me nig
(20:34) Flame: You dont have to be sarcastic PS of course I can handle you, you're a sword made out of platinum
(20:34) ps- iite let's go in then

$$$Entrance to Plasma Lab Dungeon$$$

On the floor of the jungle lay a silver slime gel. The silver gel sparkled and moved with the continental drift. Itwas a barely perceptible movement but one enough to guide an ecological balance of sorts. Mushrooms grew from the forest floor and they were infused with the slime gel product. PS began eating a mushroom immediately.

(21:00) ps- ... ... ... ... Fucking tripping balls yo
(21:00) Flame - yea... Let's just get out of here and come back tomorrow

$$$Buffalo Wild Wings of Burlington, Carrotus$$$

(00:00) Flame - so glad we didn't complete that dungeon tonight
(00:00) PS - ya it'll be way cooler when we're tripping on acid tomorrow
(00:01) Zumba - it's supposed to acid rain tomorrow
(00:01) Maze - indeed we're having an acid rain collection festival at 6pm
(0:01) Daze - im gonna be there I need acid rain for my creatures scenario
(00:01) Ariana Grande (waitress) -'Your Garden Salad, Sire Daze
(00:01) Daze - Thank u
(00:01) Ariana Grande (waitress)'- no prob
(00:01) Maze - Well what do you think about the Carrotus quiddich world finals, it's gonna be Liverpool against Los Angeles
(00:02) Zumba - that's what happened in my quiddich simulated season, Los Angeles won
(00:02) Ps - yah true, Jazz Kobe is a goat, like literally he's a goat. He's the reason the LA Vipers had the only three-peat in the last decade of the Carrotus Quiddich League
(00:02) Ariana Grande (waitress) - YOU should have dusted every particle in this room before you even ever entered this room!¡!¡
(00:02) Janis (janitor) - o lol xd

$$$at daybreak$$$

Zumba and Flame and PS and Daze started playing basketball. Zumba and Flame won 4 games and PS and Daze won 3 games. For lunch they ate Subways sandwiches. Some of them thought that Quiznos was better. But that was just a thought. To drink they had tea or juice. Whence Zumba was sipping on his iced tea, a Satanic sabre tooth dragon attacked the group. This Satanic sabre tooth dragon revealed her name is Sasutod.

Sasutod challenged FGH to an all out brawl on the grass next to a convenience store. They then realized the nature of their plane of existence was not a symmetrical one, but a striped and diagonal one. Sasutod melted PS with volcanic fireballs. PS once swiftly struck Sasutod's fang, but to no great reaction. Ps's platinum had to wait and cool off, reassemble as a sword then be tempted to fight again. The rest of FGH surrendered to Sasutod. They wanted to know what Sasutod had up her sleeve metaphorically. They hereafter discussed the metagame.

(17:55) Sasutod - why did u come to see my convenience store?

Daze bought rolling papers from DragonMart ©. He rolled a jahonebit of Carrot Haze and smoked it in the ganja field by himself. Meanwhile, other rabbits gathered on the path to the ganja field. Daze called his sister Maze on the phone. "Yo... What are you Didgeridoo ing with your Life?" he asked. "Umm, not doing my homework!" she said; then later they hung up.

Ps, Zumba, Flame and Sasutod were on the sidewalk drinking Gatorade, Powerade and studying sports science. Daze walked back over to them with a fat joint lit. All of a sudden some faories appeared. They started talking about the problems your inner child has with mythological creatures and how that relates to the short-sightedness you display in regards to the amount of time you spend stopped at stop signs.

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